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My Bowie tribute show is coming along well, still rehearsing them, though… want to give them more time…

As promised, I will make my David Bowie live stream tribute show happen real soon. Just rehearsing the songs really hard still ’cause I want to take my time and do them good so I can make I do them justice. I don’t want to mess up lyrics and guitar parts while performing live-stream so that’s why I gotta give them some more time to practice my Bowie set.

I realized that I actually have 12 Bowie songs written on the setlist so it’s gonna be a 12 song set for the Bowie tribute. I already gave a few songs away of what I’m planning to do like “Blackstar” and “Starman” but that’s all I’ll name for now. I will be doing his greatest hits to some obscure Bowie songs no one knows about.

While I’m working on these songs and practicing, I’m really blown away at how much of a musical genius he really was. Remember, he was more than just a great singer. He was also a great guitar player and a great lyricist as well. I think Bowie’s lyrics were pretty awesome, though. As you listen to Bowie’s music, you can easily tell that he came up with all these songs directly from his head… he definitely knew what he wanted out of his songs. He definitely had a good ear. He made the type of music he wanted to make.

Bowie is one of those music artists that you never get tired of listening to. Yeah, Bowie may have been a liberal guy and he was probably a Democrat voter but who cares… his music was still beautiful stuff.

Working on these Bowie covers is inspiring me to get back into songwriting again myself.


Going live for the first time and trying to figure it all out…

So today, I was trying to figure out all this “live stream” stuff out since I never done it before. After a little investigation and playing around, I found that I couldn’t go on FB livestream ’cause I needed to install the Chrome Beta version of Chrome and so that’s what I did. I upgraded Google Chrome to Beta earlier today and Livestream there seems to be working fine.

I really want to use my hand held JVC Everio camera that I bought years ago but I need a camera connection converter box in order for me to use my Everio camera for live streaming, though. I’ll order one of those sometime in the future but for now, I’m just gonna use the built in webcam on this computer which seems to work fine.

Messing around with this live stream and preparing for it… I tested out my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 audio interface so I can live stream the mic and guitar and that seems to work perfectly fine as well. You’re gonna really hear me really good with the microphone and guitar plugged in.

I’ve been rehearsing these ten David Bowie songs for my upcoming Bowie tribute that I’m dying to do and the songs are coming along really well. I think I’ll be able to nail them good enough and do ’em justice like I’ve been promising. If my David Bowie tribute show gets enough views, if it actually gets some views and enough people likes it… I’ll end up doing another Bowie tribute… do a part II and play 10 different songs in the set. For this tribute though, I got a good set planned and I think you’ll all really like it. I’ve been working on these songs ’cause I want to do ’em good and promise I won’t disappoint.

I’ve been trying to figure out ways to livestream on multiple social media platforms at once… be able to livestream on FB, Instagram and youtube but it’s all a real hassle and a pain in the ass so I’m not gonna do it. So what I’m gonna do is play my livestream tribute to Bowie on FB first and then bring the tribute show to Instagram and Youtube after. I’ll upload separate songs to IG and youtube.

Can’t wait to do this and I may go live for this first time this weekend. We’ll see.


What TV show am I watching during this covid-19 pandemic??? I’m watching “The Sopranos”…

Some of you may wonder what TV show I am watching during this country lockdown… well I’m currently watching “The Sopranos” on Hulu. HBO just unlocked some of their stuff for free, a bunch of their shows and some movies… not all of them just some of them. So since the Sopranos is for free on Hulu for now, I figure I would watch this one.

I’ve already seen the first 5 seasons in the past when I used to subscribe to HBO NOW for a little while but then I stopped subscribing and only watched the first 5 seasons. Now that the show is for free on HULU and also HBO NOW, I thought I would re-start the show from the beginning as a refresher and I still remember every single episode. That’s okay ’cause this is one show that is worth watching repeatedly ’cause it’s that damn good.

I think HBO Unlocked is gonna be gone sometime this week so I probably won’t get to finish the whole show in time. I’ve never seen the 6th season yet which is the final season of the show which I need to get to.

I’ll probably watch season 4 this week and if Hulu locks HBO back up, I’ll find other ways to watch seasons 5 & 6. I’m probably gonna end up buying the Sopranos BluRay box set as pictured above which is gonna be $90 on amazon and I would like to own that for my BluRay collection. It’s definitely the best show on television… entertaining as hell and funny too ’cause it’s a comedy as well, it’s not just a crime drama.

What show will I watch after this? I’m thinking of giving “Tiger King” a shot since everyone’s talking about it and I’ll check it out for myself. I was meaning to get to that show too as it’s on my watchlist on Netflix.


You don’t have to make cover songs sound like the same way on the album, just make it sound like you wrote it…

When you’re learning cover songs, you don’t always have to play them or sing them the same way on the album. When I watch people play cover songs on youtube/facebook, most of them don’t play cover songs the same way on the album. A lot of times musicians would change the arrangements around so that the song can fit their voice. Can’t sing the really high notes??? Don’t be afraid to transpose and go lower in key.

That’s what a lot of music artists do with their own songs really. There are a lot of national bands and artists that never play the song the same way twice. Go listen to any band and artists and you’ll hear that they play so many different versions of their hits especially David Bowie. There are a lot of times when Bowie sung his hits live he transposed to lower keys ’cause he couldn’t sing high anymore. Plus, many bands and artists came up with different versions of their songs live to make things interesting.

Back to doing cover songs, I think musicians playing the songs note for note and doing it the same way on the album is overrated. You don’t have to do cover songs like that. Make the cover songs sound like “you”. That’s what I try to do anyway.

People wonder why I do so many cover songs well it’s ’cause I love doing them for starters. They’re fun to do and I want to show people that I can be a real musician too. There’s something about doing covers. I just want to learn all the songs that I’ve loved over the years. They don’t have to be just big hits that everyone knows although, I do like playing big radio hits. I just do cover songs for fun and that’s all, though.

Don’t take yourself serious as a musician. Just play and enjoy.


Little preview of my David Bowie tribute…

Just a little preview of my upcoming Bowie tribute live stream show that I’m working on. Just to show you a little preview that way I can show you that I’m really working on it and planning on it.

Me doing “Starman”. It’s a work=in progress so it’s not perfect. It’s a hard one to sing ’cause David sings really high in the chorus but I’m getting it, though.



Albums I got from Itunes this month…

So here is the list of albums I got from Itunes this month… enjoy…

  • David Bowie “David/Live” – I have most of Bowie’s studio albums but don’t have much of his live albums. He’s got a lot of live albums so I thought, why not start now? I’ve heard that “David/Live” is his best live album so I went for that one. It’s a double live album that was released in 1974, a classic album and gonna listen to it this week.
  • David Bowie “Young Americans” – Bowie has 25 studio albums in his entire discography and I just about got them all so I added another album of his “Young Americans” an older album that I don’t have yet.
  • ZZ Top “ZZ Top’s First Album” – Been getting into ZZ Top a lot lately and they’re getting addicting so I grabbed another album of theirs. Their very first record.
  • The Violent Femmes (1983 self titled debut) – Used to have this album on CD years ago so I decided to get it again. Love this record. It’s a classic album and had to get it. Listened to it yesterday during my walk and still love the album.
  • Dire Straits (1978 self titled debut) – I have most Dire Straits albums and trying to get them all too so I grabbed their first album. Love Dire Straits. Mark Knopfler is a talented guy.
  • Ac/Dc “Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap” – Grabbed another old Ac/Dc album and also been trying to collect their whole album catalog, almost there too.

I love music and love supporting bands & artists regardless of their political views. It’s the music that matters most.


Ordered some stuff from amazon over the weekend…

Over the weekend I ordered some stuff from amazon… I ordered 4 films on Blu Ray and 3 Batman graphic novels.

While I was browsing through amazon over the weekend, I was looking at the BluRay movie section and was trying to decide what movies I wanted. There were plenty that I wanted. There were plenty of new releases that I wanted to see but I was amazed that most of the new releases were out of stock. Even a lot of older films and bluray box sets that I wanted were out of stock.

Crazy. It’s understandable though ’cause you can’t go shopping at stores like Best Buy, FYE, and Barnes & Noble. Those 3 major retail stores all sell BluRay movies and you can’t go out and buy that stuff at the store for the time being… so people are hoarding BluRay movies on amazon.

This is also why you see those amazon cards being sold out at stores too. You can’t go shopping anywhere, can’t go to the malls so people do all their shopping on amazon. So if you’re shopping at amazon, you’ll have to expect to see a lot of things “out of stock”.

So yeah, I ended up picking 4 BluRay movies and 3 Batman graphic novels. The 3 Batman graphic novels that I got were in a triple box set. I’ll show you all what I got when I get these things dropped off here which they should get dropped off sometime this week. I’ll post a picture of these things on my Instagram.

I also purchased 6 more albums for my Itunes.

Why am I doing all this digital shopping lately? Well, with this country lockdown and shit, might as well ’cause what are you gonna do? Can’t do anything out there so I gotta find ways to entertain myself too. Gotta do something with yourself. I’m doing my best to defeat boredom too.


Now that the warm weather is just about here finally, expect everyone to go outside more…

Yesterday, I went out for a long walk throughout my small hometown of Middle Falls since the weather was so nice out… weather is so nice out that you can finally go outside without a coat on. I went walking without a coat on yesterday and it’s that type of weather again today.

Today is a lot warmer and I’ll probably go out for another long walk today. Why not, ya know? There is no gym and each time the weather is decent, I’ll go out for a walk just to get my cardio in and try my best to keep my muscle. Also, to stay in shape and lose bodyfat too.

As I went out for my walk yesterday, I’m noticing that pretty much every house I went by, you see people outdoors. Ya know, people just sitting outside in their lawns enjoying the fresh air, also you see people doing yard work, doing projects outside, kids outside playing and all that stuff. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of that.

Why is that, you ask? Well, most families and people are so used to working all the time and since they are out of work… they’re bored just like the rest of us. Just fucking bored sitting in their homes all day during rainy and cold weather during Spring. Now that it finally feels like fucking Spring, everybody is outside… doing their best to try and defeat boredom by doing stuff outside.

The news and Democrats successfully pushed Social distancing and facemask wearing, they got away with that garbage and now those phonies are trying to push “stay indoors” which they are failing, though.

I thought it was amazing to see almost every home I went by and with people outside… all over the street. You hardly ever see that since people are working week after week so they can keep their homes.

I hear them, though. I’m the same way, I’m bored sitting indoors myself so whenever the weather’s nice… I’ll go for my long walks or take a bike ride or just do yardwork some.

The news are now trying to freak us out by going outside, just their sneaky way of trying to get us to stay indoors but it’s not gonna work. Can see you now how the news and the government can easily control every aspect of our lives? Hope you’re all enjoying your first taste of that. People get in trouble for going outdoors and get frowned upon which is insane, in my opinion but fuck ’em.

You can’t tell people what to do and control them. I don’t agree with social distancing and face-mask wearing but I do it anyways just keep the panic-pushers and Doomsdayers happy. I’m not afraid of this virus at all ’cause the numbers are inaccurate and this virus can easily be recovered from. Nobody wants to talk about the high recovery numbers… they all want to talk about the high death numbers which are all lies.

I see all this as a social experiment by the government… you don’t think they have that power to get rid of our social freedoms? Of course they do. Those days of meeting new people in public places could be over for good.

We gotta fight back for our rights which all them protests is a good thing. It’s time to open the country back up. I’m fed up with it myself. The country lockdown was pointless, unnecessary and it was nothing but abuses of power by the government.


When ever I do my first live stream acoustic show…

Whenever I do my first live acoustic show, I’m going to use my handheld Everio camera to do that with by hooking that up to my PC… also, I’m planning to hook up my Focusrite audio interface to the computer so I can plug in my guitar and microphone… that way I can sound amplified and you can really hear me through the speakers. I’m gonna figure all this out… this will be a big time live performance… all of it.

So for my first live show which will be a David Bowie tribute, I’m going to really rehearse these songs so I can try not to mess up guitar parts, singing and lyrics and all that stuff. I won’t forget lyrics ’cause I’ll be reading the lyrics off of notebook paper anyways… it’s okay to do that on a live stream at home. Bowie wrote a lot of lyrics so it will be hard to memorize his lyrics… I only have some of his songs memorized by heart, though.

Doing my first live stream show, I thought it would be cool to do David Bowie first since he’s my favorite artist and it’ll happen real soon. I think people will be surprised that I can nail his songs and do ’em justice which is the goal.

I may do tribute shows of other bands & artists, though sometime in the future I may do Johnny Cash ’cause I wanna do a tribute for him too. I’d also like to do Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, John Fogerty/CCR and the Beatles too.

I will also do live stream shows with me doing various cover songs as well.

As for original music???? Yeah, I definitely plan on doing live stream shows of nothing but me performing my originals. I’m gonna wait to do that when I write a new batch of originals ’cause I don’t want to be doing just older songs. I’ll perform my older songs, yeah but I want to perform new songs as well and I want to get back into songwriting at some point.

This live stream show will probably be a regular thing… it won’t be just for this country lockdown ’cause I’ll always be doing live streams ’cause I’ve been planning it for years anyways.


Why I love to listen to wrestling podcasts and read wrestling books…

Yeah, admittedly I love to listen to quite a few wrestling podcasts… the wrestling podcasts that I like to mostly listen to are “83 Weeks” w/ Eric Bischoff, “Something to Wrestle” with Bruce Prichard, “Talk Is Jericho” with Chris Jericho and sometimes the Steve Austin podcast. I also read plenty of wrestling books over the years of my life.

A lot of you know that I’m a big wrestling fanatic… a huge pro wrestling superfan I would say. I’ve watched wrestling for years, most of my life really. Again, I just love and respect what they do and I love the business.

I like listening to wrestling podcasts and read wrestling books ’cause simply put, I just love learning wrestling history and I also love learning all the behind the scene stuff and all the backstage secrets. I just like the history of wrestling and just love hearing the stories from the wrestlers themselves and people who work behind the scenes. It’s all just interesting stuff to me.

I’m trying to watch all of “WCW Monday Nitro” on the WWE Network ’cause listening to podcasts and reading books about WCW drew me into watching “Nitro” on the WWE Network. I didn’t watch much WCW Nitro when it used to be on TV in the past so I’m trying to watch all of it on the WWE Network.

If you want to be considered as a true wrestling fan then you should know about the business as much as possible and learn about wrestling history as much as possible. I would say that I’m pretty knowledge-able about wrestling by now. I pretty much learned everything about wrestling’s important storylines and angles like the formation of the NWO, the Hogan heel turn, the Montreal Screwjob with HBK and Bret Hart (I think this was the famous angle that lead to the McMahon and Austin feud)…. the Attitude Era, the Ruthless Aggression Era and all that stuff.

You should do more than just watch wrestling on TV… you gotta know everything as much as possible about wrestling and I try.

Which wrestlers or wrestling personality that tells the most interesting stories? Well I would say Chris Jericho, Eric Bischoff and Bruce Prichard are the most interesting which is why I listen to their podcasts a lot. Those three men are very honest and aren’t afraid to say the cold hard truth which is why I love listening to them.

Other wrestling people tell stories too but most of them are just egotistical, bitter and whiny babies… like Bret Hart for example. Bret Hart is indeed one of the greatest of all time that can’t be denied but in real life, he is kind of an asshole. His negativity in interviews is a bit of turn off and he’s definitely one of the most outspoken and controversial wrestlers. I bought Bret Hart’s book “My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling” for my Ipad just so I can get his side of the story of the Montreal Screwjob thing. I also want to see the Bret Hart documentary “Wrestling With Shadows” at some point. Maybe I’ll make a separate post about the Montreal Screwjob ’cause it’s interesting stuff… to write about my thoughts on it.

I’m currently reading Bischoff’s book, “Controversy Creates Cash” and almost done with it and I think that’s definitely one of the best wrestling books out there. That book definitely helped me look at the wrestling business differently… Eric is a very interesting and intelligent guy. I’ve always respected that man and he should absolutely be in the WWE Hall of Fame for sure.

I just like learning about the industry. The wrestling business may seem fun but not always… there’s always a dark side about it.