Happy 80th birthday, Superman!!!


Superman Action Comics #1 was officially released 80 years ago today. After the release of that comic that year, Superman became immensely popular over the years. Yes, Superman has been 80 years in the entertainment business. Not only that Superman was a hit in the comics, the character continues to entertain us in various forms of entertainment in cartoons, big screen movies, animated movies, TV shows, video games, etc.

I’ve been a fan of Superman my whole life, really. When I was a child, I used to watch the old George Reeves Superman TV show and I watched the old Superman cartoons. After the first Superman Action comics was released, 40 years later we saw the release of the live action Superman film, “Superman: The Movie” which starred Christopher Reeve. That film was a huge hit in the box office which also made 3 more Superman films with Chris after that. I love the original Superman movies with Chris Reeve. Those movies are very special to me.

Superman continues to entertain us even to this very day. Superman went through different actors on the big screen and now currently Henry Cavill portrays the character in which I think he does a good job at. Superman is still the most iconic superhero in the entertainment industry. I’ve always loved the character and still do. I just love the stories and find the Superman character fascinating like a lot of people do.

I wasn’t a big comic collector over the years of my life but I’m trying to get into comic collecting now. I’ve been buying a lot of Superman comics ’cause I just love reading them. I only buy comics like once a year at Saratoga Comic Con but I’m planning to buy comics a lot more often ’cause they are getting quite addicting. I love comics. I can see why they’re popular and why everyone loves comics. I’ll mostly collect Superman comics ’cause he’s my #1 favorite.

Happy 80th birthday, Superman. Thanks for entertaining us for 80 years!



Why haven’t we been seeing Melania Trump our first lady on covers of magazines at all???

When Barack Obama was president, Michelle Obama the previous first lady was everywhere on the newsstands. Michelle was on almost pretty much all magazine covers you see. Ever since Trump has been elected president have you ever seen Melania Trump our current first lady on any covers of magazines? It’s been a little over a year now and I’ve been going to the bookstores all year long. I browse the magazine newsstands at Barnes & Noble all the time and I don’t see too many magazines with Melania on the cover.

James Woods pointed this out on twitter that if the Trumps were Democrats then Melania would be on the cover of every magazine then.


The magazine industry do put Melania on the covers but they only put her in the tabloids putting her in a negative light. No doubt the magazine industry are ignoring Melania. Have you seen her on covers of women’s magazines such as “Cosmopolitan”, “Vogue”, “Elle”, “Marie Claire” and magazines such as those? They don’t even put her on men’s magazines such as “Maxim”, “Stuff”, “GQ”, “Esquire”, “Playboy”, etc. WTF?

Melania is definitely a beautiful and stunning woman. Everybody knows it and even the magazines knows it. It’s obvious that the magazines you see in newsstands refuses to put her on the covers ’cause they are afraid to lose their liberal readers maybe? Why are they so afraid to put Melania on the cover? If they ever put Melania on the cover putting her in a positive light, no doubt, those issues would fly off the shelves like mad. Melania is very popular. She’s loved by everyone in America (well she’s loved by everyone except liberals, of course) — having Melania on the cover of a magazine would be a hit.

Maybe another reason is that they’re afraid to put her on the covers is ’cause of her nude pictorial she did for GQ magazine once. During Melania’s modeling years, she was on all kinds of magazine covers but nowadays you don’t see her on magazine covers anymore.

The obvious answer is ’cause most magazines are pretty liberal… there are liberal bias in all of them too. Magazines are also in bed with the Obamas, Clintons and Democrats which is sad really. They shouldn’t be afraid to put Melania on the cover ’cause like I said above, it would be a big seller and they know it.

The anti-Trump crowd knows Melania is beautiful, they’ll just never admit it publicly.

I used to buy a lot of magazines to read but I don’t buy too much of them anymore except the only magazine I buy is Guitar World magazine and that’s about it. Next time I hit Barnes and Noble, I’ll take a pic of the women’s magazine rack and see if you can count how many magazine covers that has Melania on ’em. I bet you won’t find one.


How to spot fake Trump supporters… yes they are out there…

If you want to know what my thoughts are on Trump bombing Syria last Friday night, I am all for it 100%. The strikes were 100% justified and Trump had every right to do it. I totally support that move 100% but of course, it isn’t gonna make some happy. Apparently, all the “No War In Syria” fake Trumpers are freakin’ out about it and they still are right now. What the good thing did about this Syria strike was that it helped expose all the fake trumpers out there and this is a good time to weed ’em out of your life.

When the 2016 elections started prominent Trump supporters on twitter such as Mike Cernovich, Ann Coulter, Stefan Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson, Laura Loomer and people such as those did all they can to help get Trump elected but now that Trump is president, those people I listed are bashing Trump on social media. They’re bashing Trump on twitter and yet they claim they’re still supporting Trump. I sided with those fake Trumpers a little bit but admittedly I shouldn’t have. I’ll never side with them again ’cause all they’re doing is trying to divide the Trump base.

Admittedly, I almost flipped on Trump myself a little bit but never again. It was over the Omnibus bill that I was upset over but I got over it and now I understand his reasoning for signing the bill. Yes, the bill sucked and even Trump knows it. He signed the bill ’cause the Omnibus gave billions to the military which was desperately needed and omnibus definitely helped drain the swamp. I got over it quickly, but just to let you know, I never really abandoned Trump and still support him 100%.

There are gonna be Fake Trumpers out there who are going to trick you and try their best to get you to get off the Trump Train so you gotta watch out for those people I listed above and not trust them at all. There are gonna be people who pretends to support Trump aka people who secretly hates him, but they will never admit it publicly so I would suggest you not bother trying to get them to admit it ’cause all they’re gonna do is fight and argue with you.

How do you spot a fake Trump supporter??? Well lets see…

  • When you see twitter/facebook profiles with MAGA material on them and they’re always bashing Trump publicly: This is the biggest sign. You see profile users with MAGA material and hashtags and all that… they claim to be on Trump train but they’re always bashing Trump. Bashing Trump on everything.
  • They previously supported Bernie: If you’re a Fake Trumper then chances are you probably supported Bernie Sanders as president at first. They switched to Trump to avoid voting Hillary Clinton after Bernie got robbed. I’m noticing that most Fake Trumpers were former Bernie supporters anyways. This is another big sign.
  • They are not 100% conservative, somewhere in the middle so they still have some liberal views: If you have a mix of liberal and conservative views then chances are you’re not gonna like Trump ’cause Trump is 100% conservative.
  • They talk like liberal snowflakes: They’re just as bad as liberals. Actually, they’re getting much worse than liberals. The Fake Trumpers can be just as intolerant. If you have different opinions then they do be ready for raging temper tantrums by them.
  • They pick on you for believing in Trump 100%: It’s getting harder and harder to defend Trump ’cause the Fake Trumpers will get on your ass about it. They’ll do anything it takes to get you to flip on Trump so watch out for that.

That’s about all I can think of for now but you get the idea.

I almost fell for it that it was okay to criticize Trump, but it’s just the Fake Trumpers trying to intimidate you so don’t listen to them at all. Just keep supporting Trump all the way through no matter what they say.

My question is, why do these Fake Trumpers claim to be supporters when all they’re doing is bashing him all the time? If they’re not happy with Trump then get off the fucking Trump Train, it’s not that hard? All those people I listed above acts like they’re leaders of the Trump base but they are not. They don’t speak for us. We Americans speak for ourselves.

Why would people claim to be MAGA when all they’re doing is trashing Trump? Well some are just desperate for attention for themselves and that’s all it is really. Trying to get more fame by riding Trump’s coattails. That sort of thing.

I think these Fake Trumpers just wants Trump to fail like the liberals do… just trying to get Trump to lose 2020. The fake Trumpers really are haters. They’ll never admit it even if you try to call ’em on it. They’ll immediately get defensive and say things like, “we’re free thinking Trump supporters”, “We can’t agree with him on everything”, etc. You get the deal.

Look, I don’t agree with Trump on everything. There are some things he does and says that I disagree with… I’m just not gonna lose my temper about it and support him still. I’m not gonna abandon Trump just because he made some mistakes or does something wrong.

All the know it alls out there need to shut the fuck up and let Trump lead. You don’t tell him how to do his job. To all those “We didn’t vote Trump for this and that”, they were never on Trump train to begin with. Why do we have to divide the Trump base when we shouldn’t? We should all be in this together like how it used to be. The Fake Trumpers want him to lose 2020 but they will fail. Just watch.

Once again, just people trying to make it look like Trump doesn’t have true supporters. Make no mistake about it, the real Trump base is all fine and good. We’ll win 2020 easily once again. Don’t listen to the haters and keep supporting Trump no matter what anyone says. They hate that and that’s why they get pissed at you.


Why I enjoy singing cover songs… you should enjoy it too…

I know people want me to do mostly original music nowadays which is good and I do like making original music, but the thing is I like playing and singing cover songs too. I’ve always loved to do both originals and cover songs. I’ve always thought it was important for me to do both. In the local musicians community, we’re now in an age where original music is finally accepted and cover songs are now in the past. It’s good that people mostly want to hear originals but you shouldn’t forget cover songs either.

I like to do cover songs ’cause first of all, they are fun to do and secondly they help improve my musicianship. Yeah I like to play and sing a lot of cover songs. I just want to perform all of my favorite songs that I’ve loved over the years. Sometimes I would pick some pretty odd covers that no one would expect me to do… I just do them ’cause I simply love the songs. I just perform any cover I want and the ones that I can do well.

Each time I put out a cover song, someone will ask me, “When are you going to put something original out?” Well, I like performing cover songs ’cause I love playing them. Cover songs are pretty important to do anyways and you shouldn’t neglect them. When I perform a cover song, I give it my best. I’m gonna get back into performing cover songs again on video whether me playing an instrument or just doing it karaoke style.

Lately I’ve been working on Judy Garland’s “SomeWhere Over the Rainbow” the song from Wizard of Oz. I’m doing that one ’cause I love that song and it’s a song I’ve always wanted to cover so I downloaded the backing track of that song from Itunes. I’ve been practicing that song everyday, trying to get all the notes down and seems to be a pretty simple song to sing really. It’s not that hard as it sounds. That song has a bit of a range but I seem to do quite well on it so when I’m ready, I’ll video tape myself singing it and release it for all to hear. It may seem weird to do a song like that but I dig all kinds of tunes. I dig everything pretty much.

I love singing and I want to be able to sing as much cover songs as possible. If it bothers other people then I don’t care. It is interesting though, how nobody cares about cover songs anymore. It’s important to have a wide range of cover songs that a lot of people know and I’m trying to do all that.

I like to perform covers to put on a little excitement. I played so many cover songs on guitar over the years that I’ve probably forgotten how to play most of them, but I’m gonna re-learn them. I like to learn covers from every genre of music really. Now that I’ve been messing with electric guitar a lot more, I’m gonna start learning some metal and harder rockin’ covers. I’d like to start learning songs from Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Dream Theater, etc. I’ve already started learning songs by Led Zeppelin on electric guitar, I’m still trying to master the solo part on “Stairway to Heaven”. I know how to play all the rhythm guitar parts for that song but it’s the solo I’m trying to get down note for note and I’m getting there.

My listeners and fans do enjoy me performing covers, though ’cause they get a lot of good feedback each time I upload a new video. I know I haven’t released anything in a long time, but “Somewhere over the Rainbow” will be the next one soon.

Don’t criticize other musicians for wanting to do covers. It’s a good thing to do and always has been. Any musician that says that it isn’t is probably not a real musician themselves.


Ted Cruz destroys Mark Zuckerberg over censorship of conservatives and Trump supporters on FB. This is a must watch!!!

I’ve always known that Facebook has always been a cesspool for liberal bias… twitter is pretty much the same thing. My support for Ted Cruz has been on and off over the years but I think it’s back on again. This video is amazing! Ted Cruz destroys Mark Zuckerberg over censorship of conservatives and Trump supporters on facebook.

In this video, you see Ted Cruz not being afraid to call out Zuckerberg to his face about conservative censorship on FB.  Ted tries to ask him about if FB is a neutral public forum but Suckerberg couldn’t answer the question. He goes off by saying it’s for all ideas and makes a bunch of excuses that FB doesn’t accept “hate speech”, “nudity”, “terrorist content”, blah blah blah so you can see that Suckerberg is clearly denying liberal bias. So Ted Cruz here gives some examples of conservative censorship and you can clearly see Suckerberg couldn’t answer that one. Suckerberg continues to deny liberal bias on facebook as you can see. Since Suckerberg continues to deny it, Cruz gets on to Suckerberg even more by asking him if he’s aware of any liberal pages been taken down by FB and Suckerberg of course, says “No”. Suckerberg clearly couldn’t answer that one and was completely stumped. Cruz just wanted to prove his point about liberal bias on FB and did that beautifully.

This video is golden… I had to watch it a couple of times. This is Ted Cruz defending conservative freedom of speech. Ya know… Freedom of Speech works both ways. It’s not a one way street for liberals, but FB, twitter and other social networking pages wants to make it like that.

I was once a victim of conservative censorship on FB. One day I’ve had something weird happen to my FB and then I looked in my Support Inbox in the settings and FB sent me a message saying they’ve taken a post down due to nudity. I’m like, “What?”. I’m pretty sure I didn’t post nudity at all ’cause I know it’s the rules of the TOS. I was pretty sure FB has taken down a post with conservative views or I’ve posted something positively about Trump.

Anyway, it is interesting though how people want to deny liberal bias on social networking. If you want to continue to deny it then why is it that conservatives and Trump supporters are always getting punishment and liberals get no punishment? Liberals are always saying hateful and abusive things to people everyday, you try to report them and nothing happens to them. It’s always the right-wing community getting punishment by the staff. I’ve always believed that social networking pages just wants to destroy conservatives and they are in bed with liberals.

Why is there liberal bias in social networking? Elections is the key, I must say. It’s how they try to make Democrat politicians to win elections. They want to make it seem like conservatives don’t exist and that’s why they censor them. Not only the mainstream media is corrupt to the core, social networking is corrupt to the core too.

I think FB should be shut down and I could care less if it goes ’cause FB is garbage anyways. Always has been and always will be. Liberal bias on FB is not the only reason why it sucks so much. FB is garbage ’cause people are crazy. Too much negativity, soap opera and drama… plus I’m tired of all the baby pics, animal pics and stupid memes.

Can we bring the old myspace back with Tom running it, please? I really miss those days. The old myspace was better. It’ll be great if myspace made a comeback.


Wrestlemania 34 review… some of it was good but most of it sucked…

Well, Wrestlemania 34 happened last night and I watched it on my computer on the WWE Network. I watch the WWE ppvs on the computer instead of on my PS4 ’cause the streaming works better on my computer. The streaming of live ppvs on the PS4 sucks so I watch it on the computer instead which is better.

Anyway, on with my thoughts about last night’s ppv… like the title of this topic says, “some of it was good but most of it sucked” which was so true. The best matches of the night that I thought were the IC Title Triple Threat match (Seth Rollins won it), Asuka vs. Charlotte for SD Women’s Champ, AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakumura, Cena vs. Taker and the Ronda Rousey/Kurt Angle vs. Triple H/Stephanie was surprisingly really good. They were the best matches of the night, but Charlotte vs. Asuka was my favorite of them all, though. Charlotte vs. Asuka was amazing… even though my Asuka lost the match and lost her undefeated streak to Charlotte, the match was phenomenal. Both women did a good job.

The reason most of the ppv sucked ’cause most of it was too predictable for the most part. I got most of my predictions right and only got like 3 or 4 wrong. That’s how predictable it was. Another reason the ppv sucked ’cause most of the matches were boring. Most of the matches were pretty quick and the wrestling in the matches wasn’t that good either.

If you want to talk about bad wrestling, look at the awful main event which was the Universal Championship with Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns. That was the most boring as hell main event I’ve seen in my life that I almost fell asleep at the end of WM-34. Everybody thought Roman Reigns was going to win since there is a lot of talk that Lesnar is leaving WWE soon but Lesnar ends up winning and retaining. Ya know, of course Lesnar won. Vince McMahon has such a big hardon for Brock and there’s no way Brock would want to lose his championship on Wrestlemania night. Brock is too valuable to WWE. Look, I do like both Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns… I think both men are badass but that match last night was terrible. The only positive that I can give that match was that Lesnar retaining was shocking and nobody saw it coming.

We haven’t had a good Wrestlemania main event in a long time, honestly. That’s because they are always too quick and boring. When will we get a good main event again for Wrestlemania? It’s getting old and tiresome of Vince having the big men main event Wrestlemania. For Wrestlemania main events, you’ll always see either Cena, Reigns, Lesnar and Triple H main eventing. How about a little change for once, Vince?

As far as Asuka vs. Charlotte goes, that would have to be the best match on the card, I would say. Both women did a phenomenal job. That’s a history making match right there. Even though it’s upsetting that Asuka lost her undefeated streak, it was still an amazing match.

Even though the Undertaker vs. Cena happened last night, it was a quick match but still very entertaining. It made sense to make that one a quick one since Cena has been calling out the Undertaker and ‘Taker wanted to show that he was upset and he did. Undertaker won, of course. The Undertaker is my favorite.

As far as Ronda Rousey goes, I thought she did a really good job on her WM debut. Ronda is gonna be a big star in WWE and I can see a huge future ahead of her. Now that the Ronda vs. Triple H/Steph feud maybe over, Ronda will probably move on to feud with other women in WWE. Who would Ronda feud with next? I would say Ronda should go after Nia Jax for the RAW women’s title since Nia won it at WM last night. I’ve been a huge Ronda fan for a long time. Watched her a lot in UFC and still a fan of her now.

There weren’t major superstar returns last night. I was expecting to see a few but didn’t. They focused on the matches which was good.

I’m planning to watch RAW tonight after ‘Mania to see what happens. Maybe we’ll get some surprises tonight?

This year’s Wrestlemania was an okay show. Wasn’t the greatest so if you didn’t watch it and wanted to, you didn’t miss much.


My Wrestlemania-34 predictions…

My Wrestlemania winner predictions for tonight:

WWE Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns
WINNER: Roman Reigns (since Brock will be leaving WWE after)

WWE Championship: Aj Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakumura
WINNER: Nakumura will probably get this one. Should be a great match, though.

Mixed Tag Match: Ronda Rousey/Kurt Angle vs. Triple H/Steph
WINNER: Ronda Rousey/Kurt Angle. No way they’ll make Ronda lose on her debut match. This match will probably end with Ronda giving Steph the arm bar and she taps out.

Daniel Bryan/Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn
WINNER: I’m going to go with Owens/Zayn on this one. They’ll figure out a way to cheat again.

WWE Intercontinental Champ Triple Threat match: The Miz (c) vs. Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins
WINNER: Gonna go with Seth Rollins on this one. Time for Seth to get a huge push that he deserves.

WWE RAW Tag Team Championship: The Bar (c) vs. Braun Strowman and mystery partner
WINNER: I think the Bar will retain.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Usos (c) vs. The New Day vs. The Bludgeon Brothers
WINNER: I predict the Bludgeon Brothers are gonna get this one. Should be a real good match, though.

WWE RAW Women’s Championship: Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Nia Jax
WINNER: I predict Nia is gonna get this one. People will think Alexa will retain but it’s looking like Nia will get a huge push.

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship: Charlotte (c) vs. Asuka
WINNER: I think Asuka will become the new SD Champ ’cause no way WWE will make her lose her undefeated streak on her WM debut.

WWE US Championship Fatal 4 Way: Randy Orton (c) vs. Bobby Roode vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Rusev
WINNER: I’m thinking Rusev is gonna get this one but Jinder Mahal could end up winning too. I guess it’s a tie between Mahal and Rusev.

Undertaker vs. John Cena (if it ends up happening tonight and probably will):
WINNER: Undertaker will get the win definitely.

Enjoy! Lets see how many I got right and how many I got wrong!

Will we see any surprise returns at WM-34 tonight? Yeah, I think we’re definitely gonna see a few… lets see…

Hulk Hogan? Maybe. Jeff Hardy? Definitely. Rey Mysterio? Definitely. Chris Jericho? Maybe. Samoa Joe? Definitely. Big Cass? Definitely.

I’m sure we’ll get a few shockers tonight. We’ll have to wait and see.

Hope it’s a good show.




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