Just got my very first Iphone, the Iphone 11… pretty exciting really…

Well today I just got my very first Iphone 11 dropped off here. I gotta have somebody teach me how to set it up and all that stuff ’cause I know nothing about the Iphone.

I’m late getting into the Iphone bandwagon. Now real soon this weekend, I’ll be able to contact friends and family members with it w/ either by voice or text messaging. I have text messaging now so that’s exciting.

Now I don’t plan to use the Iphone to load it up with all kinds of contacts like a lot of people do out there ’cause I’m a low key guy and like to keep to myself. So I’m only going to be contacting people on the Iphone with people of my choosing. I’m not gonna have all kinds of random people on it, ya know?

The main reason why I got the Iphone is so I can have something to listen to music and podcasts with since they discontinued the Ipod Touch. I also got it to make music with ’cause I’m gonna put garageband on it. I’m also gonna use it for social media too like FB and Instagram to take pics and videos with.

I’ll take very good care of it though ’cause one thing that’s amazing to me with people having these Iphone things is that not a lot of people out there take very good care of them. They break ’em all the time and they just go right out and buy another one right away. That’s not gonna be me.

I don’t think I’m gonna bring my Iphone to the weight room with me anymore unless I’m gonna film a lifting video and that’s about it ’cause it’s rude to sit there talking on the Iphone, texting and scrolling through social media during the gym, ya know? When I bring my new Iphone to the gym, I’m just gonna turn it off and put it away.

I’m stoked to have one, finally. Just gotta set it up.


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