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Why I switched to coffee instead of green tea…

… simply because I grew tired of drinking tea all the time. I never was a coffee drinker in my life until now. I’m finally getting into coffee and the addiction is starting. I also started drinking coffee simply because I like the taste of it.

Yeah, there will be an ongoing debate about coffee when it comes to bodybuilding or powerlifting. A back and forth debate on whether or not coffee is good for lifting weights but come on, coffee is just food, that’s all it is.

I started drinking coffee by trying out Vahalla Odinforce the coffee by Death Wish that was created by Zakk Wylde. That stuff is great and then I’m drinking Death Wish coffee. Just the other day I picked up a small bag of Starbucks Dark Roast.

Some people say drinking coffee would make you fat but as long you drink it straight up black, you’ll be fine. I just love the taste of coffee. I never liked coffee in the past but I guess it grew on me now that I’m older.

I’m gonna try all kinds of different coffee ’cause I know they all taste different but so far I love Vahalla Odinforce although that coffee is hard to find. I love Death Wish too.

I’m a newbie at coffee and am learning. I learned that coffee helps keep you awake more than green tea. I fall asleep too easily at night and since I’ve gotten into coffee, I’ve been staying awake. It helps keep me awake when watching a movie or a TV show ’cause I can fall asleep easily while watching something but coffee is helping me stay awake.

Doing research, though, I’ve read somewhere that coffee does have great benefits with weightlifting. Coffee can help make you stronger and more energetic.

Anyhow, I just love the taste of coffee and I like to have it with my breakfast and it’s good to have to relax in the morning. Some people drink coffee throughout the day but two cups of coffee a day is good enough for me. I just gotta have my caffeine.

I’ve been wanting to try Death Wish for a long time and it’s delicious stuff. It’s very strong coffee like they say and they call it Death Wish for a reason. That stuff makes you stay awake. If you drink more cups of Death Wish, you’ll be staying up all night probably.

Coffee is awesome. Glad I’m starting to get into it.


Trying to improve my guitar playing and singing is why I haven’t written new originals in a long while… plus I’m on a writer’s block admittedly…

I’ll confess it. I haven’t written a new batch of original songs and released new songs publicly in a long long while. That’s because there is a few reasons for that.

  1. I’m still trying to improve my guitar playing and take it to the next level.
  2. Still working on my singing. I want to have more range and more power in my voice so I’m practicing my singing everyday still and I feel I’m getting better with that.

My goal for guitar playing is that I want to be an improv master. Be the type of guitar player that can play anything I hear. That way I can write songs better and I can easily and quickly get them out of my head. I’m still trying to improve my rhythm guitar chops and lead guitar too ’cause I want to get real good at both. I want to be able to play rhythm guitar all over the fretboard ’cause it got too boring just playing open chords all of the time.

I learned that if you want to be the type of guitar player where you play all over the neck, up and down… you gotta know the road maps of guitar and knowing music theory will get you there. I want to be able to play lead fills in between chords, play double stops all over with licks, triads and all that stuff. I’m also starting to learn some pretty unique chords ’cause it can get pretty boring just learning easy chords like basic open chords and bar chords.

I’m hoping to make my original music more complex. Something more challenging. I’ve grown tired of writing easy campfire like songs and had enough with that and I want to experiment.

Listening to bands like Opeth and Dream Theater pretty much has inspired me to go this direction. I kind of want to play more proggy type of music. In fact, I always saw that my music was pretty “proggy”, ya know, “prog rock” ’cause that’s what I always called it in the past and I still do. What prog rock is it’s music that stops when they feel like stopping. That’s why you hear a lot of prog rock songs that can go from 7 minutes to 20 minutes long. Songs that “progress”, they build up as the song goes along. That is why I love prog rock. I want to make this similar type of music. Whenever I do start writing my next batch of songs, I’m going to try to make them more melodic than ever.

Musicians always plan ahead of how long they want their songs to be. You see, I never did that with my own songwriting. I don’t care if my songs ends over 10 minutes ’cause I make my songs whenever I feel like stopping them… it just happens. A lot of people have complained before that my older songs were “too long” but I never felt they were too long.

That’s the thing with prog rock music… they may feel like they’re “long songs” even though a lot of them can be 10 – 20 minutes but in reality, they feel like they are real short if you get my point. They just go by fast ’cause of the pacing of the song. I can listen to a 20 minute Dream Theater song but it actually won’t feel like it’s 20 minutes. The thing is a lot of prog rock bands don’t do this verse/chorus/verse/chorus thing a lot… they just write how they want to and that’s it. That’s how I would want to write my next batch of songs.

I do write really short songs, though… not all of them are super long.

I do want to get back into songwriting and admittedly, I’ve been on a writers block for a while. So I just learn a lot of cover songs and teach myself how to play guitar better. I’d like to get back into songwriting at some point ’cause I’m itching for some new stuff.


Jaliek Rainwalker candlelight vigil happening in my hometown of Greenwich tomorrow evening…


Tomorrow evening in my hometown of Greenwich there will be a Jaliek Rainwalker candlelight vigil in remembrance of the missing child who has been gone for 12 years. It will be taken place at the Gazebo in Mowry Park on Main St and it will take place after the lighted tractor parade in Greenwich.

Keep in mind, though that this candlelight vigil wasn’t my idea… a young woman in FB came up with this idea and a Jaliek FB group called “Jaliek’s Army” which is a FB group for Jaliek supporters only helped setup the candlelight vigil in Greenwich.

I know the adoptive parents of Jaliek (Stephen & Jocelyn) are not gonna be happy with this candlelight vigil and they are probably fuming over this but this candlelight vigil is NOT an attack at them. This candlelight vigil is all about remembering Jaliek. We just want to keep his name alive and that is all. That’s the goal with this vigil so that Greenwich can be reminded of his name and never forget him ever. We just want to let Jaliek know we care about him and we are listening to him.

Hopefully there will be a good turnout for this vigil and I think a good crowd will show up. I’m definitely gonna make it I think. I really should ’cause I’m one of Jaliek’s biggest supporters.

There are some people who are not interested in this missing child’s case about Jaliek and there are some who have lost interest but I will never lose interest or forget him. This kid has been on my mind ever since he disappeared in 2007. No matter how long ago it was, I’ll never forget him. This candlelight vigil event is happening whether people like it or not, it needs to happen and I’m glad it is.

If the adoptive parents want to show up so be it just as long as they’re not confrontational and all… this was meaning to be a peaceful thing.



Right now Steve Jobs would be rolling in his grave over Iphone 11 and new Ipad designs…

I didn’t watch the latest Apple Event of the new Apple products but I’ve seen pictures of them and heard about them here and there. I would have to agree with most people that the new design of Iphone 11 is just horrible. I’m not a big fan of the two camera lenses and the camera light next to it trying to make it look like a triangle or whatever. The thing looks like it came from a sci-fi movie or something.

I would think that Steve Jobs would not have approved with Tim Cook’s work with Apple lately. The Iphone 11 makes me wish that Steve Jobs was still alive ’cause if he was, he would have done anything he could to make that awful design not happen. If Steve was here still, that design wouldn’t have happened at all and if he saw it himself, I can see Steve freakin’ out about it knowing how he was in the past. Steve’s temper tantrum was no secret and if you showed him something he didn’t like, he would have no problem expressing his anger about it. That’s how he always was back when he was alive. He was like that ’cause it was his way of creating the best products.

Steve’s goal with Apple products was that he wanted to help people with “personal computing”…. Tim Cook just wants to do things differently. All Tim Cook has been doing with Apple products lately is that he’s been making them in different sizes, different designs and different colors. Tim Cook just wants to make them look “cool” and try to make them catch people’s eyes but Steve never did things that way. Steve was all about the “personal computing” experience if you get what I mean. I’m with everyone that I don’t think he would have liked the Iphone11 design.

I also don’t think Steve would have approved of the Apple Card and the Apple+ streaming service either. Steve was always about “personal computing” and not about entertainment.

I used to never be a fan of Apple products in the past but I’ve had a change of heart when I got the Ipad and then I got an Ipod. I don’t have an Iphone yet but I would like to get one at some point. If I ever did get an Iphone from Apple, it would be an older version… I don’t think I’ll get the newer ones.

I’m not a fan of Tim Cook of the way he’s doing things lately. I’m also due for a new Ipad and I plan on buying a new Ipad next year but I won’t get one with a ten inch screen. I’m gonna go for the Ipad Mini, I think. Steve wouldn’t have approved of an Ipad with a 10 inch screen either, he’d be screaming his head off about that too. Apple getting worse under Tim Cook. Not a fan of that guy at all. Man, why did Steve had to pass on too early?


Why I like owning a large library of music…

I’m not afraid to say that I have a pretty huge music collection. Over the years of my life, I’ve collected CD’s for a pretty long time. I never really bought albums on cassette or vinyl in the earlier days, though. I just started collecting vinyl… my vinyl collection isn’t that big… it’s a small one for now but I’ll try to grow it when I can. Even though there are no record stores anymore, I still happen to buy music albums on physical CD every now and then. Nowadays, I just buy albums from Itunes ’cause I can’t think of any other places to buy music since record stores are a dying industry.

I have a pretty big collection of digital albums. Admittedly, I bought a lot of albums from Itunes and I’m not ashamed of it. I’m not one of those that will steal albums by pirating them ’cause I’m not that kind of guy. I don’t mind spending my money on artists and supporting them that way. I like to do it the right way, ya know?

I like owning a large library of music ’cause it can get kind of boring listening to the same things over and over. I like to support different music and bands/artists. I don’t buy all music out there, I only buy the stuff that I love. If the music grabs me then I’ll buy the album, that’s how I do it.

A lot of people won’t buy an album if they don’t like a few songs on it. Ya see, I don’t do it that way. I’m not very picky with songs on records. When I listen to records, I listen to it from start to finish like the way they’re supposed to be listening to. People in this generation don’t listen to music like that anymore. Nowadays, they only select songs they like on an album, put them on their Ipods and put them on shuffle. Nowadays, people are only listening to hit singles you hear on the radio on shuffle and they don’t listen to songs on albums that aren’t hits… in other words, they don’t listen to obscure stuff. I’m not the one that will say, “I don’t like this song and don’t like that one”. I just listen to it. Don’t complain and just put it on and enjoy. That’s how music is supposed to be listened to.

Sure, there are music I don’t like out there and when there’s music I don’t like out there, I won’t buy their music at all… lets say for example… I’m not a fan of bands like Halestorm and Nickelback. I stopped liking bands like Green Day, Godsmack and Bush… even though their earlier stuff are really good, I just don’t like the newer stuff they’ve been making.

I only buy albums from artists that I love.

What I’ll also do is that a lot of times, I’ll blind buy albums bands and artists that I never heard before ’cause I heard about them through music magazines or the internet. If I don’t like the album, I’ll get rid of it and if I like it I’ll keep it.

I try to buy the entire discography of bands and artists that I love like Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers, Metallica, Dream Theater, David Bowie, Slipknot, Slayer, Oasis (yes, I love Oasis), Opeth, etc. Those are some of the bands that I’m trying to collect all of their albums of… every album. I’ll collect every album of a band and artist that are my favorite.

I’m just a really huge music lover. You want to see a real music lover, look no further.

People like to criticize me for buying so much music albums but I don’t give a shit. It’s who I am. Even though I play the guitar and sing myself, I just like listening to music too. I like supporting others music. It’s what I do and what I’m about. Can’t live without it.


Purchased some more music from the Itunes store this morning…

So this morning I purchased some albums from the Itunes store… today I picked up:

Tool: “Fear Inoculum”, “Lateralus” and “10,000 Days”

Born of Osiris: “The Simulation”

Dream Theater: “Awake”

Dire Straits: “Communique”

Peter Frampton: “All Blues”

Yep, I got the new Tool album like I said I was gonna get and got their other two albums that I needed too.

I’m a huge Dream Theater fan and trying to collect all their albums. Only got a few left to go .

Born Of Osiris was a band that I’ve read about in Guitar World magazine and reading about them intrigued me so I picked up their new album “The Simulation” out of curiosity.

I’m just getting into Peter Frampton music so I picked up his new album, “All Blues”. Guitar World magazine had an interview with Frampton with him talking about this new album.

Yeah, I still like to read Guitar World magazine and that magazine helped spark my interests in bands and artists I’ve never heard before. Guitar World magazine got me interested in Dream Theater years ago ’cause they are always interviewing John Petrucci who is one of my favorite guitarists. Dream Theater is one of my favorite bands. I’m always listening to their albums. Been a fan of them for years. Never got to see Dream Theater live in concert but hopefully one day I get to.



Video: Criticizing women is not allowed…

I usually don’t post videos like this but I feel that this one is totally worth it. All you male readers, you should really check out this guy’s channel if you want to learn more about women ’cause this guy has good stuff on his channel. I’m addicted to his channel ’cause he has good content about women and the dating scene.

This guy is so correct that you can’t criticize women anymore in this day and age. If you do, you’ll get called a misogynist, a woman hater and you’ll get crucified for it. No matter what you say or even if the criticism is not even all that bad, you will get crucified no matter what. I know the feeling ’cause I’ve been there. I remember I used to criticize women on my blog for how they treat men in the dating scene and all that stuff and I got crucified for that a little bit. The reason we can’t criticize women anymore is ’cause of the feminist movement that’s been going on lately and also because of liberalism. The feminist movement and liberalism destroyed everything about being a man. It’s just sad and very scary to see all this.

Not only that women crucify men for criticizing women, there are even some men that do it too. Whenever other men see a guy criticizing women, they’ll usually try to play hero and defend women just to make women feel better.

I don’t hate women at all and I’ve been unfairly accused of that over the years of my life. We should have every right to be real about them, ya know? Not all women out there are goddesses and princesses. We should have every right to call out their bad behaviors, their attitudes and all that stuff. When you do, you better be ready for a backlash.

We can no longer talk about how horrible some women are in the dating scene. It’s just bullshit and unfair thanks to feminism that destroyed everything about being a man.

I’m still single for a pretty good reason ’cause some women out there can be evil. Not all of them but some. When it comes to dating and relationships, I’m only being careful with myself. I want a “good girl” in my life, ya know? Someone who will stay loyal and someone who actually cares. I’m looking for the love of my life. I’m not gonna be one of those men who has on and off relationships with the same woman. I’m not gonna be one those men who has different kids with different mothers like what seems to be going on nowadays. I’m not gonna be one of those who’ll get destroyed by women. I’m not gonna be one of those guys who’ll get used for sex, money and all that stuff.

This is a great video and should be watched by all men out there. You should check out this guy’s other Red Pill videos too ’cause it’s good stuff. I learn more about women ’cause of this guy.