Is it getting less and less fun vlogging for the internet? Damn Record labels, they always want to ruin the fun for everyone!

First music lovers were getting sued left and right for illegal downloading, file sharing and all that stuff… and now the legal bullshit doesn’t stop there.

Youtubers, FB vloggers and things like that want to post their video blogs. Ya know, they want to film themselves walking around out in public talking to the camera and stuff. People want to post that stuff for fun but these copyright pings keep hitting on people. Yeah it’s ’cause there’s a song playing in the background that is owned by a record label and it’s fucking bullshit if you ask me.

There’s nothing you can do about removing a song in the background but you get copyright pinged/flagged anyways. It’s not social media’s fault, it’s all the fucking evil record labels. You want to post a vlog of yourself walking around and you want to post your lifting videos at the gym but you get copyright pinged. Musicians want to cover songs by their favorite bands & artists but again, copyright pings affects them too sadly.

It’s all a shame. I stopped posting vlogs at youtube ’cause of the strict rules and now “advertisements” being played during videos. Vlogging used to be fun for everyone but not so much anymore. Many youtubers quit youtube for that reason ’cause we’ve had it with all this.

We just want to share cool and interesting content with the world but the major record labels just want to ruin everything for us. It’s frustrating that when you post a video and it gets pinged automatically ’cause of a copyrighted song on it. We’re all tired of it.

I love vlogging myself but as stated above, all the legal stuff ruining the fun for everything. Getting ridiculous for sure.


Nicolas Cage is a way better actor now than he was years ago… really, you should start watching his newer films…

I’ve been watching so many Nicolas Cage movies a lot lately. Not sure why, I guess I just like the guy’s acting style. He’s different than other actors out there. Yeah, Nic Cage used to be made fun of all the time ’cause of his “horrible” acting but is he horrible? Admittedly, in the old days Nic wasn’t that great, I’ll confess it but now that the guy doesn’t do big budget movies anymore, he’s a way better actor now. I think he improved as he got older.

Nic is now 57 years old and he has starred in over 100 movies over the years. Wow. That’s the one thing the haters will never admit. He’s one of the most prolific actors you’ll ever see. He’s a workhorse, no doubt. I read in an interview with him that the reason he works all the time, non stop ’cause if he’s not working and doesn’t have a job, “he’ll self destruct”. Meaning that he’ll go crazy if he’s not doing anything. That’s why he does one film after another. He’s done every genre too from comedy, serious dramas, thrillers, action movies and even horror.

He’s done so many great movies over the years but all those low budget B-movies he’s doing lately is really good stuff… movies like “Mandy”, “Mom and Dad”, “Colour Out of Space”, “Primal”, “The Trust”, “Dog Eat Dog”, “Grand Isle”, “Score to Settle”, “Running with the Devil”, “Joe”, etc.

I just watched his latest, “Jiu Jitsu” on Netflix in which he stars with Frank Grillo… an action sci-fi movie. Really cheesy flick but entertaining as hell.

Nic is killing it lately. If what Nic Cage movies to start off with when it comes to his newer stuff… you should check out “Mandy”, “Grande Isle” and maybe “Colour Out of Space” too. “Jiu Jitsu” is also recommended.

Will Nic ever take a long break from acting and retire one day? No. He’ll probably keep going until he can’t do it anymore.

Most celebrities and actors are awful people but there are a few good ones left and Nic is one of them. I have no problem with him.

People like to make fun of Nic and bash his acting a lot but I don’t understand why. Yeah, not all of his movies are that great…. he’s got some stinkers for sure but he can be really good in some of them like “Mandy”… that’s one of his best roles right there. He was also really good in “Leaving Las Vegas” in which he won an Oscar for. He’s not bad like so many people try to make him out to be. He’s gotten way better at picking films, though I’ll you that. I’m a huge fan of his.


It’s real scary that people continue to pass off like vaccines are a good thing and continues to claim they protect you…

This has been a problem for years… people passing off vaccines like they are a good thing. Continuing to make claims that sticking a needle in you is what everyone needs. Yup, you gotta take a vaccine to make yourself and others safe. Forcing you to take a vaccine, not knowing what’s in it.

They tried to force the flu vaccine on us and since that isn’t working, they are trying something else. Nobody cares about the flu anymore, remember that? It suddenly disappears like magic. It probably gets some thinking these virus’s like the flu, covid, etc. are all probably man-made… virus’s created by people. The flu is suddenly gone and say hello to covid.

The vaccine and needles isn’t for everyone. You need to think about that. People have died taking the vaccine in the past and under covid, people continue to die taking the covid vaccine too. People get sick taking needles as well… vaccines and needles aren’t safe for everyone.

I’ll never forget the day when I was at the doctor’s office one day, the doctor was trying to get me to take the flu vaccine and I said no at first and he immediately got defensive and talked me into it.

What is it with this country’s obsession with vaccines? With that being said, I don’t trust vaccines myself. I’ll probably never take the covid vaccine myself. If NY State forces you to get the vaccine and will only allow you in businesses if you have 100% proof that your fully vaccinated, I still won’t do it. Not under a Biden vaccine, no freakin’ way. If I’m not allowed in businesses ’cause I’m not vaccinated so be it. I can find other ways to live life and be happy my own way.

Remember that? How about living life the way we want to? That’s what the CDC, the Media and Democrats are trying to do. Take your freedoms away. They don’t want you to live your life the way you want to. That’s the reason for all this control and bullying.

It is not healthy to live in fear all the time and we’re tired of it. The world has gone completely insane for sure.


All Covid-19 is just another way for them to force another vaccine on us… Period???

They already forced the flu vaccine on us years ago and now they’re about to force another vaccine on us… the covid-19 vaccine. Not only that the media and Democrat governors are doing all this mask mandate, social distancing, small capacity crowds and all this garbage control to try to destroy the economy, the control goes much deeper than that.

They’re already starting to look into opening up the country but only if we’re all fully vaccinated? I’m confused by this covid-19 vaccination. How many needles do we fucking need to be fully vaccinated? Isn’t one is enough? This is is all getting very scary.

Once the country does open up… opening all businesses with full capacity crowds and all that, don’t be surprised they won’t let us in only if we’re fully vaccinated. Which is fucking bullshit. They claim to say that it’s all up to us if we want to get fully vaccinated but you know they’ll force us all to do it sometime down the road. You know it’s coming.

This is all getting crazier and very scary. The control and bullying by Fauci, the CDC and Democrats are getting much worse. Why all this when Covid-19 can be easily recoverable? What they’re not telling you is that recovery rates are pretty high in this country. The country should have been fully opened a long time ago for that reason but nope. Of course, the control and bullying continues and gets a lot worse. The media and Democrats keeping us in fear still. What happened to 14 days to slow the spread? More like a little over a fucking year now!

They keep it going ’cause they know how easily we’re controlled and how easy we comply to everything. They know how naive we all really are.

How much longer for these freakin’ masks? I’m so fucking tired of the masks already. None of this shit works… the masks, social distancing, small capacity… etc…. ’cause virus’s go where they want to go. Anybody can get sick with a virus even with a mask on.

And it’s also interesting that the virus rates are going down in NY with Andrew Cuomo being in so much trouble now, hey? Kind of makes you think and now he’s interested in opening up the state all of a sudden. That one makes you kind of go hmmmm….

Can you see how easy it is for Democrats and the media to control our lives just like that? Nope. We still have too many dumb people brainwashed by them.

People want to go back to their normal lives. We can’t live like this forever. Yeah, I’m anti-lockdown and anti-mask. Don’t give a shit if you’re offended.

People want to go back to work. Bands & musicians want to go back out there playing. Sports people want to continue to play sports and people want to go back to school. This is what America is all about, freedom to do all of these things and it’s amazing how many people out there that can’t understand that the media and Democrats can take it all away from us.

The craziness continues. Uggghhhhh when will it all end.


Is this getting sent to social media jail thing getting out of hand? Yes, it’s becoming a problem with all platforms, sad really…

This never been a real problem until now… ya know, getting sent to social media jail… getting your social media accounts banned/suspended/locked out or whatever. Social media used to be all for “free speech” until now. What happened?

You would come around think, “You think it’s only happening to the right wing community”… no, censorship is happening for the left too but yeah, no doubt about it… the right wing/conservative side got the censorship the worse. Not only getting sent to jail is a huge problem… censorship is worse with all these fact checkers ’cause they feel that the things we post is too right wing. Things from the mainstream media is accepted on FB and anything outside of the mainstream media is fact checked? Really?

I got locked out of twitter ’cause I used the word “cunt” in a tweet and twitter didn’t like that, I guess. I haven’t gotten kicked off of FB yet but if it happened, I wouldn’t care. FB is a waste and a cesspool anyways. Twitter is just as bad. Instagram and youtube both sucks too.

This is why sites like Parler and Rumble video got popular. Think about it, ya know? It’s because of all this censorship going on of social media giants.

The question is why is this all happening? I don’t know. I think it’s just more powerful people wanting more control and dominance over real people like us. Kind of like how Fauci and the CDC are controlling us over Covid, same thing. We’re being bullied and controlled by people more powerful than us.

Some of you would think, if you follow the TOS of social media then none of this would be happening. Um no, most of us aren’t stupid. We know how to behave quite well and we do know the rules. It’s just that these social media giants just make up the rules as they go along. Even we post things that aren’t against the TOS, and there’s nothing 100% wrong with the post or comment, we get banned anyways.

I’m sure plenty of right-wingers post plenty of things and they get banned ’cause it’s too right wing, not because of the TOS. It’s happening more and more and it’s disgusting. We all deserve our freedom of speech no matter which side.

It is all getting ridiculous though and it’s gotta stop. We really are in Orwellian times now like they all say… really sad. Trump tried his best to fight social media censorship but failed… expect it all to get worse under Biden, though.


It’s Disgusting that the music industry still dominated by pop, Rap and Country that don’t sound like country… But Rock & metal Is Still alive and well…

Well it’s nice to see that people in America are fed up about how this country is still dominated by pop, rap and country that don’t sound like country. What do I mean by country that don’t sound like country? Well today’s country don’t sound like the way country sounds like anymore. If you want good examples of what “true” country sounds like listen to stuff like Hank Williams Sr., Patsy Cline, earlier Johnny Cash, earlier Dolly Parton, George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Waylon Jennings, etc. If you want music that sounds like real country you also listen to stuff like Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, Reba, Randy Travis, Clint Black, Hal Ketchum, etc.

Those are country singers that sings with a real southern accent and there’s table slide guitar in the background with light acoustic playing. They have songs with a deep meaning and all that stuff.

Today’s country don’t sound like that anymore, really. It’s sounding more and more like pop music than country than anything and I’m noticing that real country fans are fed up with it all too. Examples of country artists that don’t sound like country are artists like the Rascall Flatts and Florida Georgia Line, The Band Perry, blech… not my cup of tea.

As for pop and rap music, that is still dominated in the industry too and we’re fed up with it all. Lefties are such hypocrites when they campaign for women being sexualized when sexualized women is all over the pop music industry with artists such as Madonna, Cardi B, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce sexualizing themselves by shaking their booty, showing off their cleavages and all that crap.

Plus the songwriting in pop music is getting horrible too. They don’t make pop music like they used to anymore… I miss the old days when pop music used to be great. You want to hear great pop music listen to stuff like the Bangles, old Pat Benatar, Bananarama, Berlin, Paula Abdul, Blondie, The B52’s, earlier Stevie Wonder, earlier Elton John, Marvin Gaye, Berry White, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Prince, David Bowie, Tina Turner, Hall and Oates, etc. I can go on.

Nowadays pop music is all electronic music… stuff that you would hear in a nightclub. That dance bass thumping techno kind of stuff. We’re pretty fed up of that stuff taking over the music industry all the time.

As for rap music, that genre is getting worse too… keep in mind that I don’t hate all rap music… rap music in the 80’s and 90’s were really good stuff but there’s no good rap music anymore either.

The thing is a lot of us want rock & metal to come back to the mainstream. It’s trying. Rock music does top the Billboard charts sometimes but not as much as it used to in the old days. The Billboard charts is still dominated by pop, rap and country that don’t sound like country.

Don’t let it fool ya… rock and metal is still alive and well. There’s still plenty of rock and metal out there… it’s just that rock and metal is no longer mainstream anymore like it used to be. We all do want rock and metal back in the mainstream and those genres deserve another comeback for sure.

People are waking up about this finally ’cause of award shows like the Grammy’s and the MTV VMA’s and shit like that. All these pop stars getting themselves rich by shaking their booty, twerking and singing songs about their private parts. Uggghhh, what has the world come to?

We just want great music back. We had great music in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s but in the 2000’s… the music industry has all gone to shit. What happened? LOL…

Don’t get me wrong, I love all sorts of music even pop, rap and country (some of it) but I want a rock comeback myself. It may take a long time but I think it’ll happen. We’ll get a rock & metal comeback real soon. The genres are still alive, don’t let it all fool you.

I’m glad to finally see people discussing this, it’s awesome. Keep it going. We need kids in America listening to real music… like listen to bands that play real instruments and not listening to fake artists that lip syncs on your TV.


The Home of Ruben Flores being searched by police today, to find remains of missing girl, Kristin Smart… thinking of Jaliek Rainwalker again…

A 19 year old girl, Kristin Smart disappeared years ago way back in 1996 and a guy named Paul Flores is a long time “person of interest” who has now been named “prime Suspect” in her disappearance. Now police dug up a search warrant to do a long overdue search at the parents of Paul Flores’s home in hopes of finding Kristin Smart’s remains. Why would they want to find Kristin’s remains at Paul’s parents home? Well, it’s looking more and more likely that Paul’s parents could be protecting their son and helping to cover up the murder of Kristin to keep him out of prison. It’s been suspected for years that she’s been buried in the backyard of their home.

Paul Flores is being pointed out ’cause he was the last person to see her alive, he helped her to her dorm room after a party.

If you want to learn more about the Kristin Smart case, listen to the Chris Lambert podcast about this case titled “Your Own Backyard” or something like that.

It’s a pretty serious search. They’re using cadaver dogs and ground penetrating radars, everything. They got the whole property yellow taped.

This could take several days or all week to search the entire property from top to bottom ’cause as you can see it’s kind of a big property. If she’s not there, then they are hiding something. If the search ends up into another dead end, then they probably moved her remains somewhere else. Like most, I’m hoping she’s there and she’s probably in the backyard like many speculated and theorized. I’ve got that hunch myself that she’s probably there.

I’m looking at the image of the home and she could be anywhere there and I’m pointing my fingers on that cement on the ground behind that garage. If she’s under that cement in the backyard it could take forever to dig her out. It won’t be easy to get skeletal remains out of there. They have to be careful not to break the bones and not get fingerprints on anything. If they find a skeleton there, it could take days to identify her to make sure it’s really her and stuff.

I’m praying this is the end of it like most. I’m pretty sure Paul and his parents are nervous as hell right now, I’m sure. Well Paul’s day is coming.

It doesn’t matter how long ago a person’s disappearance was… we can’t just move on and forget it… they all deserve their justices, they all deserve closure.

The same thing for Jaliek Rainwalker. Of course, I immediately thought of him when this news of Kristin Smart got out there today. This is what I want done for Jaliek. The Hill St. home of Jaliek in Greenwich has been searched before but I want a much deeper search there with cadaver dogs and ground penetrating radar, everything. Hopefully the same will happen with Jaliek real soon and that’s what we’re all hoping for.

You should listen to the “Your Own Backyard” podcast, it’s good stuff. Lets hope they find something there this week. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this news.


Is this “I’m oFfended” Crap getting out of hand? Yes, who cares if you’re offended, nobody gives a shit…

First Gina Carano, then Mr. Potato Head, then Dr. Suess and now Pepe Lepew… I’m sure lefties will find something to cancel. All this leftist “cancel” stuff is getting out of hand and I’m tired of it. I believe that is the goal of the liberal left is that they want to pussify America. All this “cancel” stuff has been a problem for years like when Roseanne Barr got fired off her own show for making a joke of the “Planet of the Apes” movie to a leftist politician.

I think “getting offended” is stupid. I’m never offended at anything, really I’m not. I never get offended at anything ’cause “I’m offended” is for the weak.

The left have no right to say that they’re offended at some things when they do and say the most offensive shit themselves. Cardi B drops the “Wet Ass Pussy” song and she not cancelled. Kathy Griffin does the severed Donald Trump head and she gets a pass for that. I can go on and on about the leftist double standard.

Conservatives get banned off of social media but lefties don’t get any social media jail time for cyberbullying Trump supporters and conservatives. It’s all messed up.

Gina Carano gets fired off “The Mandalorian” just for having some opinions on things but rapper Chris Brown still has a music career after beating up Rihanna.

The left needs to go away and shut up.

We really are in an era where “everyone gets offended at everything” nowadays. We gotta watch what we say every time we open our mouths and I’m tired of it. No matter what you say, good or bad someone will always get offended at something.

It’s all bullshit really. Crazy as hell world we live in. Ugggghh, it’s safe to say now that people fucking suck… there I said it.


5 reasons why Vinyl is special!

So vinyl has made a huge comeback just recently and it’s getting even more and more popular. It’s crazy. Why is that you may ask? Well I’m about to explain 5 reasons why people love vinyl.

As you see in the post above from my Instagram, I got three vinyls dropped off yesterday. Samantha Fish, Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead. Can’t play ’em yet ’cause I need a replacement needle. Ordered that too which will be here next week.

Anyhow here are the 5 reasons why people love vinyl and why it’s special:

  • Better sound quality: Yes, people love vinyl ’cause they really do sound way better than CD and digital. You can hear all the instruments better and especially the bass. Love hearing the bass loud & clear and the drums are louder too. You can hear music better on them too.
  • You get to have the album cover and art work: In digital platforms you can’t really have the cover. We want the physical album cover with album artwork and vinyl sleeve and all that stuff ’cause it’s all cool.
  • It’s the best way to have a music library: On vinyl, you get to own the album yourself. It’s yours completely and it’s a great experience to collect all the albums you want by your favorite bands & artists. It’s about the buying and collecting experience.
  • It’s the best way to support the band & artist: Sure vinyl is more pricier but it’s the best way to support the band & artist you like. Forget online streaming, forget buying the CD, forget Itunes… get the damn album on vinyl.
  • It’s a learning experience: It really is if you think about it. Your tastes in music will improve and get better. You can learn more about your favorite band & artists just buying their albums on vinyl.

My vinyl collection is really small for now but looking to build it up. Vinyl is cool and proud to be getting into it finally.


Cobra Kai: How is that Ralph Macchio Never Ages???

I’ve finally started getting around to watching “Cobra Kai”, now that it’s on Netflix. I’ve watched Seasons 1 & 2…. gonna catch up with Season 3 later this week.

I must say it’s a very good show. I’m very surprised with it. Really good writing, acting and directing too. Not bad for a show that’s only a half hour long for each episodes which is only 10 episodes for each season. This show is extremely popular and it’s creating a buzz for sure. Ya know, I’ve been wanting to watch it though since it was announced but I wasn’t gonna subscribe to Youtube Red just to watch it… now it’s on Netflix, I thought I would finally start.

One thing I’ve noticed though is that while this is a continuation of the Karate Kid trilogy, I’m blown away about how all the characters are being played by the same people… but most of the cast has aged pretty badly. They all look way different now. Well, William Zabka who plays Johnny kind of looks the same a little bit but he looks way older now. The rest of the cast looks way different except for Ralph Macchio.

Ralph still looks like he’s 20 years old and his speaking voice is still the same too. Some may say plastic surgery, hair dye and bad genes but I don’t think so. Ralph just aged really well… he just knew how to take care of himself over the years. If you take care of yourself, you’ll look great when you get older. Ralph is 59 but he doesn’t look it at all. He still looks and sounds young which is great.

Ralph Macchio is still a great actor, though. He can still play Daniel Laruso really well even after all these years.

Some of you may ask where has Ralph been? Well, he quit acting in major leading roles and just been doing small cameos in films and doing other projects. He stopped doing leading roles in films to start a family and things like that. Now he’s out of acting retirement. I remember he had other great roles than “The Karate Kid”… he was great in “The Outsiders” and “My Cousin Vinny”. Also the movie “Crossroads” in which guitarist Steve Vai had a role in. You didn’t hear much from Ralph after those films.

Well in this new “Cobra Kai” series this is Ralph telling you all that he hasn’t really gone away.

I’m hoping that when this show is all done that Ralph will go back to leading roles in movies again. Maybe he will never say never.

“Cobra Kai” is an amazing show, though and it’s definitely the best show on television right now. The show is addicting and entertaining as hell. Makes me want re-watch the Karate Kid trilogy again.


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