Smashing Pumpkins reunion tour finally confirmed but it’s gonna be without D’arcy… the tour is pretty massive too!!!

When it comes to the Smashing Pumpkins reuniting with its original members, people wonder how long the tour is gonna be. Would it be a one-off show, a short tour or a full one? Turns out the tour is gonna be a full tour. Check out the tour dates on the band’s official website. The tour is pretty massive.

The Smashing Pumpkins members are confirmed too with Billy, Jimmy Chamberlin and James Iha all coming back. Jeff Schroeder is also coming back who first joined the band in 2007.

What will the band play on the tour? Will it be a greatest hits show or will the band play obscure songs from the Pumpkins catalogue of music? I think a little bit of both. With this massive tour, they’ll try to play as much as they can from their discography of albums. I think they’ll definitely play everything from “Gish”, “Siamese Dream” and “Mellie Collie” especially.

Sure, Billy Corgan may have been against greatest hits tours in the past but maybe he changed his mind? Billy probably thought to himself, “Lets celebrate the history of the Pumpkins by celebrating with the fans” and that’s what it’s all about the way I look at it.

Will the Pumpkins record a new studio record after the tour? Never say never on that one. It could be a possibility. They’ll probably write new songs while out on the road. Who knows what may happen. They might already have new songs that they could play on the tour as well.

Glad the band is back finally. I’m a longtime Pumpkins fan. Have been from the very beginning. I never saw the band myself but would love to.

Hopefully the band releases a live DVD/CD set of this new tour and I’m sure they will.



D’arcy keeps bashing Billy Corgan in the press, maybe it’s the best idea that she not be back in the band after all?

The Smashing Pumpkins are about to confirm their reunion tour later today, but it looks like it’s gonna be without their founding bassist, D’arcy Wretzky. Looks like the D’arcy and Billy Corgan feud is heating  up ’cause she keeps bashing him in the press. After she keeps bashing Billy in the band, I’m totally on the band’s side and not her. They tried to let her back in the band, but she decides to make them look bad by claiming Billy changed his mind about her and replacing her. She says a lot worse things about him, though is that she says Billy has a brain tumor simply because he supports Trump.

Well gee, what a surprise! D’arcy Wretzky another unhinged liberal and snowflake! Maybe she’s the one that has a brain tumor! Like the title of this post says, maybe it’s the best idea that she not be back in the band which is true. Who needs her! The band tried to offer her back in the band but D’arcy is now saying all kinds of nasty things about Billy.

I can’t wait for Billy’s next interview with the press, and I’m sure he’ll have a lot to say about this. What D’arcy is doing is unprofessional and inappropriate.

Like I said, who needs her! Still though, the Smashing Pumpkins reunion with Billy, Jimmy Chamberlin and James Iha is gonna be fucking awesome!

No announcement yet but a little later today.



Sara Idleman gives illegal aliens credit for keeping the local farms going around the North Country… she’ll lose the election for that reason…

Wow. This is crazy and nuts,, but no surprise to see that this Democratic hopeful to Congress is on the side of illegal aliens and not us Americans. Sara Idleman is just another dumb lunatic and insane Democrat like the rest of ’em. Sara Idleman the Greenwich Town Supervisor and former 8th Grade History teacher (Yeah, she was my History teacher back in 8th grade but I’m not afraid to be real about her and call her out on stuff).

I read this article and almost threw up in my mouth when I read the “Farms and Immigrants” part. Idleman making absurd claims that illegal aliens are the ones that keeps the local farms going in the North Country going and thriving. Yep, she gives credit to illegals on farms instead of actual American farmers.

For one, illegal aliens shouldn’t be working on farms anyways. They need to be deported and they need to get the hell out of this country. Secondly, American farmers work real hard on farms putting food on families tables and delivering milk to local stores around here. Really sad that Idleman doesn’t give American farmers credit. American farmers that are actual citizens. Actual Americans too work on farms that nobody wants to do.

Idleman is trying to get bipartisan support on her policies and ideas, but I don’t see how both sides of the spectrum is going to support her views on “illegals working on farms”. Liberals will probably support her over this stance but the “right” will trash her for this. She’ll only get partisan support on this. She and the Post Star calls them “immigrants” like a typical Democrat refusing to say what they really are: illegals.

She thinks she knows so much about farms around this area, but she has done nothing to improve farms. Just “all talk and no action”.

It’s obvious she’s after the Republican vote but I don’t think Republicans around this District won’t support her wacky ideas. We can’t elect Idleman to Congress. We don’t need another insane and delusional Democrat obstructing against Trump’s MAGA policies.

Hey NY21 voters, if you’re planning to vote for the Midterms… I would suggest you vote Russ Finley. If you’re a Republican and a Trump supporter, Russ Finley is the guy you want to vote for. Look him up. Russ Finley is a Trump supporter and MAGA candidate which means he’s probably all for the Border Wall and getting illegals out.

I’m not a big fan of Idleman at all. She’s crazy and insane like a typical Democrat in Congress.

What has she accomplish around the area other than being a 5 Time Town Supervisor? I can’t think of anything. She’s done nothing to improve the Town of Greenwich. When she talks all the good stuff, don’t believe her. She just lies to get votes.






Your first look at James Hetfield and Zac Efron on set of the new Ted Bundy movie! This is cool!

First photo from the new Ted Bundy movie with James Hetfield and Zac Efron on set. Looks like the interrogation room scene at the police station.

Below is a pic of the real Bob Hayward. If you compare Hetfield’s and the real Hayward together, you can see that the look is pretty much dead-on. Now I can see why Berlinger wanted Hetfield for the role simply because Hetfield and Hayward look very similar.


What do you think? Do you think James Hetfield has the good acting chops? I think he will do a great job! Hopefully Berlinger will give us a video clip of James playing in the movie soon, I think he will.

What made James want to get into acting? Well, I’m sure Lars may have talked him into it somehow ’cause Lars Ulrich is a big movie buff. I’m sure James will do an interview with the press and I’m sure he’ll explain why he got into acting.

Will James get into acting full time or part time? I think it would be part time ’cause of Metallica commitments. We’ll wait to hear from the man himself.





Smashing Pumpkins to make huge announcement Thursday… probably to confirm original reunion lineup but will D’arcy Wretzky be a part of it or not???

The Smashing Pumpkins put up this cryptic message yesterday on the band’s official facebook page. The band is about to make a huge announcement Thursday. As you can see on this image it includes the original SP heart logo which we haven’t seen in a while and then it includes a lyric line from the song “Disarm” above it. This is obviously giving you clues that the band is about ready to announce the original member lineup is about to happen after all.

I’m pretty sure Jimmy Chamberlin is coming back on drums and James Iha is coming back on guitar, but will D’arcy Wretzky come back on bass? According to the band themselves, no she isn’t. The band themselves say that they’ve tried to invite her in the band but claims she kept deferring, meaning putting them off, postpone until later.

Then D’arcy herself responded to the band’s statement and said Billy Corgan has decided he wouldn’t let her in the band and the Pumpkins are going on with a different bass player. So I take it that Billy and D’arcy are still feuding and having lots of problem still? Doing a little research on the history of the Pumpkins the D’arcy and Billy feud pretty much led to the break-up of the original lineup. Correct me if I’m wrong. They’ve always had problems. Apparently, they still are.

We’ll know for sure on Thursday whether or not she’s in the band. Things can always change on the last minute and Billy will end up letting her back in, who knows? We’ll have to wait and see.

The Smashing Pumpkins will probably confirm a reunion tour and possible new studio album too? Hopefully, they do a new studio album together ’cause that would be cool. I would like a new Pumpkins record with the 4 original members so hopefully D’arcy is back in. If she’s not then it’s not a true Pumpkins reunion. Won’t be as exciting if she’s not in.

I love the Smashing Pumpkins. I heard every album they did but the original lineup will always be the best, though. “Gish”, “Siamese Dream” and “Mellie Collie” were amazing records.

“Machina/The Machines of God” was the last album the original lineup did together and that’s a great record too.

Will the Pumpkins make a new studio album as well? I think they will ’cause you know Billy. That man is always playing and writing music. I’m sure he’s got a bunch of original stuff for the next Pumpkins record already.


James Hetfield of Metallica will make his film acting debut in Ted Bundy biopic film titled, “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile”… interesting…

Well this is interesting. Looks like James Hetfield is gonna try something new in his life by trying to do some acting in Hollywood. I never heard about this until Metallica’s tweet came up announcing that James already filmed some scenes for the upcoming Ted Bundy biopic film titled, “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile” which will star Zac Efron as Ted. It looks like James will be getting more of a cameo in the film ’cause he just landed a huge role. James will be playing Ted Bundy’s arresting officer, Robert Hayward. That means Hetfield will be co-starring the movie along with Efron.

Metallica’s James Hetfield Boards Voltage’s ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, And Vile’

What does this mean for Metallica??? Is Metallica gonna quit after their tour? No. James is still committed to Metallica and always will be. James probably agreed to do this movie ’cause the director Joe Berlinger also directed the Metallica documentary, “Some Kind of Monster”. Maybe James just wants to do something different in his life, ya know?

I’m looking forward to this and Tarantino’s film on Charles Manson. I know it seems a little weird but I find serial killer stories interesting. I think a lot of people do as well which is why serial killer stories are becoming popular in the entertainment world.


Police & prosecutors meet to discuss Jaliek Rainwalker case to speed things up, hopefully they get to the bottom of this case once and for all…

This is good news really. Why didn’t they do this a long time ago? New article on the decade old Jaliek Rainwalker disappearance case… finally some action going on here. Police, prosecutors and new investigators get together to discuss the case. They got new police officers to help work on it and they got other investigators now which is all good to see.

I’ve been following the Jaliek Rainwalker case ever since it happened in Nov. of 2007. I’ve followed this case pretty closely over the years and I’m still following it. I’m just like everyone else… I want answers too. Yeah, my hometown of Greenwich wants answers still. We haven’t forgotten Jaliek and never will.

I thought the Greenwich-Cambridge police did a horrible job of this case over the years and it’s good to see that they’re finally stepping up. This case really does need closure and we all need to know the truth. Most importantly, Jaliek needs his justice still.

Hopefully they do get to the bottom of this case soon and lock up all those responsible for his disappearance.

We all have a pretty good idea what happened to Jaliek and even the police thinks so too… we all think the adoptive parents murdered Jaliek and hid the body but there’s no proof yet. Hopefully soon they’ll get enough evidence to prove it so that it will be good enough to arrest certain people. Hopefully the new investigators will be able to locate the remains of Jaliek ’cause he’s gotta be out there somewhere.

This case has been open for 10 years and still nothing. I’m hoping and praying these new investigators will do a good job.



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