So I’m all done with Netflix for good this time… now I’m on Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max!

So I officially cancelled Netflix yesterday afternoon… I think I’m done with Netflix for good this time around. Simply ’cause they keep raising the prices and I have a feeling Netflix is gonna raise the price again later this year, don’t be surprised. I find it amazing that people keep Netflix even though they raise their price, really? Pretty soon, Netflix will be costing $20 a month and it’s just not worth it anymore. Plus, I don’t watch Netflix all that much anyway. I’ve seen most of the movies on there and most of their original films are pretty much garbage. I only kept Netflix ’cause of “The Walking Dead” pretty much but there are other ways I can watch the final season.

I’m thinking of collecting the “Walking Dead” series on BluRay anyway ’cause I love the show. I’ll probably wait for the BluRay release on “Walking Dead – Season 11”.

Anyhow, since I dropped Netflix, I’m now on Amazon Prime Video using someone else’s account in the house so I can start my own profile. Prime Video is way better than Netflix so that’s a keeper. They have better selections of shows and movies.

Also through Hulu, I went ahead and got the HBO Max add on so yesterday I figured out how to get the standalone HBO Max on my smart TV so now I’m on HBO Max. That’s another reason why I dropped Netflix so I can swap it with HBO Max and my god, HBO Max is definitely way better! They have way cooler selections of TV shows and movies.

Now I’m on HBO Max, I can finally finish the rest of “The Sopranos” since I only saw the first four seasons and I’ll be able to catch up with 5 & 6 real soon. That’s the first show I’ll watch on there.

Once again, I never wanted HBO Max but I had to get it ’cause of those Batman spinoff shows coming and the Game of Thrones spinoff show, “House of the Dragons” ’cause I want to see that too. I’ll also be able to watch “The Peacemaker” show with Cena ’cause I want to see that too. I’ll watch that one after the “Sopranos”.

There are other HBO shows I want to see on there too like “True Detective”, “Boardwalk Empire” and “The Wire” ’cause I’ve never seen those shows so I threw those on my watchlist.

On HBO Max there are a bunch of new releases on there that I haven’t seen yet and I’ve already watched “Cry Macho” with Clint Eastwood on there and it was really good loved it.

I’ve also watched a few older movies on HBO Max like “The Hitcher” an old thriller with Rutger Hauer and “Collateral” a thriller with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx and loved both of those too.

HBO Max is way cool. I got Disney Plus for Marvel movies/TV shows and got HBO Max for DC.

Who needs that leftist trash Netflix, right? Another reason I don’t like that service ’cause it’s gotten too political bias lately.

I use 6 different streaming services now: Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney Plus, Peacock and the totally free “Pluto TV”. So I’m good. I watch the other ones more than Netflix anyways. Netflix sucks now. I’m on Peacock ’cause WWE is there, that’s the only reason I got that.

Some of you may ask, how do I watch all these different streaming? Well I somehow watch through all of them. I switch it up. One week, I’ll watch through Hulu, next week after, I’ll watch through Peacock… I’ll switch back and forth week after week. I’ll find time to watch through each one but one at time.

I don’t like cable TV. I do my TV watching through streaming services, plus streaming is more affordable than cable if you think about it.



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