RIP the Ipod Touch, it was fun while it lasted…

Well, this is a real bummer ’cause I really liked the Ipod Touch. Apple was really onto something for this ’cause it was like a portable walkman or something. I’ve been using the Ipod Touch for a long time. I used the old Ipod Touch Generation 4 for a long time but since that Generation was getting so old and unusable, I had to upgrade to the Ipod Touch Generation 6.

So now I’ve had the Ipod Touch Generation 6 for a few years now but the only problem is, I broke my Ipod Touch 6 at the gym by accident. What happened was, I was doing heavy dumbbell chest presses on the floor. I forgot my Ipod Touch was on the floor near where I was lifting and when I was done doing a set, I accidently slammed a dumbbell on it so now it doesn’t work anymore.

I could take it to an Apple Store in Albany and have it repaired ’cause the damage wasn’t that bad. I’m sure it needed a few things replaced so instead of going to an hour long trip to an Apple Store and spending extra money on repairs on it, I was gonna save up for the Ipod Touch Generation 7.

Now stores are no longer gonna sell ’em. Apple is getting rid of the Ipod Touch and no longer gonna keep making them. For now you can only get an Ipod Touch “while supplies last”. You can only get what’s leftover and that’s it.

So now I’m like, fuck it. Fuck the Ipod. I’m gonna finally get an Iphone since you can put your Itunes library on that too. Yeah, I’m gonna get an Iphone that way I can have a cell phone, text messaging, social media, etc. like everyone else. I used to avoid getting an Apple Iphone like the plague but I’m gonna join the Iphone bandwagon finally.

I need something to listen to music with ’cause I can’t live without music, ya know?

So this is the death of the Ipod Touch. It’s a shame ’cause I liked the gadget. Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave, he would not want the Ipod Touch to die… that was his creation to begin with.


If Dolly Parton does a rock n’ roll covers album with rock artists contributing, man, that would be huge and it would be a huge seller! Hope she does it!

Well Dolly Parton the country star is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and here is her interview with Billboard about it. It seems to me that she’s trying to have a change of heart with this and giving it a go? Still though, she doesn’t know if she’ll attend the ceremony to give an acceptance speech or perform or whatever but if she does perform at the Hall of Fame, she says she’s gonna perform the hardest rock cover she can think of.

She also hints that she might do a rock covers album with famous rock n’ rollers contributing and she had Mick Jagger in mind first and she wants to do Lynyrd Skynyrd.

As far as Dolly doing a rock covers album, that’s actually a pretty cool idea, in my opinion and I hope she does it! Ya know, if she does, that album will sell pretty huge. I can see it being a no. 1 album on the Billboard for a long while. All the rock music fans will be curious about it for sure.

Dolly is sort of hinting a “classic rock” covers album. I can see her doing songs by Led Zep, CCR, The Who, Janis, Pink Floyd, Queen, David Bowie, Steppenwolf, Steely Dan, ELO, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Joan Jett, The Doors and stuff like those.

I can see Dolly singing The Doors “Riders on the Storm” or “L.A. Woman”. ha or what about Led Zep “Rock and Roll” or “Black Dog”. I can see her doing CCR “Born on the Bayou” or “Suzie Q”. The Who “Baba O’ Reilly” would be perfect for her. You get the idea?

Dolly’s done covers of rock songs before but she made them into country and bluegrass versions.

This time she wants to make a full on rock n’ roll album with loud guitars and everything. I think Dolly could pull this off.

I respect Dolly for being honest with herself and respect her for being so humble. She doesn’t take herself seriously as you can see. She’s just a musician like the rest of us.

If she makes the rock n’ roll album, I’ll definitely buy it for sure.


Are a lot of people that go to the gym are misinformed at lifting? Yes and it’s crazy…

You want to know why that people in the gym never change… they never get muscular… never losing body fat and never losing weight? Well maybe it’s because they’re lifting the same weight all the time and lifting light all the time. Nobody wants to lift weights that makes them feel comfortable with good form anymore. Also, there’s a lot of gym goers that seem desperate in lifting heavy. Lifting weight that you can’t handle and I see it all the time at my local gym.

If you’re a powerlifter, it’s fine if you want to lift heavy for bench, squat and deadlift but you still need to do that carefully and safely. You still need to lift the big three lifts in good form and I try!

People struggle to lose fat ’cause they’re nutrition sucks for the most part. Sorry but you’re not gonna build muscle and lose fat eating whatever you want. You gotta eat clean, cut out sugars a lot more often, stay away from fatty foods and avoid processed foods too. I do eat mostly clean during the week but I have my cheat meals on the weekends only.

I still get a lot of kind compliments on my lifting and physique ’cause why? I’m not trying to sound egotistical or arrogant or whatever but I kind of have a ripped and muscular body ’cause I know what I’m doing. I think it’s been like 15 – 20 years, somewhere around that I’ve been lifting in the gym now. I’ve learned a lot about lifting, bodybuilding through books, the internet and youtube fitness channels. I’m a self-taught lifter, I’ve never had anybody coach me. I know how to do this which is how I have a bodybuilder physique but I still have work to do, though. I still gotta drop bodyfat myself and I’m working on that. I’m always learning still so I don’t know everything.

It is funny though… that even though I’ve been lifting and doing this a long time there are still so many that want to act like I don’t know what I’m doing and that’s the dark side part of it. I want to eat better and more cleaner, that pisses people off it seems. It’s socially acceptable to eat junk food now. When you eat junk, people don’t care but when you want to clean your diet, people judge you and criticize. I deal with that crap all the time.

When you get a built body and ripped look, that’s when you get all the jealous people coming for ya. So keep it going.

My gym days are going good. Still doing the bodybuilding and powerlifting training. For deadlift, I’m gonna avoid the mixed grip from now on ’cause I need grip strength. My bench and squat going okay too but they could be better, though.

As far as my bodybuilding training goes, it’s going well on that too and I’m feeling strong again. Doing 35lb Dumbbell curls starting to feel pretty light now so now I’m just moving on up to 40 lb. Dumbbell curls for reps which I’ve never done before. It took me a long time to get there.

I’m still working on trying to get big naturally as possible. I want to get that bodybuilder freak look. I will never compete for the stage. Just want the jacked body that I’ve always dreamed of. Yeah, I want that muscle dude look. It’s why I got into this.

I look at all these muscle guys you see everywhere (I’m not gay, believe me) and I thought to myself, “That’s what I want. I want to look like that one day.”


That’s it for the Johnny Depp vs. Heard trial for a while as it won’t pick back up until May 16th… the Heard testimony was entertaining as hell, though…

So I watched the last of the Heard testimony. I watched most of it, though. I was at the gym earlier today and then after the gym, I relaxed all afternoon listening to the Heard testimony.

The Heard testimony was entertaining as hell throughout, though. It was a freaking joke all the way through. There are people out there that actually believe this nutjob of a lady? Johnny and everyone else in the court room definitely needed a well deserved break to be away from this trainwreck of a lady for a while.

She just sat there blabbering and on and on and on for hours how Johnny is a monster and wife beater and she even went as far as accusing him of being a rapist too. Like what?

Accusing him of stupid shit like smashing a bottle but she can’t remember the drink of that bottle, all she said was “hard liquor”. She can’t remember the exact drink ’cause she made it up is why. Shoving bottle up her vagina and funny thing is she can’t remember if the bottle inside her was broken or not. She claims her vagina was bleeding and all that stuff? Where’s the proof of that? DNA evidence? Medical records?

All those pictures she showed today prove nothing either ’cause she could have set all that up to make it look like he did it.

Also, all the fake crying. You knew that was coming, right? She cried a lot to make herself look upset and “scared” but from what I saw, she spoke with no emotion really. Not a single “tear”. She goes from crying really hard to looking really “normal” real quick. That is some really bad acting.

Where is the proof of all that bullshit? Witnesses? Medical records? Amber seems to love recording video/audio of Johnny so much. Was there ever videos of Johnny beating her up??? The only video you saw of Johnny being a little “violent” was him slamming cabinets, pots and pans but so far, they had never showed a video physically hitting or being physically abusive to Amber at all. Not one.

I’m pretty confident that Johnny is gonna win this ’cause she has nothing. I think this drama will be all over before the end of this month, the verdict will be read sometime at the end of May. Johnny sued her for $50 million and Amber counter-sued him for $100 million. I think Johnny will win and the countersuit will get thrown out.

Again, I don’t care about celebrities and their problems but this is an important one ’cause “men being physically and verbally abused by women” is real and it’s a problem all over America. Domestic violence doesn’t have a gender as it goes both ways.


It’s hilarious seeing all these leftist women lose their shit over abortion… it’s all entertaining really… I stay out of these debates, though!

I’m a pro-lifer, 100%… totally against abortion and while it’s long overdue that Roe vs. Wade is being struck down by the US Supreme Court, I just love how leftist women losing their shit about it in social media. It’s like really? They’re getting so pissed off and going crazy. You don’t want to argue with them or you’ll get attacked and hated on.

The same leftist women that said “masks are safe” and tried to push the vaccine on you… the same women that said “my body, my choice” are now suddenly mad that abortion rights getting taken away from them?

Women are now showing their true colors, showing that they hate men even more. They’re in social media attacking and hating men like crazy. It’s funny to see. Another reason why I shouldn’t date a leftist female.

These leftist women call conservatives and Trump supporters racists but they are saying all kinds of racist things just because things don’t go their way.

I try to stay out of controversial things like this but it is funny seeing these leftist women get so mad. Better not talk to a leftist woman especially now. Now they understand the topic of “men and women” again. Now all of a sudden the topics of trans and non-binary don’t matter. What happened to that?

It’s all entertaining and funny to me. I just laugh at it all. I don’t get into these topics in social media ’cause I got better things to do and better things to worry about.

The Constitution, learn it, live it and love it.

Who ever leaked that document though is in a lot of trouble ’cause that’s a crime and should be held accountable.


There’s no way Johnny Depp is gonna lose the trial, he’s gonna win all the way!!!

I watched some of the testimony of that wacky Amber Heard psychologist, the stupid blonde lady who seems to be one-sided and it definitely seemed like she was hired to lie for Amber. There was a part where that Heard psychologist was going off about how Johnny is a monster and sexual predator and all that… talking all kinds of crap about Johnny’s problems. Then one of Johnny’s lawyers started getting onto her about only basing that information she got from Amber’s report and she got it from medical records. Then the lawyer asked the psychologist if he met Johnny Depp and talked to him about all that stuff and she admitted that she never met him at all. Never spoken to him directly.

This wacky psychologist or a shrink, acts like an “expert” and thinks she’s knows it all but never talked to Johnny face to face? If you think you know so much about someone then you talk to him about them but this whack job never did. It’s hilarious. There’s a big sign that Johnny is gonna win right there.

And I also listened to the Amber Heard testimony today and it’s hilarious to watch. She’s just rambles on and on and on about Johnny’s drug and alcohol addiction and how he’s an abuser and all that. Trying to make him look like a monster… but she’s just talking like with no emotion, ya know? Of course, here comes the crying part… she tries to make herself look angry and sad but there were no tears, though. She didn’t really seem upset at all… just her rehearsing her bad acting. She tries to show pics of her bruise on her arm which is clearly doctored and fake photos of Johnny’s cocaine.

I know Johnny’s gonna win. You don’t even have to watch the entire trial… even if you just watch it a little bit, you can immediately tell that Johnny’s gonna win all the way. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Even those on the trial that side with Amber, you can still tell Johnny is gonna win. They’re already having a tough time trying to prove that Johnny is the abuser.

I’m not worried about Johnny losing the trial and you shouldn’t either. He’s gonna kick ass! Amber’s testimony was comical to watch, though… I couldn’t see myself dating someone like that.


Dolly Parton is officially now in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, will be interesting to see how she responds to this one…

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of 2022 just announced today and of course, Dolly Parton made it in. Now we’ll see how she responds to this one as I’m sure she’ll put out a statement later today when she gets to it. She rejected the nomination but the Hall of Fame refused to take her out and kept her in. Now she’s an official Hall of Fame inductee. Now we’ll see if Dolly herself will be there to give her acceptance speech and announce whether or not she will perform at the ceremony. I can’t wait for her response to this one myself.

Anyway… Eminem doesn’t belong in there but it’s nice to see that Judas Priest finally in when they should have been in a long time ago. Same with Pat Benatar, she should have been in a long time ago too. I’m a fan of Lionel Richie believe it or not so he’s definitely worthy. I’m also glad that Eurythmics is finally in too ’cause I love them.

Now we’ll wait for Dolly’s response… will she accept or not? We’ll see. I hope she sticks to her guns. Hopefully she doesn’t flip.


Judge rejects Amber Heard’s motion to dismiss trial… interesting how she tries to stop trial just before it’s her turn to show her side of the case isn’t it???

I haven’t been listening to the Johnny Depp trial but I do try to watch some clips of it here and there and this one is interesting.

Earlier today, Amber’s lawyers tries to stop the trial just before it was Amber’s turn to show her side of the case but the Judge says, “Nope, the trial is going forward”. Why? Simply because the judge rejected 2 lawyer statements and kept 1 for later… also, there’s plenty of evidence showing that the trial can go forward.

So really that’s a big win for Depp. It isn’t over yet but it’s the right step in the right direction.

Now Amber’s side have to prove that she didn’t write the headline of that Wash Post op-ed… ’cause Rottenborn claims she didn’t write the headline and he claims Amber didn’t write the article to defame Depp. Not only that she have to prove that she didn’t write the headline of her article, she also have to prove how she didn’t defame him.

Yeah, Depp’s side accuses her of being the abuser and Amber’s side accuses him of being the abuser. Which side do you believe more? If you believe Amber more than you are dumb. Johnny is good at defending himself and he actually shows evidence backing things up and so far, Amber has nothing. Johnny is more believable.

So the trial continued earlier today with a few more witnesses, I think.

Then tomorrow it’s looking like Amber herself will testify. Ya know, it is interesting that Heard’s team tried to stop the trial just before it’s their turn to show their side of things especially when Amber is set to testify tomorrow. What are they afraid of? They know they are losing that’s why. They are afraid that they will show that they have no evidence of Johnny being a violent monster and all. Johnny is winning and they know it. More and more, it’s looking like that Johnny is gonna win the trial and today showed that.

I’m gonna try to listen to some of Amber testimony tomorrow. No doubt, she’ll lie her head off non stop and say a lot of things that piss you off. It’ll be interesting to hear her side of things.

Johnny is winning my respect more and more especially today.


“The Batman” sequel greenlighted w/ Matt Reeves returning to direct and Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz returning to star…

Well it was announced that “The Batman 2” has been officially greenlighted. Matt Reeves has been signed to return to direct and I’m sure he’ll help write the screenplay as well. Robert Pattinson is of course set to reprise his role as Batman/Bruce Wayne and Zoe Kravitz is set to return as Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

I’m sure other characters and actors from the first Batman movie will be returning as well. Yes, of course, I definitely think Colin Farrell will return as the Penguin once again. I’m sure Paul Dano will come back as Riddler probably. Andy Serkis as Alfred, Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon… they all will come back except for John Turturro as Carmine Falcone… he’s the only character that can’t come back but don’t want to give spoilers as to what happened to him.

What will the title be for the sequel? Will they just simply title it “The Batman 2”??? Or will they end up giving it a subtitle? I think they should give it a subtitle and not give it a number.

Now lets talk about some potential storylines and possible villains. I would like them to do something that they’ve never done before. They shouldn’t repeat storylines from the earlier Batman movies. For example, it be interesting if “The Batman 2” would do their own version of League of Assassins storyline like with Ra’s Al Ghul, Talia and the Lazarus Pit and all that stuff but that was already done in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy.

“The Batman 2” will probably start where the first one will leave off so obviously the Riddler and Penguin will return and I’m sure new villains will start appearing too. We could probably get Harvey Dent/Two Face again but the Two/Face character was already done in earlier movies, a couple of times actually. Maybe a Matt Reeves version of Two Face would be cooler and “scarier”, maybe he should give it a go, I don’t know.

I think the Joker should return, though… maybe not as a leading villain but as a smaller role or maybe as another cameo. I think they would bring back Barry Keoghan as the Joker again too but in what way? We’ll see.

There are plenty of other Batman villains from the comics and graphic novels that haven’t been used yet for the big screen, though…. villains like Clayface, Killer Croc, Deadshot, Deathstroke, Blackmask, Hush, Dr. Hugo Strange, The Court of Owls, etc.

As far as good guy characters, I’m sure we’ll get new names of those too…. maybe a new Robin will get introduced in the next one. Who knows. Maybe other Batman allies could introduced in the next movie like Barbara Gordon slowly becoming the Batgirl would be cool and maybe bringing in Azrael would be kind of cool too.

If they were to do a new Robin then it should be someone like Damien and that way they could finally introduce Nightwing. Imagine Matt Reeves doing a Nightwing character?

If they were to do the Court of Owls story then the Joker may have to be brought back ’cause he was an important part of that story. I read the graphic novel.

“The Batman 2” will probably follow the same format as the first one. It’ll be a detective story that will have the feeling of a gangster movie. I think it’ll be a whole new trilogy.

We’ll see what the story and the villains will be. I bet the next one will probably be about Mr. Freeze ’cause Matt Reeves already said he liked the Mr. Freeze story so don’t be surprised they could do Freeze again and I’ll have to say a Reeves version of Freeze would be awesome. It could end up being the Court of Owls instead, though. We’ll see.

They haven’t started the script yet but I’m sure Matt and Robert are already talking about ideas. I can’t wait for “The Batman 2” as I fucking LOVED the first one.


Why Johnny Depp is an inspiration during defamation trial against Amber Heard… a few reasons I can think of…

Man, Johnny Depp is getting my respect more and more. He is all done testifying in his trial against Amber Heard. I haven’t watched his final testimony yet but I’m gonna get around to it this weekend.

I must say that Johnny Depp is a huge inspiration throughout all this. Why? I can think of a few reasons why…

  1. Even though Johnny have to be forced to listen and see so much bullshit, negativity and drama that so many would be scared to put up with, Johnny stays strong and continues to smile throughout it all. He’s not letting the bullshit bring him down and not letting his past haunt him. This is what a strong and brave man looks like.
  2. Johnny is an inspiration ’cause he’s not afraid of the truth, no matter how hard and brutal it gets. He the type of guy that will tell the truth even though it may hurt others, he’s gonna say it anyway. Johnny is an honest man who is not afraid to be “real” about everything. He sticks to his guns and he means well.
  3. He’s waking more people up and bringing more attention to the fact there really are toxic, mean, short tempered and abusive women out there. Men becoming victims of domestic violence by women is real and it happens. Even if women aren’t physically abusive to men, they can also be verbally abusive too. Women can also be such bullies to men.

I’ve never been beaten or punched by another women in my life but I have dealt with psycho and obsessive women before, it’s definitely no fun at all. I won’t go into details. I’ve also seen some great men whose lives were destroyed because of the bad women they were with.

I’m beginning to think that maybe it is actually kind of good to remain single and stay alone to avoid women like Amber Heard, ya know? Yeah, many women out there may be beautiful, hot and gorgeous but that doesn’t mean she’s gonna be nice. There are lots of beautiful and hot women with all kinds of issues and problems and sorry to say, many of them can be very “bitchy” too. I know some are gonna come around and call me a hateful “misogynist” but the Johnny Depp trial is making it okay to call toxic women out.

It is finally time to stop letting women getting away with their shit. Yeah, yeah, I know not all women are “bitchy” and yes, there are good ones out there. If I were to get a girlfriend and lover in my life and don’t get me wrong, I still hope for that, I’m just gonna choose my partner very “wisely” and be careful.

I think Johnny is teaching all men out there a pretty good lesson. Never being afraid of the truth and never let negative stuff bring you down.

Sure, Johnny has done and said some bad things in his life and he admitted that during the trial but we are all human are we? We all make mistakes in life.

Johnny’s been winning my respect more and more so for that, I’m gonna buy Hollywood Vampire’s music real soon and planning to start collecting Johnny Depp movies on BluRay. I’ve always been a fan of his, though. I definitely grew up watching his films over the years.

I think he’s definitely gonna win the trial, Amber is done.


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