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Would I ever make my own dance & pop album someday? Sure I would… I would absolutely go for that…

Ya know, I love dancing. It’s just one of those things that I love to do when I go to things like at live band shows, DJ parties and things like that. I just love dancing. I feel I’m a pretty good dancer even though I could be a little better. You have to see me dance to believe it.

A lot of people see me as this bored person who is shy and quiet. I am in a way but I do like to have fun.

Someday, I would like to make my own dance and pop record where I sing the lead vocals over. Yeah, I’m talking about dance/techno/electronica. Stuff you hear in a nightclub. You can easily make that type of music with just about any DAW nowadays especially Apple’s Garageband and Mixcraft.

I would like to try making music that would absolutely shock people and dance music could be it. I do like listening to hard rock and metal but sometimes I do like listening to dance and pop.

I remember in the past that people actually wanted me to make a rap/hip hop album ’cause people liked the way I wrote my lyrics. Only problem is, I don’t know how to rap and I wouldn’t be very good at that at all but I know how to sing. Singing my own pop music is something I could be pretty good at.

I don’t know if I’ll do a project like this right away but it is something I’d like to think about in the future. For now, I want to concentrate on hard rock music. I want to make a hard rock album/demo soon and then I’ll think about a dance/pop record. If I ever made a dance/pop record, it would be something that you would hear at a dance floor and nightclub. I’m already getting some original dance songs spinning in my head right now. I think it could be a kickass and fun project if I ever get it going.

If I ever did it, I think I would need to collaborate with a techno/electronica musician. I don’t think I could do this on my own but it would be badass.



Learning to become a drum programmer so I can put drum tracks for my songs…

For a long while now, I’ve been learning how to become a drum programmer so I can learn how to put drum tracks behind my songs. Sometime in the future, I’m going to start making full band rock n’ roll songs and I want to do it all myself. Create my own backing tracks for my original music.

In order to be good with drum programming and all that stuff, you gotta have a good sense of rhythm and timing. I’m still learning and practicing all that too. Being good with the metronome or a click track is very important. If you want to be looked at as a real “musician”, gotta have a good sense of timing if you want people to take you seriously and I’m working on that.

In software like Garageband and Mixcraft, they have a digital drum set on them and I’m just practicing drum programming by using those for now. Sometime in the future, though, I plan on buying “EZ Drummer Toon Track” software which will be about $150 and I’m planning on buying one of those MIDI Drum pad machines too. You know those MIDI Drum pad gadgets where you push these large buttons to make drum sounds with, I’m gonna get one of those someday. That’s why I got an audio interface with a MIDI input on it so I can do MIDI stuff with the DAW.

Yeah, I really want to make my own full band rock n’ roll music and I’m doing all I can to get there. Just taking my slow time, ya know?

I’m also planning on writing full band acoustic ballads too ’cause with the power of MIDI instruments, I can also add orchestration, strings and other types of instruments which is what I want. I love writing and singing slower ballads so I’m not always gonna write hard rock songs. I like mixing it up.

Yeah, I will be writing original music again pretty soon ’cause I’ve been messing with some stuff and coming up with ideas.

People always ask me, “We haven’t heard anything new from you in a long while? Why?”

Well, the truth is, I only write when inspiration hits me. When songs come, they come. If they don’t, they don’t. I just write whenever, ya know? A lot lately, I’ve been spending more time learning cover songs than writing originals so I’m always playing. I’m itching for new originals myself and want to get new songs out.

When I’m writing originals, I’m always looking for ways to improve and get better than my last batch of songs. So you can expect my upcoming songs to be way different than my older stuff.


“You don’t have to be positive all of the time, having feelings doesn’t make you a negative person”…


Over the years of my life, people always complained of the way I am especially online. People often complained about my online ranting. When I have certain opinions on things and if I disagreed with others, people would be unhappy with that. I’ve always been accused of being a negative person… always having an attitude and being argumentative with people.

Maybe all that is true, admittedly but ya know what? There is nothing wrong with that. It’s all about being human and being true to yourself. That’s how I’ve always been really. I’m a human being with real feelings and I was never afraid to express it all.

People always expect me to be positive 24/7 and they want me to be positive all the time but they seem to get disappointed when I’m not positive all the time. That’s okay ’cause life would be boring as fuck if I was positive 24/7.

I’m allowed to have differences of opinion and I’m allowed to disagree with people. I’ve always been about being honest with myself but nope, I’ve always been the big bad Brock like how people treated me online.

I’ve been called an internet troll and people thought I was posting things for “shock factor” as a way to get a reaction out of things. Nope. It’s just me being real. If something’s on my mind, I’m gonna say it. I try to be positive most of the time but I speak for myself, ya know?

I’ve always been honest and real but unfortunately, that’s not gonna make everybody happy. People don’t get it yet that I’m a human being with real feelings but that’s okay. I’m not changing for anyone and you shouldn’t either. Nothing wrong with being yourself. If you’re pissing people off then you must be doing something right.


Writing hard rock songs on electric guitar, I believe I can do it!!!

I have always wanted to write hard rock songs on an electric guitar and I will very soon. For right now, I’m just still trying to hone my rhythm guitar and lead guitar chops. To play hard rock or even metal requires knowing your timing and being good at playing along with a metronome or a click track. I am studying trying to come up with my own guitar rock riffs which is what I’m doing.

When writing guitar rock songs, they don’t have to be super complicated. Ya know, I’m not gonna be playing Dream Theater-like or Iron Maiden-like guitar playing styles or anything. When I write guitar rock songs, they’re just gonna be very simple. I’m not gonna be a neo-classical or shred type of player. I love that type of music but I don’t think I’ll ever be that type of player ’cause all I want to do is write some in your face and tight-ass rock n’roll, ya know what I mean? I just want to do the best I can in writing some great guitar rock riffs that can get you head-banging or bopping your head up and down and I believe I can make music like that. Write energetic songs that get people moving.

When I wrote original songs on acoustic in the past, I wrote songs like that. For my live acoustic solo shows, I did my best to put on a new experience for the audience. Something they’ve never saw before. Too many acoustic performers just play folk songs and bluegrass type of stuff. That’s how people saw the acoustic guitar but not me. I’ve always loved to rock on the acoustic. I’ve always played the acoustic like an electric guitar and I continue to play acoustic like that. Now I want to see if I can play like that on an electric guitar and my rhythm style hasn’t changed really.

When writing metal songs and hard rock stuff, most of those guys just use power chords, scales and intervals for riffs. It don’t have to be super complicated. Most of my past acoustic songs were originally meant to be electric hard rock songs anyways.

When I start writing hard rock songs, I’m gonna do my best to put bass and drums behind them so they can be full band. I’ve always wanted to write full band music for years and I really wanna make that happen.

When I start writing full band rock songs and start putting them out for people to hear, I would probably give it a band name kind of like a Foo Fighters kind of thing. Remember when Dave Grohl started the Foo Fighters, that started out as a project that was made by himself  and then the project developed into a full time band. I’ll come up with a band name for that project and start promoting that music under that name instead of my solo name.

I want to do a hard rock album or a demo very soon. It’s a dream of mine and it’s on the bucket list. I believe I can make a badass rock n’ roll album that rock n’ roll fans would dig.

I’ve listened to hard rock and metal music all my life… and I want to write original hard rock music inspired by my favorite bands that I’ve listened to over the years. I mostly want to write original hard rock music inspired by Led Zep, Nirvana, Sabbath, Metallica, Kiss, etc.

Could I actually form a real band of my own someday? I want to do that too. Never say never on that, though. I’d love to form a rock n’ roll band!


I love music, can’t live without it…

I purchased some music from the Itunes store this week. Haven’t bought albums in a long while so I figure I’ll get some. Wanted to catch up on some newer albums that I’ve been wanting to get like the new Dream Theater album “Distance Over Time” which is a pretty sick album. I love Dream Theater… they’re one of my favorite bands and I’m trying to collect all their albums. I’ve been interested in the new Sammy Hagar and the Circle album too… their record “Space Between” rocks. Listened to Hagar’s “Space Between” album at the gym and that’s a sick album and Sammy’s still got it. I’ve been wanting to get Trey Anastasio’s new album “Ghosts of the Forest” for a long while and finally got it. That too is a really great record. As for Queensryche “The Verdict”, I’ve been getting into those guys more and more and trying to get more of their stuff so I picked up their new album which is also really good.

As for Larkin Poe, I think I found my new obsession. Larkin Poe is a great new artist that I discovered through Guitar World magazine so I decided to check them out for myself. Larkin Poe is a female duo who plays a mix of country, blues and rock n’ roll. One girl plays the guitar and sings, the other girl plays slide guitar.

As for Beck “Mellow Gold”, like the instagram post says, I used to have that album when I was young back in high school but lost the album so I re-bought it digitally. It was priced at $5.99 on Itunes so I decided to get it. I listened to that album at the gym and I still remember every song on that record. It’s a great record for sure. I love Beck. Have been a huge Beck fan for a long time and still trying to collect all his music as well. Beck is a talented songwriter.

I’ll probably get some more albums from Itunes in a few weeks ’cause there is still more I want to get. Some people may find it questionable that I buy a lot of albums but I can’t help myself, ya know? I love music. Can’t live without it and gotta be around music all the time. I’ve always loved to support bands and artists. That’s who I’ve always been. Yeah, the music industry maybe very liberal with their politics but I don’t care about their political views really… it’s the music I care about. If the artist is good, I’ll support them. That’s how it goes.


Now I have a new Ipod Touch, I’m gonna use it to get back into podcast listening too…

Over the weekend, I’ve started listening to podcasts on my new Ipod Touch. I’m not gonna listen to so many podcasts but there’s only a couple of them I’m gonna listen to. The only three I’m going to be listening to are: Talk Is Jericho (I’ve listened to Chris Jericho’s podcast a lot in the past, now I’m going to get back into listening to him again), 83 Weeks (a wrestling podcast with Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson) and Eddie Trunk (the famous radio/TV personality now has his own podcast and listened to a few episodes of his over the weekend, good stuff).

I like listening to podcasts but I’m only going to be listening to those for wrestling and music. They have interesting interviews with wrestlers and music stars, that’s why I listen to them.

Podcasts are pretty cool but I won’t go too crazy over them. I listen to Jericho’s podcast ’cause I’ve been a fan of his for a long time and I’ve been a fan of Eric Bischoff too. As for Eddie Trunk, I’ll be listening to his podcast for some more rock & metal knowledge. I listened to three of Eddie’s interviews with Phil Collen of Def Leppard, Klaus Meine of the Scorpions and Lita Ford.

I’ve always thought about starting my own podcast ’cause honestly, I really don’t have a bad speaking voice at all. I actually like my speaking voice and I wouldn’t be a bad radio talk show host at all but starting my own podcast would be a lot of work and a lot of money, I think. On top of that, I wouldn’t know who to interview for it so I probably won’t start a podcast. I will continue to do videoblogs to speak my mind on so how about that?

There’s a lot of wrestlers and wrestling personalities that have their own podcasts but I’m only going to be listening to Jericho’s show and Bischoff’s “83 Weeks”. I like Bischoff’s “83 Weeks” ’cause it has a lot of WCW history knowledge on it. I’ve only listened to one episode of “83 Weeks” but I plan on listening to a lot more. I’ve seen a lot of old WCW on the WWE Network and I want to learn about WCW as much as possible. WCW was pretty historic stuff.

I love podcast listening. Way better than talk radio.


Just bought a new Ipod Touch like I said I would… it’s the Generation 6 32 GB…

So yesterday, I picked up a new Ipod Touch. For a long while, I’ve been saying that I’ve been wanting buy a new one and finally got one. So far, it’s working really good and so far, I really like it a lot. I brought it to the gym with me yesterday evening to listen to it while working out and it sounds good.

This Ipod Touch is definitely way better than the old one. It’s a lot faster. The camera on it is definitely 10 x’s better. Best of all, the Ipod touch came with Garageband and Imovie. I’m glad I get to use Garageband on my new Ipod so if I have a song idea when I’m out and about, I can record the melody on it with my voice. That’s what I’ll probably use it for. Plus to record guitar riffs on it too, maybe.

As far as the camera on it goes, I’m very impressed with the camera. It’s definitely more clearer. I’m not just gonna be listening to music with the new Ipod touch. I’m also gonna use it as a camera too so I can take pics/video for social media and to make videoblogs with. I’ll take pics & video with my new Ipod Touch from now on.

It’s a very impressive gadget and I’m happy with it. I’m going to have to learn how to use the Ipod Touch Gen. 6 ’cause it’s pretty complicated right now but I’ll figure it all out, though. Getting the hang of things.

A lot of people want to criticize Apple products but I don’t know why. I love Apple so I don’t get all the hate. I used to hate Apple myself and wanted nothing to do with Apple products in the past but since I got my first Ipad, I’ve had a change of heart.

Speaking of the Ipad, I’m planning on buying a new one too but not right away though. I’m going to get a new Ipad sometime next year, I think.