Why do lefties crucify us when we call out Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar? It’s so unfair. If they are scum then they are scum… period???

Ya know something. I’m getting sick and tired of us Americans getting crucified by the die-hard left for calling out Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. Each time we call those two women out simply because they say the dumbest and wackiest shit that pisses people off, lefties will say shit like: “You can’t treat women of color like that”, “You can’t talk shit about Omar ’cause she’s a Muslim”, etc. etc. etc. blah blah blah, I think you get my point.

It’s getting old and tiresome really. No we don’t target AOC simply because she’s a woman of color and we don’t target Omar ’cause she’s a Muslim. We target them because they are morons. We target them ’cause they are pieces of shits who shouldn’t have been elected in Congress to begin with.

What’s even scarier is that when these two women says dumb and offensive things that hurt a lot of Americans, lefties see what they say as the truth and they worship them as heroes. The more these two idiot women opens their mouth, the more and more it seems that the left hates America just as much as they do. AOC glorifies socialism and it seems the left is with her on that. Omar glorifies anti-semitism and it seems the left is okay with her on that too. What’s even worse is that Omar downplays the 9/11 attacks, acting like as if those attacks were nothing and laughing at it… no outrage from the left at all.

This is all very scary.

Ya know, we don’t call out people and we don’t target people ’cause of their gender, religion, sexual orientation or political views. If you are scum, you are scum and if we think you’re deserving of being called out then we will call you out. If you say offensive and stupid shit, we’ll call you out on it. That’s how it goes, ya know?

I’m sick of the left thinking they can get away with saying stupid shit and they can say what they want without any consequences. Freakin’ bullshit and I’ve had enough.

I can’t stand AOC and Omar. I despise them both and they need to be out of office asap. The most dangerous women on the Congress floor and I feel very confident saying that!



Busting another powerlifting myth I see out there… powerlifting isn’t a skinny man’s sport? lmao…

During that debate on the Tnation forum in the powerlifting section, some dude told me that I looked skinny which I’ll take as a compliment, btw. The dude told me I needed to add some weight on me and put on some muscle. I didn’t bother replying to that guy but in my head, I was saying to myself, “Dude, I’ve been lifting weights in the gym for over 10 years and I don’t look muscular enough to you?”.

I’ve had many people tell me in person that I’m getting bigger in bodybuilding training and lots of people have told me that I’m getting all jacked up. People tell me these things to my face instead of online. I get positive feedback on my physique all the time. Yes, I’m going to get some critics on my physique but that’s okay.

There’s a ridiculous myth going around that “Powerlifting isn’t a skinny man’s sport”. Some people think powerlifting is for “big men” only. That’s just another ridiculous lie going around.

After watching three powerlifting meets and watching a bunch of live powerlifting meets online, I’ve seen plenty of skinny men competing. You’ll see skinny guys lifting the big ones… anywhere from 400 – 600 lbs. It’s insane. You see powerlifting is for everyone in all shapes and sizes.

The days of fat asses and overweight powerlifters are over. Some people think powerlifting is for fat asses only but that’s how powerlifting was in the old days. Ya know, I think the fitness and bodybuilding community have picked up on powerlifting. There’s even a lot of bodybuilders who have picked up on powerlifting too. It’s not just for fat men.

I believe powerlifting have gone mainstream. Nobody cares about bodybuilding anymore. Bodybuilding is a dying industry and it seems that everybody have switched to powerlifting including me. It’s amazing to see really. Everywhere in America you’ll see more powerlifting meets even in your hometown. You can love or hate powerlifting all you want to but the sport is exploding in America. It’s getting bigger and bigger.

I’m glad to be on this powerlifting journey. I wished I discovered powerlifting years ago.


Actually I won’t do my max out week at the end of this month, I’ll do it at the end of May instead…

I was gonna max out and test my pr’s on the big three: squat, bench and deadlift at the end of this month but then I thought to myself: “Nah, I think it’s better that I do it at the end of next month in May”. That way I can have plenty of time to train for strength for a few hoping to bring my numbers up some more.

I’m noticing I really did lose a little bit of deadlift strength simply because I stopped heavy deadlifting 3 weeks before a powerlifting meet. I’ll never do that again. I want to spend a lot of weeks to try and get it back. I’m hoping to lift over 300 lbs. for more repetitions this Spring/Summer and I’m gonna do all I can to get there. I guess I’m on the road to a 400 lb. deadlift pr. and if I’m lucky enough, I could get there easily the more I keep at it.

At the end of May sounds like a good plan to max out on the three lifts to find out what my pr’s are. After that, I won’t max out for a long while until the push/pull meet in August.

The key to building more strength is “consistency”. There’s no other way around it really. You have to keep at it week after week on a consistent basis. You slack off from the gym, take a lot of time off, you’re gonna lose that hard work. Don’t wanna do that.

For a long while now, I’ve been keeping at it 4 days a week all year round… even through the fall and winter, I have managed to keep my 4 day a week at the gym going. That’s why my numbers on the big three lifts went up quickly and they will continue to go up this year.

At the push/pull meet in August, I’m hoping to win first place in my weight class. If not 2nd place would be cool too. I’m looking to really bring up my numbers big for my 4th powerlifting meet. Again, that’s what you want to do in powerlifting… you want your numbers to keep going up for every meet you do. You don’t want them going down or staying the same ’cause that would suck.

People might make fun of my numbers that I have currently for the big three but maybe they will no longer make fun of me when I do reach my goals. Keep proving the doubters and haters wrong. That’s the beauty of powerlifting, ya know?


Ilhan Omar needs to be removed from Congress… the MOST EVIL woman on Capitol Hill… she’s a Muslim so go figure???

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Haha… Trump just destroyed Ilhan Omar with this video over Ilhan Omar’s disgusting comments on 9/11. Ya know, it’s no surprise to me that a Muslim Congresswoman would downplay 9/11 like this ’cause she is a Muslim. Muslims committed the 9/11 attacks so it’s no surprise to me to see that she might be on their side. This is what you get for electing a Muslim in Congress.

Call me Islamophobic all you want but I don’t like Islam. Never had and never will.

I wouldn’t be surprised that liberals secretly worship Omar for saying this and I bet they think she’s a hero now.

This evil woman needs to be removed from office ’cause she’s very scary. It’s also even more scarier that liberals worship her. AOC and Omar both need to go, I freakin’ hate ’em both and I don’t care if liberals find my opinion offensive.


Not only that Master Palpatine returns so does Darth Vader in “Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker”???

So the Star Wars Episode 9 trailer is finally here and the subtitle for this one is: “The Rise of Skywalker”. Interesting.

As usual the trailer is full secrecy and mysteries that will get people talking and debating. JJ Abrams is the master at making movie trailers for that reason alone. Not bad for a trailer that’s only two minutes.

Some of you may ask, who’s the voice over? It can’t be Kylo Ren ’cause Adam Driver’s voice is a lot deeper. It can’t be Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker ’cause it doesn’t sound like Hamill’s voice at all. Who does that voice remind you of? That’s right… it sounds almost an exact match as Master Palpatine and that’s who the voice is. It is Ian McDiarmid’s voice for sure so this probably means that Ian reprises his role as Palpatine? That’s what it’s looking like.

It’s also looking like that Darth Vader is making a return too. Is that who is flying that huge Tie Fighter going after Rey as she stands there and waits for it? If you watch the trailer, it very briefly showed the inside of the tie fighter with an unknown person holding the control yoke. You see someone’s hands with big black rubber gloves controlling the yoke. I immediately thought of Vader. There were talks in the past of bringing Vader back somehow and I wouldn’t be surprised that’s who it is.

Some of you may ask, how is it possible for Vader to come back when he died in “Return of the Jedi”? Hmmmmm… interesting thought but keep in mind that this is science fiction and anything is possible.

Another thought that now that Palpatine is back, it’s possible that he created another Vader, a different one. This time Luke Skywalker is the new Vader. Luke Skywalker turns evil and joins the Dark Side, imagine that??? That could be a possibility too and it’ll be an interesting turn if they go that direction.

Some other thoughts on the trailer, looks like Lando and Chewie flying the Falcon again like the good ol’ days. I kind of predicted that would happen and looks like Leia would make an appearance too.

Some of you may ask, would Luke Skywalker return for this one? I think it’s a possibility ’cause like I said above, he could turn into the Dark Side after what happened to him in “The Last Jedi”. There is a reason this movie is subtitled “The Rise of Skywalker” so it could be referring to either Luke or Anakin. My bets is that it’s probably Luke.

Also toward the end of the trailer, you see Rey and her friends looking at some debri across a body of water. Well, that’s obviously parts of the death star from years ago… parts of the super laser from the Death Star.

It’s a great trailer and gave me goosebumps. I’m totally stoked for this one and will definitely be there in the theaters for this one. I’ve seen all the new Star Wars movies in theater so far including “Rogue One” and “A Solo Story”. I’m looking forward to this one for sure. I think Disney is doing a great job with the new Star Wars movies. Fuck the whiners and the crybabies!


During off-season powerlifting training, why I start off my sets “hypertrophy” style and then heavy sets/few reps later…

Some may think my training style in powerlifting maybe pretty questionable. In powerlifting training, I usually start off light for the first couple of sets and then the last few sets that’s when I do the heavy sets/few reps. There are a few reasons why I train this way.

  1. It’s important to start off your sets “hypertrophy” style so you can work on your form and practice your technique. That is always crucial. You jump into heavy sets/few reps right away, your form could be a mess.
  2. I like to mix hypertrophy style training so I can build muscle mass and strength mass at the same time ’cause I always believed that building muscle is a part of strength training. Building more muscle will give you strength too and it’s always important to train like a bodybuilder still. Know what I mean?

I’ll probably continue to mix hypertrophy and strength training together but from now on, I think I’m going to do things differently. Come up with a different training program. I think from now on, I’m going to do a couple weeks of straight heavy sets/few reps and then I’ll pick a week of hypertrophy/lighter days like a “deload” week or something on the big three lifts.

For example:

Week 1: Heavy days

Week 2: Heavy days

Week 3: Heavy days

Week 4: Hypertrophy style/deload week

I’ll go with something along like that and that sounds like a good plan to me ’cause I was told that it’s not good to lift heavy week after week. It’s good to pick a light week, ya know?

I wanna build muscle as well. Not just strength.

I never thought I would say this but I think I’m in need of a powerlifting coach. I really need one. I already have a few but they live all the way out in Albany and I only see them on the powerlifting meets. I would need to get a powerlifting coach who is more locally and I’m going to do my best to find someone. Get a powerlifting coach who has a lot of powerlifting experience and knows what he’s doing. My own powerlifting coach would help and hope I get lucky enough to find one. Maybe I’ll put out an ad in craigslist or something maybe that would help, lol. If I want to become a great powerlifter someday then a coach is needed.


“Wrestlemania 35″… a brief review… it was surprisingly great! Best Wrestlemania I’ve seen in a long time!

Yes I did watch “Wrestlemania 35” last Sunday on the WWE Network. I was meaning to post this review earlier this week but didn’t feel like it and now I’ll do it. Ya know, the past several Wrestlemania’s were pretty good but could have been better. This time WWE really stepped their game up and improved. I thought “Wrestlemania 35” was one of the best Wrestlemania’s I’ve seen in a long time.

I enjoyed all of it except the best matches of the night were:

Shane McMahon vs. The Miz,

Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Championship Match w/ The Usos vs. Aleister Black/Ricochet vs. Rusev & Shinsuke Nakumra vs. The Bar

Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title

and of course, the women’s main event with Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte vs. Ronda Rousey.

Those 4 matches were the best of the night and they felt like Wrestlemania.

The rest of the matches were pretty good but they were quick squash matches. I’m happy to see many NXT stars making their Wrestlemania debuts like Aleister Black, Ricochet and Samoa Joe. All three of those guys are really cool and I’m a fan of those wrestlers.

I think Aleister Black and Ricochet tag team is really cool. Those two guys were singles wrestlers back in NXT but now they are on the main roster, they are a tag team. I respect those guys so much ’cause they’ve been performing on RAW, SD and even NXT every week on a non-stop basis. Their work ethic in the company is impressive. Most wrestlers refuse to work hectic WWE schedules but Aleister and Ricochet are willing to perform whenever WWE wants them and that’s ballsy. On top of all that, Aleister and Ricochet are both very talented wrestlers in the ring and both guys are gonna be main event stars sooner or later. I’m a huge fan of both of those guys.

As far as the women’s main event goes, it was kind of short but it was a thrilling and exciting match. Women main event Wrestlemania for the first time is controversial and it’s not for everyone but I totally support it. Women have been in wrestling for many decades and have never main evented. I think it’s finally time that women should be able to wrestle in main events. They deserve it and it’s long overdue. I’m a huge fan of Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and I love Ronda. I’ve loved Ronda Rousey for a long time and still support her now. All three women are very talented performers and they’re phenomenal wrestlers too.

WWE is trying to improve their product ’cause they lost their audience. Ratings are dropping and no one watching the ppvs anymore. I’m sure Wrestlemania did well. It was a great ppv overall.

Brock Lesnar finally lost the belt, the Usos retain their tag team championships, Kofi finally won the WWE Title, Becky Lynch won both RAW/SD titles. Yep. I would say it was a great night of Wrestlemania.

WWE is slowly giving what the fans want. Good job Vince and the WWE!


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