Conservatives slam those for defending Tomi Lahren… proves my point that conservatives are becoming more “intolerant”…

So two popular youtubers: Mark Dice and the Doctor of Common Sense made youtube videos siding with Tomi Lahren and railing against Glenn Beck. So I’m not alone what Glenn Beck did to Tomi was unfair and wrong. If you read the comments in those two videos you can see a lot of “pro-life” activists slamming those two youtubers just for defending Tomi.

Conservatives really are becoming intolerant to those that disagree with them. For many years the “right-wing” community have been begging the left become more tolerant to them but now the “right-wing” community are becoming intolerant to those in their own group.

Those so-called conservatives, they get all over those for defending Tomi. They railed against her for coming out as “pro-choice” and they also go after conservatives who stands with her.

So which side in the conservative community is the true “conservative”? One side that believes in “freedom of speech” or the other side who ignores “freedom of speech” and just follows the party line 100%??? I believe the true conservative believes in the Constitution 100% so therefor, this conservative got to believe in the 1st amendment so if you don’t believe in the 1st amendment and just stick with the party line, you’re not a true conservative. So the one who respects others opinions even if you don’t agree with them is the true conservative. For all those so-called “conservatives” who goes after those that disagrees with them is no real conservative. They are starting to look like those intolerant liberals.

I guess I do consider myself a “conservative” still but I’m a real conservative since I’ve always believed in “freedom of speech” and always stood up for it for years. What are we doing censoring those in our own group? That’s not conservatism.

I think the only reason Tomi has been attacked like this ’cause she’s a woman and she’s young. There are plenty of conservatives out there who have a liberal view or two, who cares? It’s not a big deal.

I don’t care what people say… I stand with Tomi. She has the right to say what she wants just like we all do. I thought this was America? I don’t agree with abortion but it’s her right to believe what she wants.

The Mark Dice video went private so I posted a few tweets of his instead.


WWE fires Hulk Hogan due to sex tape leak but does nothing to Paige… double standard???

So let me get this straight… WWE legend Hulk Hogan was fired from WWE, yanked from the Hall of Fame and WWE websites but so far WWE hasn’t done anything to Paige and other victims of WWE Divas getting sex tapes leaks? WTF? Double standard?

Why is it okay for women to have sex tapes and nude pics but when a man has that stuff, everybody’s outraged and people have a hissyfit?

Crazy I tell ya. Bring Hogan back to WWE and get him back in Hall of Fame if WWE continues to stay silent on Paige.


Wrestlemania 33… winner predictions…

So Wrestlemania 33 is coming up in a couple of weeks and yes, I’ll be watching it definitely and here are my winner predictions for the card…


Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship: Bray Wyatt is currently WWE championship and I think Bray Wyatt would win and retain the title with some outside interference possibly by Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. Bray Wyatt just won the WWE title at the last Elimination Chamber ppv and it would be unfair if Bray lost it. Bray retaining the title would help him become a monster main eventer for a long while. I don’t really want to see the belt back on Randy Orton again. Time to give someone else a chance for the spotlight.

Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship: Goldberg is now the Universal Champion and I think Lesnar will get the win ’cause this could be Goldberg’s last match. I have a feeling that this match will be a pretty quick one ’cause all Goldberg matches are usually quick. Lesnar winning the Universal champion from Goldberg will be Lesnar’s revenge. WWE needs to build Lesnar back up to a monster again ’cause they’ve been making Lesnar look weak for a while so I think Lesnar will win this one for sure.

The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns: Honestly this is the match that I look forward to the most ’cause I’m a huge fan of the Undertaker. Who doesn’t like the Undertaker, ya know? His matches are always exciting! I think this match will be exciting too. I would like Undertaker to win this one but I have a feeling that Roman Reigns will probably get the win with some possibly outside interference by Braun Stroman. He could interfere anytime. I wouldn’t be surprised that Roman would get the win ’cause WWE has been so high on Roman for a long while now. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Roman Reigns though and thinks he’s a badass. Roman might get the win ’cause this could be Undertaker’s final WM match. There’s a lot of talk that ‘Taker maybe on his way to retirement soon. It’ll be awesome if ‘Taker wins, though.

Shane McMahon vs. Aj Styles: I think this is another match I look forward to. Should be another exciting match. There will definitely be a lot of high flying for sure. I think AJ Styles will get the win easy.

Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens for United States Championship: Another match I look most forward to as I think this will be a good one. I think Jericho will win and will retain the title ’cause WWE has been making Jericho look weak for the past month or so. This will be Jericho’s chance to get on top again. It would be an awesome way for Jericho to get his revenge since Owens betrayed his friendship.

Dean Ambrose vs. Baron Corbin for the IC Title: I think Baron Corbin will get the win here. Corbin is awesome and it’ll be a nice buildup if he won the IC title from Ambrose. Corbin is a pretty new guy and WWE seems to be giving the new guys the spotlight a lot.

John Cena & Nikki Bella vs. The Miz & Maryse: Cena and Nikki will win easily. Of course Cena will win ’cause he has won pretty much every Wrestlemania so far.

Bayley vs. Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax for Women’s title: I think the WWE will shock the wrestling world and let Bayley retain. She’s like a female version of John Cena and I think she’s going to keep the women’s title for a long while. I think Bayley will win this one for sure. I really like her too.

Alexa Bliss vs. Carmella vs. Natalya vs. Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James… WWE Women’s Smackdown championship: I haven’t been watching a lot of Smackdown but I think Mickie James would probably win this one. She just returned in the WWE after a long hiatus and I think another title run is up for her.

Neville vs. Austin Aries for the Cruiserweight title: I predict Austin Aries will take the title from Neville ’cause WWE has been pretty high on Austin Aries as of late.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. Enzo & Big Cass vs. Cesaro & Sheamus for WWE RAW Tag Title: I think WWE will surprise fans and give Enzo & Big Cass the win. Cesaro & Sheamus just had the titles not too long ago.

Andre the Giant Battle Royal: I predict Apollo Crews will get the win.

Triple H vs. Seth Rollins: No doubt Triple H is gonna win this one. It’s gonna be game over for Seth Rollins. When Seth wants to call out Triple H, you mess with the wrong guy. Wrestlemania has always been Triple H’s yard, so watch out Seth!

Damn. That’s a lot of matches. It’s probably gonna be a 4 hour ppv but I’m sure a lot of these matches are going to be real quick so they can give more time for the big main events. The main event matches will probably be the longest. Goldberg vs. Lesnar will be quick. I think Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns will be the long one and so will Triple H vs. Seth Rollins.

Hope it’s a good Wrestlemania ’cause honestly, I’m not so thrilled with this card. Only looking forward to like three or four matches this year.






The media can’t force me to respect Democratic politicians and get me to hate GOP people… respect is earned, not begged for…

We understand what the corrupted, dishonest and lying MSM is trying to do. They’re trying to get people to respect Democratic/liberal politicians and trying to get us to hate GOP/Republicans/conservatives. They’ve been doing this for over a decade and it’s old and tiresome for sure. The MSM thinks we’re stupid but we’re not really. The media will do all they can to make Democrat people look good when they are not really and they will make GOP/conservative people look bad when they are not.

Sure, don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of GOP/conservative people I don’t like but the media needs to let us decide that. The media likes to treat their opinions as “fact” when none of us are buying it at all.

Media makes lies about people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders so they can make them look good which they were somewhat successful at. They got liberals and some independent voters to actually like them when they shouldn’t be trusted and not to be believing in. That’s the kind of audience the MSM likes to target… they like to target the gullible, they like to target an audience who are dumb and not smart. That’s why the media lies & deceives you. They still brainwash a lot of people and they do this hoping to win elections.

I’m not going to let the media control me and not going to let them control how I think either. That’s why we all voted for Donald Trump in office ’cause we weren’t gonna allow the media to control us and deceive us like they do. Us voting in Donald Trump is just our way of saying “Fuck You” to the media. Like Michael Moore said, “Donald Trump winning election would be the biggest fuck you in history” which he was so right on.

Don’t get bullied and don’t get controlled by the media. Stay true to yourself and stick to your guns. There are still people who takes the media seriously and don’t let them bring you down either. That’s why you got to speak for yourself and don’t speak for others. Don’t speak for your friends and family. Don’t speak for liberals or conservatives. Only speak for you. Only make your own opinions and beliefs and stick with ’em. That’s been my attitude from day 1. Media is never gonna control how I think.

If I want to like people such as Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent, Tomi Lahren, etc. I will. I don’t give a crap what others think ’cause I’ll think how I want to think. As far as Democrat people goes, they have to earn our respect ’cause as of right now they are the most despised people in America. Democrats are corrupt to the core and it’s amazing how some still can’t see that. They have to earn our respect if they want it. Liberals lost the election this time for a pretty good reason.

The media really sucks ass and it’s sad that some people still continue to believe them.


5 reasons why I’ve been fed up with conservative community, think I’m done… I’ll think independently from now on…

I know the conservative community has been driving me up the wall lately. They’re becoming just as bad as liberals. Getting right up there I would say. For a while now, I’ve been thinking about turning my back on the conservative community and just think independently but with this whole thing going on with Tomi Lahren, I think that’s the final straw. After some conservatives not allowing Tomi to have her own opinion, I think I will think independently from now on.

What are 5 reasons to be disgusted with the conservative community as of late? For the past year, conservatives has been disappointing lately. Here are 5 reasons why:

  • Many conservatives were anti-Trump throughout the primary election: The conservative party has been divided for this reason. Conservative presidential candidates like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and maybe a few others were anti-Trump for a while. They bashed Trump for a little bit during the primary election until they all finally decided to support him after election was over. Since those guys were anti-Trump, it got some conservatives in America to get on the Trump hating bandwagon.
  • Many conservatives support Ted Cruz which is someone they shouldn’t be trusting and can’t be believing in: Ted Cruz is a lying & corrupted snake. Always has been and continues to be. Even though Ted seems to be on the Trump Train, I still don’t trust the guy. I think he secretly hates Trump still. The conservative party has gotten so divided ’cause of him. Before Ted got on the Trump Train, he was weak on illegal immigration and was too friendly with Islam. I’ll never trust Lyin’ Ted and you shouldn’t either.
  • Many conservatives stood with Milo Yiannopoulos after his pedophilia comments: What Milo said wasn’t cool and I had his back until then. I had to stop supporting him and it’s a shame to see that many still do.
  • Many conservatives who supported Donald Trump and voted him in office seems to be bashing him in social networking now: I’ve been seeing this a lot on twitter now for some reason. After all that time they supported him and voted him in office, they wanna bash him now after getting sworn in? Some conservatives has been bashing his policies and him not doing enough to jail corrupted people in government. Things like that. Support our president you dumbasses, you’re starting to sound like those whiny liberals.
  • Many conservatives starting to be intolerant of other conservatives,  those who have a different opinion: Some conservatives who condemned Milo’s pedophilia comments and bashed him for it are starting to get called out by other conservatives. Some conservatives being intolerant to Tomi Lahren, not letting her having her opinion on being “pro-choice”.What is going on here? I thought the conservative community were “free speech” activists but apparently not! Sad!

Some maybe surprised that I’ve been bashing conservatives lately but it’s nothing new, I’ve been bashing ’em for a long time. I’m not on one side at all even though I’ve been accused of that many times.




Eric Clapton still rocks on the stage at 70 years old and he still looks great too!!!

Eric Clapton played a gig at the Madison Square Garden last night. At 70 years old, he still kills it which is no surprise really. He still plays guitar great and sings great too. I know he hasn’t played live in a long while but it looks like Eric is slowing down on the touring. Looking at his website, he’s got a small tour in the US and then he’ll be headed to the UK in May for the Royal Albert Hall gigs. Then he’s back at MSG and the Forum in Los Angeles in Sept.

Eric no longer tours heavily like he used to… probably because of his age but like I said, he still kills it on the stage and still plays great. From last night’s MSG show, Eric played most of his greatest hits. Here are three of my favorite songs of his in the videos above.

A lot of people don’t like Eric Clapton and think he’s overrated but I don’t think so. He’s a phenomenal singer and guitarist. Loved everything he has done over the year: Cream, Derek & The Dominoes, his solo career, etc. Clapton is a fuckin’ genius. Always loved his music.

All the Clapton haters will never admit that he’s an important music artist in rock n’ roll & blues. We all play the guitar because of him too. Admit it, right?


So conservatives have a bit of an “intolerance” problem too even in their own group…

I just don’t get it. Those die-hard conservatives always call for liberals to be more tolerant toward them but they seem to get all pissed off when conservatives in their own community have a different opinion than them. Tolerant conservatives? Please. I’m seeing a lot of conservatives through facebook and twitter shitting on Tomi like mad only because she came out as “Pro-Choice”. Like I said in the previous post about this, I’m “pro-life” but if she wants to be “Pro-Choice” that’s her prerogative. Once again I thought those conservatives were “free speech” advocates? Apparently not!

Tomi has just been suspended by Glenn Beck from her online web show at the Blaze:

Sounds to me that Glenn Beck is afraid to lose some viewers if he kept her on which is pretty funny — Glenn Beck a guy who is not really a conservative himself. Glenn Beck a fraud who defended Barack Obama a lot (remember he once said Obama made Beck a better man?) and a fraud who is also anti-Trump. Beck also has weak opinions on illegal aliens and is also too friendly with Muslims. He calls himself a conservative?

It was a mistake for Tomi to team up with Glenn Beck on the Blaze but she said the only reason she got on the show was because it was an opportunity for her to speak her mind.

Yeah, Tomi is aggressive with her video rants but that’s why I love her. She drives liberals crazy and now she’s driving conservatives crazy which is awesome.

Ya know something, who cares if a conservative person has a few liberal views. It doesn’t mean they’re a liberal hiding in the closet. My god, people. There are many conservatives out there who has a few liberal views including myself. Like I said before, even Donald Trump has some liberal views. Trump is a friend to the gay community but conservatives never gave him hell for that.

I’m sure all conservatives have a few liberal views, a lot of them are just so scared to admit it.

I stand with Tomi. She should forget The Blaze and get on FOX News or something. FOX News would be perfect for her, in my opinion.


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