Richard Donner was an important director in Hollywood… Sad Loss…

This week we lost film director, Richard Donner, which is a real bummer. Whether you want to realize it or not, I’m sure you’ve all seen a Richard Donner directed film especially his most famous movies like “Superman I & II”, “The Goonies” and all 4 Lethal Weapon movies. We’ve all seen those.

Richard made movies that was important to our childhood especially movies like “Superman: The Movie” and “The Goonies” which I’m sure a lot of us have seen like over 100 times.

Richard Donner was the one who brought Superman to the big screen. He was originally signed to direct “Superman I & II” back to back. He was doing both at the same time, I’ve read but then later Warner Bros. fired him and was replaced by Richard Lester.

Richard Donner did other great movies like “The Omen” horror film with Gregory Peck. “Ladyhawke” with Matthew Broderick, “Scrooged” with Bill Murray, “Radioflyer” was also great.

Richard Donner and Mel Gibson both had a long time partnership, they did the 4 Lethal Weapon movies together and Richard directed “Conspiracy Theory” and “Maverick” also both starring Mel Gibson. So Richard and Mel did 6 movies together.

I remember Richard Donner really tried to push for “Goonies II” to happen, he’s been talking about it for a long time. The goal was to bring back the original cast together from the first movie as full grown adults. Donner wanted to bring back everybody, even the two Fratelli brothers (except for Anne Ramsey aka Mama Fratelli who passed in 1988). “Goonies II” ended up not happening and looks like the sequel will be dead for good now.

The above pic in this blog post is a behind the scenes shot of “Superman: The Movie”. Richard Donner posing for a pic with the legendary, Marlon Brando who played Jor-El in the movie, Superman’s father.

Thanks for the entertainment and RIP, Richard. Remember, he was the one who picked Christopher Reeve to play Superman even though he auditioned many other actors before him.


Happy 75th Birthday to Sylvester Stallone!

Happy birthday, Sylvester Stallone.

The man who is most famous as Rocky, Rambo and Barney Ross turns 75 today. Here he is the man himself in the Insta photo above with an impressive custom made cake made for him.

Sly is a man who I’ve idolized my entire life and still do to this day. Rocky was definitely a hero of mine when I was a child and still love Rocky movies to this day. I’ve collected most of Sly’s films on DVD and BluRay over the years. I never got to meet the man in person yet but I did get an autographed picture that he sent me and got to visit his star at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame once which was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Next on the bucket list is to one day go to Philadelphia to visit the Rocky steps at the art museum and see the Rocky statue with my own eyes. One day that will happen.

So Sly turns 75 today. He is quickly approaching 80 but will Sly retire from action movies any time soon? I remember him saying in interviews plenty of times that he does plan on retiring from acting soon so he can focus on writing and directing more. I’m sure he’s got some more action movies left in him and he’ll probably give us some more. Sly retired Rocky and Sly retired Rambo so he’s done playing those two characters. He hasn’t yet retired Barney Ross, though and he’ll probably give us one more Expendables movie so Expendables 4 is still a big possibility. I’m sure he’s got some acting left in him. Sly is approaching 80’s but he’s still in good shape and capable of acting still so he’ll probably go on a while longer.

I just want Sly to finally finish his “Poe” script and get that movie made… I just want Sly to get that movie off the ground before it’s his time to go if you know what I mean. I want to see Sly’s “Poe” biopic movie so bad but he’s been working on the script for decades ever since he was real young and still working on it now. Everybody’s wants Sly to finish the “Poe” movie so it can be made. We’re all curious about it. We’ll have to keep waiting, I guess.


Just about done collecting David Bowie’s entire album discography… just 3 more left…

It took me a long time but like the title says, I’m almost done completing David Bowie’s entire album discography. Yeah, for a long time my goal was to collect every album he has ever recorded. Bowie has a total of 27 albums… I have 24 of them so far. Just got three more left to go… I just got to get the “Labrynth” soundtrack and the two albums he did with his Tin Machine band. Just get to those three albums and then I have them all. I do now have every official Bowie album, though which feels pretty good ’cause I’ve always been a huge Bowie superfan.

I only have one David Bowie live album, though… which is the iconic “Bowie Live” album which is an important live album in the history of rock. I plan on getting more Bowie live stuff for sure and after I complete Bowie’s studio discography, I’m gonna start getting his unreleased compilations and B-side albums ’cause he has plenty of those.

I’ve loved Bowie music ever since I was a teenager and yes, he was one artist that got me interested in singing myself. He also helped sparked my interest in songwriting too. I definitely look at Bowie as a huge inspiration and influence in my own songwriting for sure.

The last two Bowie albums I bought were “Tonight” and “Scary Monsters and Super Creeps”. Haven’t listened to those two albums yet but will later this week.

I just love Bowie, man. Just love his voice and songwriting style. He’s definitely one of those artists where you can love everything he did and there’s not one bad song at all by this man. Everything he has done was so great and he’s one artist you’ll never get tired of listening to ever.

He may no longer be with us but “Bowie 4 Life”.


Happy July 4th, y’all…

We need to be more patriotic now more than ever ’cause the left have been trying to destroy everything what it means to be an American for years. They were successful at banning the Confederate Flag and getting rid of it, now they’re trying to make it look like “The American Flag” is offensive. Well good luck with that ’cause “The American Flag” will be around forever and ever, the same with “The National Anthem” ’cause they’re trying to get rid of that too and replace it with something else.

Some lefties actually are patriotic too and they love the Flag and all that stuff but I believe they’re on the wrong side.

Crazy times we’re in.

Happy 4th y’all… enjoy it and be safe.


Metallica used to record their demos on a 4 track recorder Before their HQ days…

Before the “Black Album”, Metallica was already a mainstream band thanks to the “Master of Puppets” and “And Justice For All” albums that helped get them there. After “And Justice For All”, they were in the process at beginning work for the self-titled album which is better known as the “Black Album”.

Believe it or not, the band used to record their demos on a small 4 track recorder machine at Lars’s house, in his basement. That’s where they used to write and rehearse. Even Metallica have to start somewhere, right? Back then, they couldn’t afford their own studio so they recorded demos first and then they would make the official recording at a studio they would pay studio time for.

A 4 track machine is just a small recorder with 4 tracks on it, I know ’cause I used one before.

I’m sure Metallica never expected the “Black Album” to become an important album in metal. Love Metallica or hate ’em, they’re the ones that helped metal become a little more mainstream. I’m sure the boys in Metallica never expected “Enter Sandman” to be a huge hit either. MTV played the video for “Enter Sandman” throughout the day pretty much and that song was all over FM radio and you heard it everywhere you go. The same with the other Metallica hit singles on that album: “Wherever I may Roam”, “Sad But True”, “Nothing Else Matters” and “The Unforgiven”. That album had 5 smash hits.

That album was huge in the 90’s and still is a pretty huge album even after 30 years. It’s still an amazing record overall, though. There’s other great songs on the album that aren’t hits like “Holier THan Thou” especially and also “Don’t Tread On Me” and “Of Wolf and Man” are kickass songs too. The whole album is great.

Metallica are in celebration for the 30 year anniversary of “The Black Album” so in celebration of that, they are releasing a re-issue expanded edition with more songs and they are also releasing a picture book titled “Metallica: the Black Album in Black and White” and I’m probably gonna buy both of these. Why? Because I love Metallica.

I’ve always been a huge fan. I’ve got every studio album they’ve put out even “Garage Inc.”, “St. Anger”, “Lulu” and “Load/Reload”. I’ve also got Metallica’s “Some Kind of Monster”, “The Big 4” live DVD and their “Through the Never” film on BluRay. I also got to see them live in concert once so you can say that I’m a die hard Metallica fan.

I’ve always defended that band whenever they are in trouble and when they’re being criticized for something. They’re the biggest metal band of all time and yes, they are metal and can’t wait for their next record too.


Feels amazing to finally be able to go out in public unmasked and unvaccinated!!!!

At long last, after a little over a year of this dumb mask mandate and getting forced to wear face diapers, we can finally go out in public places unmasked. Yes, we still have this dumb “vaccinated = unmasked” and “unvaccinated = mask up” policy but it seems like it’s your decision now whether or not you want to walk into businesses unmasked and unvaccinated.

I’m starting to go out in public unmasked even though I didn’t get the vaccine and don’t plan on getting it ever. I’ve been going into grocery stores, the gym and everywhere else lately and it feels great to breathe again. Yeah, you don’t really need a mask anymore even if you’re not vaccinated.

At the gym I go, the “mask required” signs were taken down and each time I walk into the gym with no mask lately, no one says anything. So far so good, no employee/staff asked me, “are you fully vaccinated”???

Yeah, there will be some asshole business owners that still has “mask required” but fuck ’em, they are leftist business owners still in panic mode so boycott any business that is still, “mask required”.

My body, my choice right? Freedom, that’s what it’s all about.

Wearing these dumb masks never worked and they were pointless anyways. Glad this mask shit is just about over, though, it’s about freakin’ time!

Yeah, the “vaccinated = unmasked” and “unvaccinated = mask up” policy is still in place but who cares about the rules? Fuck the rules, man!


Keeping masks on Children is really evil…. really, wake up…

While it may be exciting news that Cuomo finally opened up NY but it’s not completely free… yet… we still have this dumb “vaccinated = no mask” and “unvaccinated = masked” policy. Also, the CDC and Cuomo are still forcing children to wear masks in schools which is disgusting.

Lefties claim to be disgusted at children being kept in cages but they don’t say a thing about children being forced to wear masks. Masking up children is probably the most evil thing the CDC and left-wing governors could do. Ya kow, little children aren’t human lab rats and they’re being treated exactly that. It’s unfair and wrong.

Masking children is not healthy for them. Plus they don’t understand any of this of why they have to do what they have to do. They need to breathe… lefties probably hate children being masked but they don’t do anything about it. Lefties are just doing everything the CDC, the news media and their left-wing governors say.

Masks on children is very dangerous especially for children with that age, ya know?

As long as unvaccinated people are still masked up and children are still masked, we are not really a free state yet. Sorry, we’re really not. They say we’re getting back to normal but this isn’t back to normal. Getting back to normal is getting our freedom back 100%.

The CDC and governors don’t want to lift all restrictions and protocols ’cause they don’t want to lose their power. They’re obsessed and addicted to power. The more you comply, the worse they get.

Our country has gone completely batshit crazy and insane. What’s going on?

With that being said, I’m not getting vaccinated. It’s funny as hell ya know. People rushing to get fully vaccinated just so they can remove the mask, well I’m reading a lot of posts on FB of people experiencing some dangerous side effects after their 1st and 2nd shots. Their 2nd shots get much worse. They wonder why some of us are “anti-vaxxers”?

Scary stuff we’re seeing, I tell ya and it’s gonna get a lot worse.


The new Weezer album, “Van Weezer” is one of the best new albums this year… really, it’s that good!

I used to listen to Weezer a lot when I was young in high school. You can betcha, I bought their debut “blue album” when it first came out in the 90’s when the band was exploding all over MTV back in the day. I used to own their first four albums: the blue album, Pinkerton, the Green Album and Maladroit but after the “Maladroit” album, I suddenly lost interest in the band. I don’t know, I just stopped buying their albums and got rid of all the Weezer albums that I had in the past.

I did rebuy the blue album and the green album years later, however. Weezer kept releasing new albums over the years and they just came out with another new one this year titled, “Van Weezer”. They released another album this year called, “Ok Human” which I haven’t gotten yet but I did buy “Van Weezer” last week.

Why did I buy the new Weezer album, “Van Weezer” when I stopped listening to the band years ago? Well, I kept reading interviews of Rivers Cuomo talking about the new album “Van Weezer” like through Guitar World and the more I read about the album like through magazines and online, the more it piques my interest. The album is a metal album. Over the years Weezer was always known as a pop/rock band so for “Van Weezer” they decided to do something different and risky and make a metal album. It’s the first metal album they did. Why did they do a metal album? Well, simply because Rivers Cuomo, the band’s leading man is a huge metal fan. He did it ’cause he likes metal and that’s it, really.

I listened to the album like 4 times this week and holy shit, it’s that good. It’s a fucking awesome record. Loved it so much. It just proves that Rivers can play any genre of music after hearing all those covers he did on youtube. Back to the “Van Weezer” album, it’s basically a homage and tribute to 80’s metal. I hear a lot of Ozzy influence, Van Halen, Sabbath maybe, some Poison, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard Guns N’ Roses, a bit of Ac/Dc too and I hear a bit of Metallica in there.

It’s an incredible album… I listened to it 4 times this week and that says something. What I loved the most about this album was that it made you realize that Rivers really is a great guitar player. With a guy like him, you’d think he’d be mostly playing power chords with the type of music that he plays but no, he’s way more than that. He can play lead guitar, two handed fret tapping and all of that stuff.

The “Van Weezer” album totally blew my fucking mind and I’m going to be listening to this one a lot, I think. This album definitely made me a Weezer fan again and I think I’m going to get back into buying their albums again. Rivers is a talented guy and his singing is pretty killer on “Van Weezer” too. I would recommend you buy it or if you’re on streaming services like Spotify/Apple Music, give it a listen yourself. It’s recommended! Rivers is trying to help keep rock alive!


At long last, IndIana Jones 5 is finally filming In Bamburgh, UK…

After many rewrites of “Indiana Jones 5”, the movie is finally filming as we speak. Here is a legit set photo of the crew behind the scenes. I believe this is the only set photo I can find of Indy 5 ’cause why? People taking pics is probably not allowed.

The cast and crew is filming the fifth installment of Indiana Jones in the Bamburgh, UK. They’re filming it at Bamburgh Castle. I’m sure the whole movie won’t be filmed at Bamburgh castle, just some of it. From the looks of things Bamburgh Castle is on a really small island in the UK which is great for an archeology spot.

As you can see here you see a mask Harrison Ford in full Indy garb speaking with Kathleen Kennedy. That unmasked man is Rob Marshall. Not sure but I think the film’s director, James Mangold is standing behind Harrison?

The plot and the title of the next movie is being kept under wraps for now but I’m sure we’ll learn more as we go along.

I’m hoping the next Indy movie will focus more on archeology and the history part of things like they were supposed to be. Yeah, I’m sure Indiana Jones 5 will still be a typical popcorn action flick too like the first four were but I’m hoping the next one will focus on story than action. Even though the plot is being kept under wraps, it’s probably gonna end up being a “passing of the torch” story like they’ve been hinting at for years. Ya know, passing the whip to someone much younger. Is that why Phoebe Waller-Bridge was hired as the female lead? She’s gonna be wearing Indy’s hat and whip at the end? A female archeologist is the goal? That’s what it’s kinda looking like to me.

And looks like John Rhys-Davies is about to reprise his legendary role as Sallah in “Indy 5” too ’cause he wasn’t in the last movie, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” so it’s gonna be cool to see him again.

I’m sure Harrison is getting all kinds of criticism about his age for this movie but I’m sure he’s still capable of doing his own action scenes and there probably will be lots of action in this one for sure. He is 78 now but I’m sure he’s capable of swinging his own whip again and running around.

I’m a huge Indy fan. Love ’em all, yeah I thought “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” was great ’cause it was different and risky. I think James Mangold is capable of making a great Indiana Jones movie. Ever see the Wolverine movie, “Logan”? That film kind of reminded me of Indiana Jones a bit which is probably why he got the job.

Indy 5 will have lots of action, some comedy and some archeology stuff. It will be the same old Indy. I think they won’t disappoint us this time ’cause they know about all the bad reviews that Indy 4 got. They’ll definitely try to smarten up and make the next one better. Trust!

And I don’t think we’ve seen the last of the Ark either and it’s pretty likely we’ll see the return of that. The hunt for the Ark again?


Prince’s “Purple Rain” album is really is a masterpiece… beautiful album for sure…

I may be late getting into Prince’s music but late is better than never, right? I never bought a single Prince album in my life so I thought I would finally start getting into him. Of course, I picked his “Purple Rain” soundtrack that he made himself for the same film with him in the leading role… well, I thought the movie was excellent too as I remember watching it on Netflix not too long ago. That’s what made me want to get the soundtrack album sometime so I picked up the soundtrack album from Itunes over the weekend since it was $4.99.

I listened to it once over the weekend and the album blew my fucking mind. Prince was a genius for sure and now I can see why he means so much to so many. I’m not gonna deny the guy is extremely popular.

I’m amazed at how melodic Prince’s music is and his guitar playing is killer too. I loved all 9 songs on the album but course, the album’s title track “Purple Rain” is always a beautiful song. Prince proves that all you need is like 4 or 5 chords to write an anthem. It’s a beautiful record for sure, though.

I’m probably gonna get into his music more but I won’t get every album ’cause he has a large discography. I’ll just get the good ones. Prince was a great artist just never got into his music much. He was a great songwriter for sure.


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