Why Johnny Depp is an inspiration during defamation trial against Amber Heard… a few reasons I can think of…

Man, Johnny Depp is getting my respect more and more. He is all done testifying in his trial against Amber Heard. I haven’t watched his final testimony yet but I’m gonna get around to it this weekend.

I must say that Johnny Depp is a huge inspiration throughout all this. Why? I can think of a few reasons why…

  1. Even though Johnny have to be forced to listen and see so much bullshit, negativity and drama that so many would be scared to put up with, Johnny stays strong and continues to smile throughout it all. He’s not letting the bullshit bring him down and not letting his past haunt him. This is what a strong and brave man looks like.
  2. Johnny is an inspiration ’cause he’s not afraid of the truth, no matter how hard and brutal it gets. He the type of guy that will tell the truth even though it may hurt others, he’s gonna say it anyway. Johnny is an honest man who is not afraid to be “real” about everything. He sticks to his guns and he means well.
  3. He’s waking more people up and bringing more attention to the fact there really are toxic, mean, short tempered and abusive women out there. Men becoming victims of domestic violence by women is real and it happens. Even if women aren’t physically abusive to men, they can also be verbally abusive too. Women can also be such bullies to men.

I’ve never been beaten or punched by another women in my life but I have dealt with psycho and obsessive women before, it’s definitely no fun at all. I won’t go into details. I’ve also seen some great men whose lives were destroyed because of the bad women they were with.

I’m beginning to think that maybe it is actually kind of good to remain single and stay alone to avoid women like Amber Heard, ya know? Yeah, many women out there may be beautiful, hot and gorgeous but that doesn’t mean she’s gonna be nice. There are lots of beautiful and hot women with all kinds of issues and problems and sorry to say, many of them can be very “bitchy” too. I know some are gonna come around and call me a hateful “misogynist” but the Johnny Depp trial is making it okay to call toxic women out.

It is finally time to stop letting women getting away with their shit. Yeah, yeah, I know not all women are “bitchy” and yes, there are good ones out there. If I were to get a girlfriend and lover in my life and don’t get me wrong, I still hope for that, I’m just gonna choose my partner very “wisely” and be careful.

I think Johnny is teaching all men out there a pretty good lesson. Never being afraid of the truth and never let negative stuff bring you down.

Sure, Johnny has done and said some bad things in his life and he admitted that during the trial but we are all human are we? We all make mistakes in life.

Johnny’s been winning my respect more and more so for that, I’m gonna buy Hollywood Vampire’s music real soon and planning to start collecting Johnny Depp movies on BluRay. I’ve always been a fan of his, though. I definitely grew up watching his films over the years.

I think he’s definitely gonna win the trial, Amber is done.



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