My chest pecs really have been beefing up lately and it feels amazing!

Yes, I have been noticing a lot lately that my chest pecs muscles really have been beefing up a lot lately. In the past, I used to feel that my pecs were undeveloped and I felt my pecs were my weakest points in bodybuilding. Now I finally figured out how to develop my chest even more. People are always giving me compliments on my physique which I appreciate but big chest pectorals really does go with a great physique. I mean, if everything else on your body looks great but your chest is lagging then you’re doing something wrong.

I’ve learned that when you’re doing chest workouts, you must squeeze the pecs. Full contraction is key to getting bigger pecs. So many guys out there complain that their chest are lagging and you wonder why that is? Is it because they use horrible form? Maybe it’s because they do so much half-repping and partial reps rather than getting a full contraction? That could be it.

When doing squeezing movements with the chest like the dumbbell flies and cable crossovers, you must squeeze the pecs at the top. That’s what I’ve been doing lately is squeezing the pecs and it’s working. When doing pressing movements with the pecs, same thing… full contraction except you’re pressing up. Doing pressing movements like dumbbells and barbell, you don’t want to do half-repping and partial reps with that either. You must press all the way up to get a full contraction.

I look at myself in the mirror with my shirt off and notice the pecs have been improving lately ’cause I’ve been doing both the pressing and squeezing movements. Plus, training chest twice a week is helping also.

I want to look great wearing a t-shirt where my pecs really stick out.

I’m planning to post new progress pics of me shirtless so I can show you that I’m not making it up. Maybe you’ll even agree that my chest is improving. I know it’s improving ’cause I’m feeling my chest getting bigger. I’m feeling a lot stronger too which feels amazing.

In the past, I ‘ve struggled to get bigger pecs and now I’ve finally figured it out after all this time. Remember, full contraction. Really squeezing the pecs really works. It doesn’t really matter how you do cable crossovers or dumbbell flies, as long as you’re squeezing the pecs and getting the full contraction, that’s the only thing that matters.



Is Sylvester Stallone getting ready to retire from acting pretty soon? Me thinks so, yes…

Well, Sly just wrapped up filming “Rambo: Last Blood” which means he’s all done filming for the movie. Next thing you know, Sly announced that he has retired the Rambo character for good too. So Sly retired Rocky and now Rambo.

What’s next? “Expendables 4” still needs to happen and that film is still in the works so I would think “EX4” could be Sly’s next film. “Expendables 4” could start filming anytime now, probably in 2019. Sly is still committed to doing “Expendables 4” and that’s probably gonna be the last time he’s gonna play Barney Ross too.

With all this going on, is Sly getting ready to retire from acting pretty soon? Yes, I believe he is. He did talk about retiring from acting in the past  before but he’s not going to retire from Hollywood for good, though. I remember Sly saying in the past that he wants to write and direct more films that he’s not starring in more.

After “Creed II”, he’s got more movies coming out that he’s working on: “Backtrace” “Rambo: Last Blood”, “Tough As They Come”, “The Expendables 4” and “Scarpa”. That’s pretty much it.

I really believe he’s about to hang it up on acting pretty soon… he’s just going to finish those movies listed above and that’s probably it. That’s understandable… Sylvester is 72 years old right now and I think he still has some action movies left in him before he gets too old. If he wants to retire from acting to focus more on directing then that’s great.

The man obviously has a huge passion for making movies, you can tell that he loves it. That’s why he keeps working. Sly probably wants to direct more ’cause it’s probably not as hectic of a job as acting. Sly has a family and he wants to spend more time with them.

Usually famous actors who spent most of their lives acting in movies just get so tired of it and they want to do something different. That’s why a lot of famous actors over the years has turned to directing like Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson and many others.

As far as Sly Stallone goes, I’ve always respected this man immensely. I remember in the past when Sly’s career was in a slump, he got hated on and criticized so much. Now you don’t see people hating on him anymore. Sly finally got the respect he deserves and he earned it. He definitely turned his career around for sure, love him or hate him.


Saw “Creed II” yesterday afternoon and I thought it was an incredible film… very well done film… I was impressed…

So yesterday afternoon after I did my Christmas shopping, I went and finally saw “Creed II”. I thought it was an incredible and very well done film. Like the blog title says, I was very impressed. It’s definitely one of the best Rocky films in the series. Still won’t top the 1st one but “Creed II” is definitely the second best Rocky film.

I thought the film was very well acted by the whole cast, very well written and very well directed too. It was an all around great movie so no complaints at all and it was definitely way better than the first “Creed” movie. They really stepped their game up with “Creed II”.

Michael B. Jordan’s acting skills has been heavily criticized for the past several years of his career and I can understand why ’cause I haven’t been too thrilled with his acting skills lately. I thought Michael was really good in “Creed II”, though. It seems he is getting better and better with his acting. I wasn’t too thrilled with his acting in the first Creed movie but he was actually impressive in the second one. Michael was actually watchable this time.

In the past, a lot of people thought it would be a silly idea to bring Ivan Drago back but I think it’s a great idea and it makes total sense to bring Drago back. As a matter of fact, I always knew that Drago would come back in a Rocky film in some way whether it would be for Rocky 7 or a prequel, reboot or a spinoff. It ended up being for a spinoff. I was really impressed witih Dolph Lundgren’s acting in this movie too. He still plays Ivan Drago really well after all these years and Ivan talks a lot more in this one too. Even though Dolph was originally from Sweden, he’s very good at getting the Russian accent down. Why is Dolph so good at playing a Russian character? It’s because he played a lot of Russian characters in his direct-to-video action movies that he played in over the years. Dolph played a very good villain in the movie. Dolph still played a very scary and evil villain that you really wanted to hate just like in “Rocky IV”.

The movie had plenty of flashbacks and memories from the earlier Rocky films which is what made it interesting. I won’t spoil anything but the film did had a few surprising cameos.

The Creed spinoffs makes it looks like that it’s about celebrating the history of Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa but the way I see the Creed films, not really. The films are about avenging the death of Apollo. I see these as revenge movies ’cause that’s what they are technically. Adonis wanting to get revenge at Ivan Drago for killing his father.

“Creed II” was more powerful than the earlier Rocky films. The new film had more heart and it was a lot more sad and emotional. “Creed II” had too many mixed emotions while you watch it… it’ll also make you happy, laugh at the comedic scenes and make you have a blast watching the training scenes and boxing matches.

As far as Sly’s acting goes, he kills it like he always does really. Sly announced that “Creed II” will be the final time he’ll be playing Rocky. “Creed III” will probably end up happening but it’s going to be without Rocky sadly. That’s understandable ’cause Sly is getting old. He feels he can no longer play the Rocky Balboa character anymore due to his age.

With all this being said, “Creed II” was an amazing film and I was blown away by it. Will the film land some Oscar nominations? I don’t know, we’ll see. I can see it getting nominated for Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and that’s about it.

If you’re a Rocky fan, you definitely gotta go see this one.



No doubt censorship is a real problem in America, always has been and still is…

Censorship is not only a big problem of conservatives in America. Censorship happens with people of all types. Censorship is a real problem in America all over. I’ve been a victim of censorship for many years of my life and that’s why I started my own blog years ago ’cause I was fed up of all the censorship I was getting. Ya know, getting banned from message boards and forums like crazy.

Yep, getting banned through local music websites, getting banned from movie forums and even getting banned through wrestling forums. That’s why I said, “Fuck it. I’ll no longer post in message boards and start my own blog”. Here I am, on my own blog for many years and I can’t get banned on here ’cause wordpress is a big supporter of “freedom of speech” which is why I joined it to begin with.

A lot of people would say that getting banned from forums is all my fault and I’ve brought it upon myself but not really. When I get banned from a message board usually it happens when I get into a heated argument or a debate with a bunch of users and that’s when the admin will jump in. The admin will start arguing with me and this admin will permanently ban me all of a sudden. It happened a lot in the past. Usually people call me a trouble maker but not really. I just speak my mind and speak from the heart but unfortunately that’s not gonna make everybody happy. I just have disagreements and differences of opinions and I’m allowed to do that. Unfortunately some would take it the wrong way and call it “trolling”. I really believe I got kicked off of these forums ’cause I’ve said something right and they didn’t like it so they banned me out of retaliation. I don’t think I ever did anything to break the rules/TOS of the forums. Usually when I get kicked off of a message board it’s usually has something to do with having an argument with the board’s main admin. Yep, you can argue with the board’s users but you can’t have a heated debate with the admin. OOOoooooohhhhhh, such tough guys they are simply ’cause they have that ban button and you don’t.

It’s just that a lot of times most people who are administrators of a message board have abuses of power. They are so egotistical ’cause they have features and controls that you don’t have that they think they can do whatever they want. Just because they are administrator of a forum, they think they are bigger than you and they make you feel small. They kick people off forums they don’t agree with so they censor, censor and censor. Then the admin. makes claims that this person broke the rules just to get away with it. Just like Jack Dorsey bans conservatives off of twitter and then he claims they broke the rules when you know that’s not true.

This has been happening for years so I know what it’s like to get censored. It’s a big problem in America. Still is and always will be. Sad but true.


Meeting friends through FB social networking groups… healthy for the mind? I say no…

You know how in FB there are a bunch of friends meeting social networking groups like where you get together and try to meet new people online and stuff like that. FB groups where you can network with people all over the US and the world. There are all kinds of groups like that in FB where they claim they are used to “meet new friends and new people online”.  There are also groups in FB where you can use for even online dating, relationships and things like that.

I’ve joined a few of these groups in the past but I immediately left them after experimenting with them in the past to see what they’re like. From what I’m seeing, I see nothing but a bunch of lonely losers with nothing else better to do. Here’s how I see these FB groups in a nutshell… horny lonely men looking for hot women to sleep with and desperate women looking for attention with men. That’s how most of these so called “making new friends” groups are. Women posting all kinds of selfies in these groups just so they can get men to compliment them.

Nothing wrong with meeting friends online as I like to make new friends online but to make friends through social media groups in FB is not really the way to go, in my opinion. In these FB groups, all you’ll see are nothing but a bunch of crazies and nutjobs. I try to take part in these groups a little bit but I’m done with them. You’ll come across a lot of strange and weird people in these groups, it’ll make your head hurt.

If you want to make new “friends”, you don’t need to join these private social networking groups in FB. All you need to make “friends” is have some social skills, get out of the house more often and meet people. That’s it.

Like I said, nothing wrong with making friends with complete strangers online… you don’t need to do that stuff with social networking groups ’cause all I see those things are just lonely and desperate people wanting to get laid.

I’ve been working on my social skills and trying to talk to new people out in public and the real world more. I’ve been trying to get over my introversion and be more confident and it’s working. At the gym I go to in Greenwich, I talk to people there all the time and I know a lot of people there now. I’ve made some new friends at the gym ’cause of it and it feels good. Yeah, I’m trying my best to become a more outgoing person. You don’t need FB groups to meet new people ’cause they are for losers really. I’ve made new friends by going to the gym and going to Powerlifting meets. I prefer to make new friends in the real world which is what I’m trying to do.

You don’t want to meet people through social networking groups ’cause people are messed up in them. Simple as that.


Why I think Laura Loomer sucks as a journalist and believe conservatives shouldn’t be trusting her…

So Laura Loomer a so-called investigative conservative journalist got permanently banned from twitter (finally). Why did she get banned? According to reports she criticized a Muslim woman who got elected to Congress by the name of Ilhan Omar. Laura accused her of being “pro Sharia Law”, “pro FGM” and “anti-Jewish”. Just like that, Laura got permanently banned off of twitter. Then days later, she handcuffed herself to the twitter headquarters in NYC protesting twitter about liberal bias.

You see, it’s funny to me when conservatives like Milo, Roger Stone and others get banned off of twitter then the conservative community cries “liberal bias”. I call bullshit on “liberal bias”.

If you get banned off of social networking then chances are, you are a trouble maker and probably deserved it. I don’t care what Loomer did, she’s just a trouble maker and attention whore!

Investigative journalist? LMAO! This bitch does nothing but steals a lot of stuff from other journalists. She doesn’t give us investigative scoops as she claims ’cause everyone else is reporting the same thing she does.

Another thing I don’t like about her is that she is an attention whore at best. I think she’ll do anything for attention to get herself out there and promote her work. It all started when she interrupted that Shakespeare play. She’ll do all kinds of different things to get a reaction out of people and stir things up… things like the slashed tire incident, plastic surgery on her nose, interrupting speeches at political events, claiming to be banned by uber/lyft, etc. It’s one thing after another. She’ll do anything to get people to treat her like a hero and she’s doing a good job of it. Now it’s her protesting against twitter’s liberal bias. What else is she gonna do to come up with to get more attention?

I’m not jealous of her or anything but this woman is just annoying as fuck. My support for her was on and off, but I’m done supporting her for good. I also believe she is not a real Trump supporter as she claims ’cause I’ve seen she turned her back on Trump many times before especially over Trump bombing Syria. As long as she’s friends with other Trump backstabbers like Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux then you can very well believe that Laura is not to be trusted as well.

Conservatives are treating this young woman as a “hero” but I don’t think she’s “heroic” at all. There’s something about this woman that I don’t like and I don’t know what it is. The reason I think Ms. Loomer handcuffed herself to the twitter building is not to protest against their liberal bias, I think she did it ’cause she’s mad and can’t take responsibility for her own actions and she retaliated but in an extreme way. She can’t accept the fact that everything in her life can’t go her own way.

That’s another thing I don’t like about this woman… when she gets in trouble for doing things like interrupting a play, getting kicked out of a speech or getting banned somewhere she’ll play “innocent victim” every time. She’ll get people feeling sorry for her and they’ll support her because of it. She gets in trouble for one thing then she gets into trouble for another. It’s like how many more times is she going to get herself in trouble for something then she defends herself, her fans support her and then she does something again?

I’m probably gonna get hated on for trashing her but I don’t give a fuck. My blog, my opinions.


Video: Strength vs. Size workouts… which training is best???


Here’s a great video from the Buff Dudes channel which is my favorite bodybuilding channel in youtube right now. Those guys make really good videos, I love their stuff.

Anyway, in this video this guy compares which training method is best for gaining size… strength training or size workouts (aka hypertrophy training). There’s a big misconception going on out there that doing strength training doesn’t give you muscle gains and I’ve always said it was bullshit. This guy whose name is Brandon of Buff Dudes says that you can gain size in strength training. Strength training means lifting heavy sets and lower reps. Yeah, you can build muscle doing strength training as well like I have been saying.

Brandon says in this video that you should mix it up with both strength training and hypertrophy training and I have been doing both a lot lately. You mix it up with both that way you can gain strength and build muscle at the same time.

The way I do things, I only do strength training with deadlifts, squats and bench. Everything else I do in the gym are nothing but hypertrophy training. This is why I think it’s a pretty good idea to train chest twice a week. 1 day of chest day will be hypertrophy training on dumbbell presses and 2nd day of chest day will be strength training on regular barbell bench. I’ve been doing both for the past couple of weeks and the plan seems to be working for me. Doing dumbbell presses on bench will definitely help skyrocket my personal records for barbell bench. On the barbell bench, I was able to hit 160 lbs. as my personal record on that which I feel proud about. Yeah I’ve been doing both strength training and hypertrophy and I have gotten great results doing both. I feel my chest getting bigger finally and I’m starting to look like a bodybuilder now which was my goal all along.

For strength training on deadlifts, bench and squats I’ve been doing the progressive overload method on those which seems to be working for me. Doing the progressive overload method will also definitely help make you stronger every week. Each week I do deadlifts, bench and squats at the gym, I’m noticing my personal records on those are rapidly increasing each week so I’m definitely getting stronger.

I’m hoping to do another powerlifting meet sometime in 2019 and I’m sure another one at Albany Strength gym will happen pretty soon, I hope. I want to do another one so when I do another one,  I’ll be better than ever.

If you don’t think you can lift heavy, just give it a go and you’ll surprise yourself. That’s what makes strength training a lot of fun. Just keep lifting and you’ll get stronger each time.


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