How to deal with haters/critics and negativity as a musician…

So you want to play your music and get yourself out there hoping to get noticed in your local area. I would have to say — knowing from my own experience — that being a local musician is kind of tough admittedly. It’s hard trying to get yourself out there and trying to get people to care, I hear ya.

I remember back in 2006/2007… those were the years when I first decided that I want to start playing my music publicly hoping to get well-known. When I first started releasing my music and started playing open mics/actual gigs, I got a mix of love and hate over the years. I’m fine with it too. It took me a long time to be able to finally accept the fact that I can’t get everyone to like me, but now I can handle it just fine.

I’m not lying when I said I get a mix of love and hate over the years of my life when it comes to my music. I still do get a mix of love and hate to this day. I’ve always had a mix of true fans and haters. Like I said above, I’m fine with that now. I used to be upset when I get haters and used to have a big problem engaging into them and defending myself (making things worse) but I don’t do that anymore. Now I get flattered when I get haters. I’ve gotten a lot better ignoring negativity nowadays. It’s just an unprofessional thing to do when you respond to negativity that is directed at you, ya know?

I was doing research on this stuff and stumbled upon this interesting blog on how musicians deal with haters and negativity. I liked it when this article said when you have haters take it like a badge of honor. Take it like a reward or something and be flattered by it.

Read this interesting blog which I agree with all of it:

Some of you may ask… why do I have a lot of haters? Is it because they think my music sucks? They don’t like my personality? They just think it’ll be funny to make fun of me? I would say a combination of all three!  A lot of people think it’s my fault that I get a lot of haters but I never thought so. All I want to do is play my music and get it out there, but unfortunately, that’s not gonna make some happy. Keep in mind that a lot of people are not gonna be nice to you. There WILL be a lot of assholes and mean people out there, trust me. That’s just the way it is. Best way to deal with them is just ignore them all. Haters are gonna hate, period. End of story. Just keep making your music and let people hate.

I also agree with that little blog post above that musicians are very sensitive people. A lot of them get upset too easily knowing from my own experience dealing with musicians. They can have some pretty nasty temper tantrums for sure. It’s crazy. The thing is, some musicians have huge egos and they can be narcissists. They just want everything to be positive about them, once you have negative thoughts about them… watch out.

I’ll never forget the days when people attacked me anonymously through message boards, social networking like the old myspace, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. It was nasty when I dealt with all that. I still happen to get anonymous attacks once in a while, but I just ignore it and let it all slide by. Musicians and regular music fans can sometimes get all hell-bent on trying to destroy me but I’m still here. Still the same old guy and haven’t changed one bit for anyone.

Admittedly, I would like people to have more respect for me and treat me more positively but I learned that respect can’t fall in my lap. I gotta earn it. It took me a while to realize that I can’t make everyone happy even though I try. The blog above is so right, when you’re getting hated on publicly… don’t engage and let your supporters defend you. Your supporters/fans do a good job defending you. Yeah, I do have lovely fans and supporters who have always had my back 100%. They usually do help defend me when I’m getting attacked. That’s what your supporters & fans are there for. When they see you’re getting attacked by haters, they’ll help scare the haters away for you. I’ve seen it with other bands when they dealt with haters.

Yeah, there’s gonna be negativity and drama in music for sure. You just gotta learn to deal with it, stay strong and stay above it all if you want to succeed in music. I know I haven’t released any new music in a long while but when I do, I’ll probably get even more haters than ever before and I’m fine with that. I gotta get back into songwriting ’cause I’m itching for new material pretty badly.






My thoughts on Billy Bush’s NY Times write-up about Trump’s “Pussy Grabbing”…

Ya know, I find it hilarious that Billy Bush has been going around acting like he “got” Trump. Billy thinks he exposed Trump and the left thinks he’s a hero for it. The left thinking he shouldn’t have gotten fired from NBC over the locker room banter tape.

I remember the locker room banter tape quite well. Billy was on the tape clearly joining in on the fun and Billy was also saying flirty things about women. Bush was caught on tape saying things like “Get out of the way, honey. Oh that’s good legs”. Billy was also laughing along with Trump when he was saying all those things.

Now Billy is playing the victim and playing “gotcha” moments with Trump. Keep in mind, that Billy is just another Bush! I repeat, another Bush! I think Billy is nothing more than another Bush trying to take down the Trump presidency. I also think Billy is just trying to get his job back at NBC.

Billy was on the bus clearly joining in on the fun with Trump, laughing along with him and now he wrote this NY Times opinion piece article saying that Trump was wrong? Liberals upset at Trump for saying “grabbing by the pussy” and you don’t see any liberal outrage at Billy saying things about a woman’s legs. Billy is no different and he’s no better.

On top of that, from what I’ve seen… I’ve never seen Trump questioning whether or not the tape was real. Sounds like more “Fake News” to me. I’ve did a little research and that source came exclusively from the New York Times. If that source came from the NYTimes exclusively then it is probably fake news.

Trump apologized for the tape and admitted his mistakes, yet people won’t leave him alone and won’t back off on him unfortunately. Billy was on the tape saying stuff about how hot a woman’s legs were, how come no one is angry at him too?

Liberals and the MSM don’t care. The only thing they care about is destroying Trump. Billy can say all kinds of perverted things about women and they’ll just ignore it. They’re just desperate to take down Trump and that’s all.

On another note, I myself wonder if the tape was real or not. Was the tape carefully edited? When the video came out, the camera showed the outside of the bus while Trump was saying all those things so there isn’t any real proof on whether he said those things or not. Just because Billy said Trump said all those things doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. Billy could be full of it just to make Trump look bad ’cause after all Billy is just another BUSH. Just remember that y’all.


Happy Birthday, Ozzy Osbourne…

Today is Ozzy Osbourne’s 69th birthday. Love him or hate him all you want to, without this man then there would have been no Black Sabbath. There would have been no genre called “metal” if it wasn’t for him ’cause it was him that started it all. Admit it, right?

Ozzy was inspired to sing after hearing the Beatles when he was a young teenager. After listening to the Beatles, that’s what he decided he wanted to do for the rest of his life was to become a singer. It was him and Geezer Butler who actually formed Black Sabbath together… Bill Ward and Tony Iommi came later. Initially, Sabbath started off as a blues band under a different name. When Black Sabbath were first starting out, they had a tough time trying to get people to take them seriously until now. Them getting people to love them didn’t happen overnight that’s for sure. It took them a long time for Sabbath to be accepted by fans.

After Black Sabbath happened, that’s when the genre we all know as “heavy metal” first came about. Of course, we don’t call it “heavy metal” anymore. Nowadays, we just call it “metal”. The genre of “metal” happened ’cause of Sabbath; they invented it. If you’re a metal fan like myself then Black Sabbath got you into it. All those metal bands that you liked over the years: Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Poison, Guns N’ Roses, Twisted Sister, Marilyn Manson, Korn, Slipknot, etc. That also includes all the black and death metal bands like Death, Mayhem, Carcass, Venom, Morbid Angel, Deicide, At The Gates, Cannibal Corpse, etc. They all happened ’cause of Sabbath.

Back to Ozzy, I’m a huge fan of Sabbath and his solo career. Ozzy is also a huge inspiration in my own singing too.

Happy birthday, Ozzy and thanks for all the killer music over the years!


Thoughts on the Kate Steinle verdict… we really need that wall more than anything now!!!

24173154_10155197128783131_1402214059901861461_o (1).jpg

Like most, I too am outraged and disappointed in the Kate Steinle verdict. The San Francisco jury letting Kate’s killer walk a free man. Not surprising really ’cause this fuckin’ country has always been too afraid to call what illegal aliens really are… dangerous monsters. No doubt that Kate’s killer was totally guilty ’cause there was video evidence showing Kate’s killer fleeing the scene and throwing the gun into the San Francisco bay. There were witnesses who took photos and video of the incident. That stuff would have been good enough for a “guilty” verdict but not not surprisingly, the jury has decided to side with Kate’s killer.

This just proves that the justice system in law is pretty broken. It always has been for years. I’m so sick of this country acting like illegal aliens are harmless and lovable people. Pretty crazy, ya know??? For some reason, this country has a big problem kissing illegals asses and I’m sick of it. Illegal aliens have always been a problem in this country. The media refuses to call them for what they really are and politicians refuses to call them for what they are. It’s just dumb.

This is why we all voted for Donald Trump in office ’cause when he went down that escalator at Trump Tower to announce his presidency, and he gave that historic speech that’s when we all got on board to support him once he got into the topic of illegal aliens. Trump  blew us all away when he started calling illegal aliens for what they really are… dangerous and violent animals. Sure, not all illegal aliens are dangerous and violent. Some of them might be harmless but either way, they don’t belong here at all. We don’t want illegals living better lives than us actual citizens. We’re fed up with it at all and that’s why Trump got elected.

After the ridiculous Kate Steinle verdict, we really need that Border Wall more than anything. We need both Kate’s Law and the Border Wall. The Border Wall will be in honor of Kate. I used to believe the Border Wall wasn’t really as important but once again, we really need it more than anything now.

I’ve had it with liberals thinking there is nothing wrong with illegals… thinking they won’t hurt us. Are they fucking serious??? They’re defending people they don’t really know which is even more crazier. Liberals are so hung up on their “human rights” stuff that it’s gonna get us all killed. Liberals don’t care about actual Americans. It seems that they are more concerned about the well-being of Muslims and illegal Mexicans than us Americans which is sad. The reason is that liberals only care about control and more power. That’s why they do what they do. Liberals are delusional and mentally ill. I’ve gotten slammed by liberals for calling Muslims and illegal Mexicans violent. Got called every name in the book: racist, bigot, etc. I’m tired of it. We all are.

We really need to build the wall and deport them all. That’s what we elected Trump for. So far, Trump is doing a good job getting illegals out of the country with ICE but that’s not enough. WE NEED THAT WALL UP. The border wall is currently in construction right now but very slowly. Hopefully Trump gets a lot tougher on illegal immigration right now.

When will the left ever wake up on illegal aliens? When an illegal alien has a gun pointing at their face, would that be good enough for them to wake up then? No. They’ll still be afraid to hold them accountable after that. This country is messed up for sure.

Lets hope and pray that wall gets fully built before 2020. If not then Trump may lose my support and I’m serious about that. I’ll consider getting off the train. I’m saying I might. It’s not a definite yes.





Thoughts on Matt Lauer firing, there are sexual predators everywhere you look, not just in Hollywood!

Why are people surprised about the firing of Matt Lauer? I’m not! I never liked that asshole anyways to begin with so good riddance! Lauer had the word “creep” written all over him for many years so I’m not surprised.

On top of that, there are sexual predators everywhere you look like the title of this topic says. It doesn’t just exist in Hollywood. There are predators in politics, journalism, sports and there are predators in real life too. They’re everywhere sadly!

It’s just that these predator men hide it very well. How are they able to get away with it after all these years? Well they probably found a way to silence the victim like giving them hush money, threatening their lives and sometimes the victims are afraid to speak out.

One thing for sure though, I find it unfair that so many people are bashing the victim for speaking out about it after all these years. Some of them are like, “Why didn’t the victim speak out about this a long time ago?” Well think of it this way… maybe the victim is afraid to speak about it ’cause he/she feels it’s a hard topic to talk about. Maybe they refused to talk about it publicly ’cause they’re trying to get it out of their minds, ya know? Maybe the victim is afraid they would get in trouble if they spoke about it. Now that all of this is going on, they just feel it’s the right time to talk about it. Now more victims are coming forward, they feel more comfortable coming forward. So give the victims a break.

Yeah, there are predators everywhere. They can be even your close friends and family. Be more aware of your surroundings and watch who you trust ’cause you’ll never know someone’s true character. There are a lot of sickos and pervs out there,  it’s crazy!

Anyway, I’m not a big fan of InfoWars, but this is a great article in regards to Trump’s “Pussy Grabbing” tape. If you’re still upset about Trump’s “Pussy Grabbing” comments, maybe you’ll have a different feeling about that now that Lauer and NBC got busted since they were the ones who leaked the tape so enjoy this read:

It’s funny… NBC tried to make Trump  look like a sexual predator and now Matt Lauer gets exposed as a predator. This is the same network that gets all over Bill O’ Reilly and Roy Moore for sexual misconduct. Everybody in liberal Hollywood tried to make Trump look like a sexual predator but they get exposed for doing the same.

So does this make Trump innocent over the “Pussy Grabbing” stuff? Oh yes, absolutely! NBC started all of that, remember that.


Beautiful things will happen once you distance yourself from all the negativity and drama…


In facebook, I’m always seeing all kinds of negativity and drama. You see it everyday. Men and women ranting about how tough life is publicly on their FB walls. I’m sure you’ve seen it too. When men and women get crap by people in their lives, they would also rant about that publicly as well. Ya know something, I don’t know why people get themselves into so much drama. They claim they don’t like it but I think they do… people really love drama and addicted to it.

Not me. I would pretty much rather stay far away from it as much as possible. Some may not think it but I’m a very happy guy right now. My life isn’t perfect but I found ways to be happy. One way to make you happy is distancing yourself from negativity and drama. It really works. I used to have a problem getting myself into negativity and drama — all that did was make me unhappy most of the time. You’ll be much happier if you stay out of all drama and bullshit, always. Whether the drama and negativity has something to do with you or not, you should stay out of it either way.

Ya know, if you’re getting attacked and criticized by people… just ignore it and move on. If people around you are getting themselves into drama and if it doesn’t concern you at all then don’t get yourself involved. I see drama everywhere, not just in social networking, in real life too. I’m sure you’ve seen all kinds of drama between your family members and friends, but when you see that stuff, stay out of it. Once again, don’t get yourself involved. I never understood why people get themselves involved in other peoples drama when they shouldn’t.

When you’re getting attacked, bullied and criticized by people aka “haters”… there are gonna be some other people who think you instigated it and thinks it’s your fault. It’s not your fault at all; it’s just that a lot of people are assholes out there and that’s it. Ya know,  just because someone has a lot of haters like myself doesn’t necessarily make them a bad person. Never judge the book by it’s cover.

Yeah, I hear ya about drama & negativity in life ’cause I get a lot of it too… I’ve just gotten much better distancing myself from it. I don’t care about drama and negativity anymore like I used to. Nowadays, all I wanna be is a positive and happy person. I found myself to be a happy person by playing music, doing bodybuilding/fitness, yoga and doing all the hobbies that I like to do. I have a lot of other hobbies such as reading books, writing, watching movies and playing video games. I do a lot of hobbies ’cause that stuff keeps me happy and continues to make me feel strong. I gotta do things to be inspired.

The secret to distancing yourself from negativity is not caring about other people. Just don’t care what people think and just be yourself. Don’t change for anyone just because someone doesn’t like who you are. People always tried to change me just because they don’t like who I am and it’s not happening.

I know it’s hard to stay away from negativity and drama ’cause it’s everywhere you look, but you gotta learn to stay strong and not be a sensitive person. Yeah, a lot of people are assholes out there nowadays, but when you call people out for it… no one will believe you and they’ll keep getting on to you even more that’s why you gotta distance yourself from bullshit.

If people are being negative to you all the time then don’t be afraid to eliminate them from your life completely. I’m noticing a lot of people are having a hard time doing that. It’s not that hard really and does make your life much easier! People have no reason to get on to you about stupid shit, they’re just assholes and a bunch of low lives trying to put you down to their level. That is all.

Yeah, I still get assholes out there thinking it’s okay to say whatever they want about me but I just ignore ’em. Whenever I say I have haters, some never want to believe me but that’s okay. I don’t let negative people bother me anymore. My life is real good. I love making music and doing all the bodybuilding/fitness/yoga… that’s all I care about pretty much. I don’t care what people have to say or think about me anymore and you should have that same attitude. Just live life the way you want to and screw the rest.


About my vocal range, I’m pretty sure I’m a “tenor” after all!!!

I know I’ve been switching back and forth a little bit on what my vocal range style is, but I think I’ll make it final that my vocal range is “tenor”. I’m very sure and 100% positive it is.

On the piano, I can sing from C4 to F4 (C4 which is middle C on piano). In order to be a tenor, you need to be in the B2 to G4 range. That’s the tenor range right there. I can sing from B2 to F4 which pretty much lands in the tenor range. I’m not quite up to G4 yet but I’m getting there.

So yeah,  I’m definitely a tenor singer which feels pretty awesome. I sung the notes on a piano so I’m pretty sure I can sing from B2 to F4. I actually can hit G4 a little bit but not quite. I gotta stop right there so I don’t damage my voice, but I can already sing pretty high.

I’m gonna continue to practice my vocal exercises to see if I can go even higher ’cause I would like to make it up to alto possibly. I already do have quite a vocal range, though which feels awesome.

I do want to hit the really high notes and it’s possible I can go all the way up to soprano too. Just gotta work hard and stay dedicated. I do want to have a really strong singing voice. I love singing. I’m doing all I can to improve and get better. My voice is already decent enough to sing rock n’ roll and even metal so I’ll give it a go soon.


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