Writing hard rock songs on electric guitar, I believe I can do it!!!

I have always wanted to write hard rock songs on an electric guitar and I will very soon. For right now, I’m just still trying to hone my rhythm guitar and lead guitar chops. To play hard rock or even metal requires knowing your timing and being good at playing along with a metronome or a click track. I am studying trying to come up with my own guitar rock riffs which is what I’m doing.

When writing guitar rock songs, they don’t have to be super complicated. Ya know, I’m not gonna be playing Dream Theater-like or Iron Maiden-like guitar playing styles or anything. When I write guitar rock songs, they’re just gonna be very simple. I’m not gonna be a neo-classical or shred type of player. I love that type of music but I don’t think I’ll ever be that type of player ’cause all I want to do is write some in your face and tight-ass rock n’roll, ya know what I mean? I just want to do the best I can in writing some great guitar rock riffs that can get you head-banging or bopping your head up and down and I believe I can make music like that. Write energetic songs that get people moving.

When I wrote original songs on acoustic in the past, I wrote songs like that. For my live acoustic solo shows, I did my best to put on a new experience for the audience. Something they’ve never saw before. Too many acoustic performers just play folk songs and bluegrass type of stuff. That’s how people saw the acoustic guitar but not me. I’ve always loved to rock on the acoustic. I’ve always played the acoustic like an electric guitar and I continue to play acoustic like that. Now I want to see if I can play like that on an electric guitar and my rhythm style hasn’t changed really.

When writing metal songs and hard rock stuff, most of those guys just use power chords, scales and intervals for riffs. It don’t have to be super complicated. Most of my past acoustic songs were originally meant to be electric hard rock songs anyways.

When I start writing hard rock songs, I’m gonna do my best to put bass and drums behind them so they can be full band. I’ve always wanted to write full band music for years and I really wanna make that happen.

When I start writing full band rock songs and start putting them out for people to hear, I would probably give it a band name kind of like a Foo Fighters kind of thing. Remember when Dave Grohl started the Foo Fighters, that started out as a project that was made by himself  and then the project developed into a full time band. I’ll come up with a band name for that project and start promoting that music under that name instead of my solo name.

I want to do a hard rock album or a demo very soon. It’s a dream of mine and it’s on the bucket list. I believe I can make a badass rock n’ roll album that rock n’ roll fans would dig.

I’ve listened to hard rock and metal music all my life… and I want to write original hard rock music inspired by my favorite bands that I’ve listened to over the years. I mostly want to write original hard rock music inspired by Led Zep, Nirvana, Sabbath, Metallica, Kiss, etc.

Could I actually form a real band of my own someday? I want to do that too. Never say never on that, though. I’d love to form a rock n’ roll band!



Yeah, Hollywood is a very liberal industry but I don’t care, I still love watching movies either way… will always be a movie buff!!!

Yeah, I know Hollywood is in a major backlash and they are in hot water right now over their liberal politics. That’s okay ’cause I don’t care about that. Conservatives on social media continue to threaten boycott on the Hollywood industry by no longer watching their movies and their TV shows but ya know what? I’d say screw ’em. Yeah, I really hate the politics of movie stars, film directors and film studios but that’s okay with me. It is possible to keep entertainment and politics separate and that’s what I’m gonna do.

I continue to watch movies ’cause that’s what I do, ya know? I’m a movie buff. Have been a movie buff ever since I was a child and still am to this day. I’ll NEVER stop watching movies, EVER. I don’t care about their politics. I care about their art. As long as they’re still telling good stories and making good films, I’ll continue to support Hollywood despite their bad politics.

Yeah, Robert Deniro, Ben Affleck and George Clooney are very liberal men but they are still talented people. They still made a lot of great movies and they are great actors too, admit it. Yeah, directors like Steven Spielberg and all the iconic directors out there are probably liberal but again, they all still make amazing films.

I’ll never drop Hollywood out of my life just because they hate Trump and have whacky liberal ideas. Who cares.

I’ll always go to the movie theaters, buy or rent movies ’cause I love movies and always will. It is possible to ignore their bullshit and continue to support their work. Try it, sometime.

Admittedly, I almost boycotted Netflix ’cause of their liberal politics but I’m back on Netflix now. Yeah, I know they’re very liberal but I went back on there to watch some TV shows that I wanted to watch like “Black Mirror”, “Stranger Things” (which I’m watching currently), “The Dark Crystal”, “Gotham” and some others.

It is possible to support people’s entertainment and not agree with their politics. You should try it, sometime. The same goes for music too.


Squat depth can be confusing and challenging which is why “squats” is my least favorite lift…

Some of you may ask, what is my least favorite lift out of the big three??? There are three big lifts in powerlifting training: squats, bench and deadlift. Out of the three, I would have to say the “squat” is my least favorite lift but I continue to do them anyways for powerlifting competition. I dislike barbell squats ’cause it can be a confusing lift and it’s a pretty complicated.

The reason why squats is confusing is ’cause everyone in the powerlifting community has their own definition of what a good “squat depth” is. That’s the thing in powerlifting meets. Every powerlifting federation in America have their own depth rules and they’re all different. I post videos of my squat sessions from the gym on social media and another powerlifter says my squat isn’t deep enough. I’m like, “Huh? Really”? I’ve been told by another experienced powerlifter that the right squat depth is that the hip crease needs to be slightly below the top of the knee and I’ve been doing it that way ever since. Unfortunately, other powerlifters say that isn’t deep enough.

I do research on squat depth and I was right… seems like every powerlifter out there have their own definition of what a good squat depth is. When the other powerlifter kept telling me I’m not squatting deep enough, I was thinking he was talking about the USAPL way of squatting. So I looked up on google for the USAPL squat depth and their squat depth rule is a lot deeper. For the past few weeks now, I’ve decided to take my time with squat depth and do it the USAPL way ’cause if I want to do my first USAPL meet sometime in the future, I need to get their definition of squat depth right. Like I said, the USAPL squat depth is a lot deeper, kind of like “ass to the grass” and I’ve been doing squats that way for the past couple of weeks.

I guess I have been doing squat depth wrong after all this time so I decided to slow down, go back to doing lighter weights on squat and get depth right. This time, I have been getting squat depth right and to be honest, it’s feeling really good. Squats maybe my least favorite workout but I’m trying to like it more, though. I feel more comfortable doing deadlift and bench ’cause they are easy… squats are challenging ’cause it’s more technical.

Even though, I’ve been doing deeper squats for the past few weeks, I’m still on the road to 200 lb. squat, though. Earlier this morning in the gym during my squat session, I smashed a 135 lb. single with USAPL “depth” and it was very tough. I can get that number for reps squatting a little higher but a deep squat with 135 lb., I could only do a heavy single. That heavy single with 135 lbs. squat was tough, it was a grinder but I was able to get it up and lock it out.

I love powerlifting ’cause it’s challenging and I want to do it right and take it all very seriously. I want to become a great powerlifter someday, ya know… become one of the greats so I need to get squat depth right and I did. Deeper squat depth will make me a lot stronger so I’ll continue to do them that way from now on.


“Brightburn” was an awesome movie, saw it yesterday afternoon…

I’ve been curious about the “Brightburn” movie ever since they’ve been talking about it. I remember Hollywood saying they were going to do a horror film version of Superman, a much darker Superman that is and now that the film is here, I had to go and check it out myself. To my surprise I thought it was really good. The film is getting mixed reviews everywhere. Film is getting trashed by critics and some movie fans are trashing it too but you don’t wanna listen to them, ya know? I don’t care about others opinions when it comes to movie. I speak for myself when it comes to watching movies. If I love it then I love it… if I don’t like it then I’ll be honest and say it.

Well I happened to love the movie “Brightburn”. It was an interesting story. Different and completely original. It gets tiresome seeing good guy superhero characters being the lead… well now it’s finally time for a super villain to take the lead. This is a new origin story that tells the story of a super villain… a total re-imagining of Superman. Brightburn has similar powers as Superman does and he was from a different planet like Superman. “Brightburn” movie was taking place on a farmhouse kind of like what “Superman: The Movie” was in the beginning of the movie. Both “Brightburn” and “Superman” had similar plots but slightly different.

The movie was only an hour and a half long but still very good. I thought it was well-made and well-directed too. I also believe this movie is gonna be a series ’cause this movie was just an introduction and it’s leading to something. In the sequel, I believe Brandon/Brightburn character will be a full grown adult in the next one and the next one won’t be taking place on a farm either. I think the next one could be taken place in a town or a big city where Brightburn can go and destroy things. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Brightburn character is going to develop from here. I think in the sequel, Brightburn will have a better looking costume too. It’s so refreshing to see a movie where a super villain takes the leading role and there’s no other superheros to fight him. Hope they keep it this way for the sequels.

Also, people are acting like they’ve never seen Superman evil before… just a reminder, Superman was evil very briefly in “Superman III” w/ Christopher Reeve (remember the Superman vs. Clark Kent junkyard fight scene???) and Superman turned evil a little bit during “B vs. S: Dawn of Justice”.

Anyway, back to “Brightburn” you should definitely go check it out. I’m not sure if this film was adapted from comics or graphic novels, probably not but I felt like reading a graphic novel when I was watching this film if that makes sense. This film felt kind of graphic novel-like. I’m definitely buying the BluRay when it comes out. I thought the kid who played Brandon/Brightburn did a good job and I hope the same actor plays the character in the sequels.


Tool… the greatest rock band going today? I would say so!!!

Yesterday, I just picked up two Tool albums: “Undertow” and “Aenima” from FYE. They had a small shelf of Tool albums and they were all on sale so I bought two of them… yes, on physical CD as you can see. Since Tool don’t have their music on Itunes, Spotify or anywhere online yet… I figure I would take advantage and get their music on CD. So I took these two albums home, ripped them into my Itunes and synced them onto my Ipod Touch.

I listened to “Undertow” and “Aenima” at the gym earlier today and I forgot how much of a masterpiece these two albums really are. Like the instagram post says, I used to have these albums when I was young, probably during high school so I re-bought them. F.Y.E. had a small shelf of Tool albums and put ’em all on sale ’cause I guess they’re getting ready for the new Tool album which is album no. 5. Tool only has 4 studio albums out so far and album no. 5 will be released at the end of August.

“Undertow” and “Aenima” are both pretty sick albums and I still remember every song on both of those albums ’cause I used to listen to them both so much. I used to be a massive Tool fan during high school and still am, I guess. I haven’t heard “Lateralus” and “10,000 Faces” yet but I’m planning on buying those albums soon before the new album comes out.

I gotta say though that Maynard james Keenan is definitely one of the best rock vocalists alive. That man definitely can sing and Adam Jones is a pretty sick guitarist too. I can’t wait for Album No. 5 in August and I’ll buy it when it comes out. These guys are avoiding online downloads of their music like the plague so you’ll have no choice but to buy their music on CD. The band didn’t release the title of the new album yet but I’m sure they will very soon. Can’t wait for their new record, though. Even though these guys avoid putting their music online, I’m sure their new record will sell well on CD even though no one buys CD’s anymore. I’m sure people will go out and buy the new Tool album on CD. I know I’m gonna get it.


Thanks to “Rambo: Last Blood” trailer, I can’t get the “Old Town Road” song out of my head… it’s actually a pretty killer song!!!

Whose singing voice is that you hear during the “Rambo: Last Blood” trailer? Well that is none other than Billy Ray Cyrus, the country music icon who mostly known for his hit “Achy Breaky Heart”!!!

When I heard the song on the trailer, I thought it was a new song by Billy Ray Cyrus but it ended up being a song by a rapper by the name of Lil Nas. He actually wrote the song but Billy Ray did some vocal parts to it. I’m not into rap and country that much but I do listen to some of that stuff. It is interesting how this song mixes both of these genres together.

I looked up Lil Nas on google to see if he has any albums out but unfortunately he doesn’t yet. It looks like he’s a pretty new artist but I’m sure he’ll have a full length album soon with this song on it. I don’t buy single songs, I’m a full album guy so when Lil Nas puts out an album with this song on it, I’ll buy it.

“Old Town Road” is a great song. Can’t get it out of my head and I just love the melody. The lyrics are very cool too. Because of “Rambo: Last Blood” trailer this song became an immediate hit pretty quickly which was cool to see. That means even more publicity for the film. If this song is going to be released for the “Rambo: Last Blood” movie soundtrack only, I’ll probably get the soundtrack instead when it comes out. It’s a really well-written song, though. I was impressed by it and Billy Ray’s vocals are killer too.


It’s interesting how people want to act like I’m a beginner weightlifter when I’ve been doing this for years now…

This is kind of weird and I don’t get it. I’ve been working out for 10 years or a little over. Been doing bodybuilding for a long time and now I’m doing powerlifting training too. I’ve been weightlifting for a long while now and people want to act like I’m a beginner or a newbie who doesn’t know anything about health and fitness. I’ve got a decent physique and I get compliments on how big I’m getting all the time… yet there will be some jackasses out there who will act like they’re more superior than me.

Some criticize my form even though I know I’m doing my workouts right. People just act like they’re bigger and smarter than me when it comes to conversations about weightlifting. Ya know, that’s what you’re going to get a lot. You’re definitely going to get some huge egos and narcissistic people in the weightlifting world getting all over you and act like you’re nothing.

I’m not gonna say they’re jealous or anything but this kind of thing happens when you get a successful jacked body and a fit physique. When people see that you’re looking better than others and lifting better than others that’s when they’ll start acting like you’re a nobody.

I’m always getting people criticizing my healthy eating and my weightlifting in the gym. When things like this happen to you, please remember that health and fitness is about you. Don’t worry about what other people think or say of you… you just gotta do your thing and your thing only. You will get haters and criticizers for sure, you just gotta do your best and ignore them and I’m trying.

I’m proud of how my physique looks and I came a long way but I still got some bodyfat to drop. I’m working on that. I’ve recently made my nutrition a lot more strict and dropped my calorie intake which seems to be helping. I’ve also been doing plenty of cardio too. I should be at an estimated 14% or 15% bodyfat but I would like to drop it down between 8% – 10%, somewhere around there. Some people say that dropping down to 10% or a little lower is dangerous but not really. Doing some research about all of this, they say 6% or below is dangerous so I’ve read that 8% – 10% is pretty good if you want to be considered a real bodybuilder. Being around 8% – 10% is where you want to be if you want to be a real bodybuilder.

Whether you’re a bodybuilder or a powerlifter, you just gotta ignore everyone and do your thing. Don’t take advice from anyone unless you ask for it. If you want help from other people, you get it yourself. You don’t need to get unsolicited help from people ’cause when you get unsolicited help from others chances are, their info could be wrong so be careful. Not everyone is right when it comes to health and fitness ’cause there will be misinformed people everywhere. There are gonna be a lot of know it alls out there for sure.

Think about it, does this look like a beginner’s physique to you? This is what 10 years or over in the gym looks like.

Photo Apr 09, 11 56 22 AM

My arms are getting pretty veiny. I’m finally getting chest improvement and I have a pretty good six-pack which a lot of people struggle to get. I’m finally starting to look like a bodybuilder which was the goal I always wanted.

I’m proud of how I look there but still got some work to do like always. Still got some bodyfat to drop a little. Some even said I looked skinny still but I get people telling me how I’m looking pretty huge and jacked. People tell me all the time that I’m getting bigger and bigger.

I think the reason people criticize is that they haven’t reached their goals. Many of your critics are probably out of shape anyways and they probably want the body that you have.

Just keep going and don’t listen to people. That’s the attitude that I have had from day 1. Just ignore everyone and do my thing. Do things my own way. Yeah, there are gonna be plenty of egos in the fitness industry that will tell me to do things their way but it’s not gonna happen. I know what I’m doing and it’s hilarious how many people out there that don’t think I know what I’m doing. It’s a freakin’ joke but I’m doing good and feeling good. Life is great and I love the gym.



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