Trump did nothing wrong… if the Bidens are dirty then they need to be looked into…

Some of you probably want to know my thoughts on the Trump impeachment hearings. Am I watching it??? No. Absolutely not. I started to watch it on C-span and tried to watch a couple of hours of it but got bored finally and gave up. I still watch videos here and there of the impeachment hearings online… mostly just to hear Elise Stefanik and Jim Jordan talk. I hear that Michael Turner is another star on the House Floor but I haven’t seen any of his videos on the House Floor yet so I’ll get around to watching them.

Ya know, I think that’s funny that the Democrats wants Trump removed over that July 25th phone call with Ukrainian president Zelensky. They want Trump removed ’cause he tried to look into the corruption of the Bidens – Joe and Hunter, pressuring Zelensky to investigate the Bidens and Trump wanted investigation into the Ukrainian interference of the 2016 election. Trump sending Rudy and Barr out to see what’s going on with all this stuff. The whistleblower complaint alleges that Zelensky felt pressured by Trump and the whistleblower claimed there was abuse of power with them too. Democrats also wants to accuse Trump of witholding military aide to get “quid pro quo” help from Zelensky but from what I’ve seen from the hearings most of these so-called “star-witnesses” shot the quid pro quo claims down. There wasn’t any “quid pro quo” and even Trump himself said not too long ago that he wanted nothing back.

I think Trump is pretty smart to go after the Bidens… Trump did nothing wrong ’cause if people in government are dirty then they should be investigated. This is what “Draining the swamp” is and that’s what “Draining the swamp” looks like. Trump believes that Ukraine is hiding the DNC server and Hillary’s e-mails and I really believe him too.

My question is why is Trump getting in trouble for all this? Isn’t that the president’s job to begin with is to go after corruption? YES! Usually when people are accusing someone of something they have something to hide. What are the democrats hiding? They want to remove Trump ’cause they know he’s about to expose their crimes. Trump vowed to go after the DNC server and Hillary’s e-mails and that stuff would expose Democrat crimes, is that what they’re afraid of? When I think of DNC server and Hillary’s e-mails, that’s the real scandal, not Trump going after the Bidens.

This is a sham impeachment and it’s not gonna go anywhere anyways. Trump isn’t going anywhere. It’s funny, ya know. Each time Democrats go after Trump, the Democrats exposes their own corruption every time… it’s kind of like a boomerang and that’s what’s going on here. Each time Democrats go after Trump, it hits them back in the ass. I love it. They just want to impeach Trump ’cause they know he’s going to win the 2020 re-election and they publicly admit that too. It’s all a witch hunt indeed. Just a bunch of crybabies who hate Trump and nothing more.

I wish the Democrats would leave Trump alone and let him do his job!


Leg injury update: it’s actually feeling a lot better this week… not quite 100%, I’d say about 95% better…

Like the title says, my upper left leg injury is getting a lot better. Not quite yet but getting there. I took like 3 weeks off of lower body lifting completely and that seems to have helped a lot. I might be good enough to get back into lower body lifting this week, but I think it’s a good idea to start off light, we’ll see.

My left shoulder has gotten a lot better too so all of this is getting good.

I knew I never needed a doctor ’cause I knew these would be pretty healable. Remember, when you’re hurting whatever bodypart is injured, you gotta stop exercising that body part completely so it can heal faster. Training that injured body part is not going to make the injury go away.

I’m feeling real good now. I took two weeks off from the gym completely so that really helped a lot. I’m probably gonna get back to the gym this week but I’ll probably lift everything real light, we’ll see.

Who knows, I may be good enough to get back into heavy lifting again. I really want to get back into heavy lifting ’cause it’s holding back my powerlifting numbers. I’m feeling real good now, though better than I was before.

I’ve had minor injuries like this in the past and I learned that the only way to get rid of injuries faster is to stop training. You might lose muscle or a little strength and sometimes you get even more strength when coming back from an injury. Usually many lifters come back stronger in the gym after taking time off from the gym due to an injury so you shouldn’t be worried about losing strength.

Hopefully I still have my 300 lb. deadlift. I smashed a 300 lb. deadlift single in the past a couple of times and who knows, I could do it again. I’ll wait to do leg day and back day on the weekend to give more time for this injury to heal all the way.

I’m gonna go to the gym for chest day tomorrow. I miss the weight room… I hate staying out of it. I hardly ever take time off from the gym but it’s usually ’cause I’m either injured or not feeling good or on vacation somewhere… back to the gym tomorrow.


Jaliek Rainwalker candle light vigil from last night, small crowd turnout but still a successful and positive night!

So I went to the Jaliek Rainwalker candlelight vigil last night at Mowry Park in Greenwich as you can see in the pics above. Even though this vigil got some local news attention and a lot of internet buzz, it only turned out to be a small crowd turnout. Some people did come, though.

A few local news media outlets came to film a report about the vigil and interview members of Jalieks Army there. I tried to stay out of media spotlight; although, you’ll see me on TV a little bit. I’m not camera shy at all is just that I don’t do media interviews too well. I’m afraid I might mess up speaking on camera and afraid that I’ll be stuck on what to say next, that kind of stuff. So I let others do the talking to the media.

Above are pics of me at the event and the links below are a few reports with video:

Greenwich community holds vigil for boy missing since 2007

There were mixed emotions at the vigil last night from sad and positive. Even though there was a small crowd turnout, it was still a successful night. No one came to disrupt and give us a bunch of drama and bullshit so it was all good.

Stephen Kerr and Jocelyn didn’t show predictably even though they probably knew about this event (I bet they did). I knew they wouldn’t show ’cause they’re trying to do everything they can to forget Jaliek… but even if they did show up, we would have welcomed them there anyways only if they were there peacefully and not there to give us drama. Since Kerr and McDonald didn’t show, that’s good enough proof that they don’t care about Jaliek at all so there you go.

It was a good night, though. I’m glad I went. Nice to get out of the house and meet new people for a change. I’m glad to finally start meeting other Jaliek supporters in person.

I just had to go myself ’cause I supported Jaliek for over a decade and he never left my mind ever since he went missing in 2007.

Low crowd turnout but that’s fine. We were there to honor Jaliek and pay our respects for him. Let him know that we’re listening and we still care for him. It was a good experience. There will be more events like this so hopefully we get bigger and better crowds in the future.

I’m proud to be one of Jaliek’s biggest supporters. I vow to help get the truth of Jaliek’s disappearance and am willing to help find him myself with the help of other people known as Jaliek’s Army which is a group I’m a part of. No one’s gonna silence us and no one is gonna stop us. There will be people with opposite views of Jaliek being murdered by his own adoptive parents coming after us but screw them. We’re not going to stop just to appease them. If you’re one of those who defends Kerr & McDonald then you’re a non-Jaliek believer, period.

Jaliek needs his justice and those responsible for his disappearance/murder will be caught. We won’t rest until Jaliek is found… I don’t care what the other side thinks.



Trying to improve my guitar playing and singing is why I haven’t written new originals in a long while… plus I’m on a writer’s block admittedly…

I’ll confess it. I haven’t written a new batch of original songs and released new songs publicly in a long long while. That’s because there is a few reasons for that.

  1. I’m still trying to improve my guitar playing and take it to the next level.
  2. Still working on my singing. I want to have more range and more power in my voice so I’m practicing my singing everyday still and I feel I’m getting better with that.

My goal for guitar playing is that I want to be an improv master. Be the type of guitar player that can play anything I hear. That way I can write songs better and I can easily and quickly get them out of my head. I’m still trying to improve my rhythm guitar chops and lead guitar too ’cause I want to get real good at both. I want to be able to play rhythm guitar all over the fretboard ’cause it got too boring just playing open chords all of the time.

I learned that if you want to be the type of guitar player where you play all over the neck, up and down… you gotta know the road maps of guitar and knowing music theory will get you there. I want to be able to play lead fills in between chords, play double stops all over with licks, triads and all that stuff. I’m also starting to learn some pretty unique chords ’cause it can get pretty boring just learning easy chords like basic open chords and bar chords.

I’m hoping to make my original music more complex. Something more challenging. I’ve grown tired of writing easy campfire like songs and had enough with that and I want to experiment.

Listening to bands like Opeth and Dream Theater pretty much has inspired me to go this direction. I kind of want to play more proggy type of music. In fact, I always saw that my music was pretty “proggy”, ya know, “prog rock” ’cause that’s what I always called it in the past and I still do. What prog rock is it’s music that stops when they feel like stopping. That’s why you hear a lot of prog rock songs that can go from 7 minutes to 20 minutes long. Songs that “progress”, they build up as the song goes along. That is why I love prog rock. I want to make this similar type of music. Whenever I do start writing my next batch of songs, I’m going to try to make them more melodic than ever.

Musicians always plan ahead of how long they want their songs to be. You see, I never did that with my own songwriting. I don’t care if my songs ends over 10 minutes ’cause I make my songs whenever I feel like stopping them… it just happens. A lot of people have complained before that my older songs were “too long” but I never felt they were too long.

That’s the thing with prog rock music… they may feel like they’re “long songs” even though a lot of them can be 10 – 20 minutes but in reality, they feel like they are real short if you get my point. They just go by fast ’cause of the pacing of the song. I can listen to a 20 minute Dream Theater song but it actually won’t feel like it’s 20 minutes. The thing is a lot of prog rock bands don’t do this verse/chorus/verse/chorus thing a lot… they just write how they want to and that’s it. That’s how I would want to write my next batch of songs.

I do write really short songs, though… not all of them are super long.

I do want to get back into songwriting and admittedly, I’ve been on a writers block for a while. So I just learn a lot of cover songs and teach myself how to play guitar better. I’d like to get back into songwriting at some point ’cause I’m itching for some new stuff.


Jaliek Rainwalker candlelight vigil happening in my hometown of Greenwich tomorrow evening…


Tomorrow evening in my hometown of Greenwich there will be a Jaliek Rainwalker candlelight vigil in remembrance of the missing child who has been gone for 12 years. It will be taken place at the Gazebo in Mowry Park on Main St and it will take place after the lighted tractor parade in Greenwich.

Keep in mind, though that this candlelight vigil wasn’t my idea… a young woman in FB came up with this idea and a Jaliek FB group called “Jaliek’s Army” which is a FB group for Jaliek supporters only helped setup the candlelight vigil in Greenwich.

I know the adoptive parents of Jaliek (Stephen & Jocelyn) are not gonna be happy with this candlelight vigil and they are probably fuming over this but this candlelight vigil is NOT an attack at them. This candlelight vigil is all about remembering Jaliek. We just want to keep his name alive and that is all. That’s the goal with this vigil so that Greenwich can be reminded of his name and never forget him ever. We just want to let Jaliek know we care about him and we are listening to him.

Hopefully there will be a good turnout for this vigil and I think a good crowd will show up. I’m definitely gonna make it I think. I really should ’cause I’m one of Jaliek’s biggest supporters.

There are some people who are not interested in this missing child’s case about Jaliek and there are some who have lost interest but I will never lose interest or forget him. This kid has been on my mind ever since he disappeared in 2007. No matter how long ago it was, I’ll never forget him. This candlelight vigil event is happening whether people like it or not, it needs to happen and I’m glad it is.

If the adoptive parents want to show up so be it just as long as they’re not confrontational and all… this was meaning to be a peaceful thing.



Local musicians around the Capital Region… have they become more arrogant and ego-driven than ever before? Yes!!!!

Even though I haven’t been out to a local show and haven’t gigged in a long time myself, I still see how local musicians around the Albany area are online. I’ve always known that the Capital Region music scene has all kinds of problems and it is still the same. In fact, I think the local music scene has gotten much much worse. I’m no longer a fan of it anymore as much as I used to be, I think that’s pretty much why I retired from playing live music really. Disappointed with how this scene came out to be.

If you want to be a musician around the Albany/Saratoga Springs music scene, you gotta be able to deal with a lot of bullshit. You got to deal with huge egos, a lot of drama, a lot of cliques, backstabbing and things like that. Yeah, I have had too many fallen outs with musicians and people throughout the scene who I thought I got along with well but guess not. That’s okay. People come and go in my life anyways so I just accept it, say fuck it and keep moving forward in life. I’m more worried about myself and my own music and that’s a good attitude to have.

Yeah there will be many people who won’t care about your music but will care for you only if you care for them. There will be huge egos around here who will think they will be better than you. There will also be those nasty haters and critics around the scene as I know I have plenty of those but I don’t give a fuck, though.

One thing that bothers me around here though is that a lot of musicians will think they are so important just because they think they are talented and they know it. The rock star attitude is such a problem around here, it’s just crazy. That’s basically what turned me off about the scene and it’s why I don’t go out there anymore pretty much. Bands acting like rock stars online and at the live gigs. It’s a problem for sure and I don’t like it.

Even though I haven’t been out to any local shows, I try to watch some local Albany bands online and some of the onstage antics they do is pretty crazy. Making silly faces to the crowd, running around onstage and acting like a total animal, dressing like a rock star, etc. I can go on. Even a lot of musicians act like arrogant assholes while performing on stage. It’s becoming a real problem and it’s getting worse.

I love local music and I support musicians yes,  I just don’t like how it’s going right now and don’t really like the people in the scene right now ’cause it’s getting crazy to be honest with you.

With all this being said, though, I’m still playing music of my own and planning on getting back into songwriting again. Will I ever play live ever again? Not sure. Maybe I’ll do a live internet concert someday but playing at a venue around Capital Region? I don’t think so. Play out in the scene again is not on my radar right now.

I still don’t like how the scene is going nowadays, although admittedly there are still a few good local bands around here!


Will Warner Bros. ever release the Zack Snyder version of “Justice League” (or better known as the “Snyder Cut”)??? I hope they do and they should!!!

So now that director Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck has officially joined the “Snyder Cut” movement, will Warner Bros. soon release the Snyder version of the latest “Justice League”???

I haven’t been following this story much so I thought I would finally look into it and post my thoughts. I believe what led to this movement is that Zack Snyder filmed a much longer version of the film “Justice League”… I’ve read that Snyder’s version was much more than 3 hrs. long. About three and a half hour long film, I think. It turned out that Warner Bros. hated the Snyder version so much that they didn’t want to release it at all. That’s how director Joss Whedon came in to take over for re-shoots and re-writes so therefor, the Joss Whedon version of “Justice League” brought the film down to a two hour film.

Once Joss Whedon’s version of “Justice League” came out in theaters, it received mostly negative criticism by fans. This sparked interest of DC/Warner fans that they think Warner Bros. should release the Snyder cut ’cause they might think the Snyder version would be a lot better. The “Snyder Cut” movement has been going on through social media for a long time now. Jason Momoa already expressed interest in the “Snyder Cut”. Now Zack Snyder himself and Ben Affleck joined the movement.

Even though Snyder directed the original version all by himself, it’s not all up to him to release it publicly since it’s Warner Bros.’s film so it’s their prerogative whether or not they want to release it. Even Kevin Smith wants the Snyder Cut released.

Even though I have no problem with Joss Whedon’s theatrical release of “Justice League” as I think it’s pretty good, I really hope Warner Bros. releases the Snyder version. I think we deserve to see Snyder’s take on the “Justice League” film like it was originally intended, ya know? Warner Bros. may hate the Snyder version but that doesn’t mean the rest of us will hate it. They should make a DVD/BluRay exclusive release of Snyder’s version, I don’t see why not?

I know Snyder’s: “Man of Steel” and “B vs. S: Dawn of Justice” got mixed reviews but I fuckin’ LOVED both of those films. I thought both were really good and still stand by it. I think the Snyder version of “Justice League” would be really good too. The reason I loved the Dawn of Justice film so much is that I thought they told the Death of Superman and Doomsday story so well which people don’t get. That story finally deserved to get told on the big screen and “Dawn of Justice” did just that. Plus “Dawn of Justice” was a badass action film too.

With that being said, I hope Warner Bros. does the smart thing and lets all see it ’cause we deserve to see it. We just gotta keep pressuring them.


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