My Lists for Best of Music & Movies of 2020 will be up soon…

As always at the end of every year on my blog, I always do a top ten Best Music Albums and best movies of the year. This year, I can easily come up with a best of Music albums 2020 but for movies will be kind of challenging.

Since the pandemic happened in 2020, I was no longer able to go the movies much this year which sucks. It’s hard to keep up with the new releases now. I may have to shorten the Best Movies to just 5 this year ’cause I won’t be able to come up with a ten. I only saw very few 2020 films this year but I’m trying to catch up with the new releases as best I can. I just got Bill & Ted 3 “Face the Music” and Chris Nolan’s “Tenet” on BluRay so I’ll watch those this week to see where they rank on the list. I’ll try to catch up with more 2020 films but it’s gonna be kind of hard since most new releases are on VOD and Streaming services now. I’ll come up with a plan, though.

I’ve been doing these lists every year for way over a decade. I like doing these lists every year. Show y’all what my thoughts are of the best of 2020.

It’s been a weird year for sure.


Have a vinyl player, now to really start a vinyl collection…

As a Christmas gift from family, I just got a vinyl player which I’m psyched to have. I have a nice stereo system to hook it up with but I got a get better speakers sometime in 2021. I’ll start saving up for real good speakers that sounds killer with killer sounding bass and all. Trying to get a home stereo system for music playing. A stereo good for playing my Ipod on, CD’s and vinyls… I’ll play music through all 3 of those formats.

As for vinyls, I have a real small collection for now like 10 – 15 records but planning on to build it up a lot more. I’m planning on buying mostly vinyls from now on instead of digital albums. I’ll buy vinyl albums from old to new. Any new albums that comes out from a band/artist I like, I’ll buy on vinyl from now on instead of Itunes.

Time to start re-buying all of the discography of my favorite bands such as Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, Allman Bros., David Bowie, Metallica, Kiss, Ac/Dc, Van Halen, etc. Get all their albums on vinyl.

I’m definitely plan on re-buying the new Ac/Dc album “Power Up”, the vinyl version for sure.

I want to get as much vinyls as I possibly can. I love vinyls like a lot of people ’cause they have better sound quality than CD and digital for sure. I want to be a vinyl collector from this point forward.

I’ll also buy old and vintage vinyls from other people who has a vinyl collection and I’ll buy used vinyls from antique fairs and record shops that are still around. I’ll buy new vinyls from amazon and from stores like Barnes & Noble and FYE.

I have a small vinyl collection for now… if my collection starts to get too big and run out of space in here, I’ll figure something out.

I have a huge love for music and supporting bands & artists. It’s what I’m all about, yo. Always gotta be listening to music and being around it.


“The ChristMas Chronicles 1 & 2” on Netflix with Kurt Russell & Goldie… both really good films!!! Was impressed!!!

So on Christmas Eve night, I usually watch a Christmas movie or two every year. This year, I decided to do a little something different by finally getting around to checking out “The Christmas Chronicles 1 & 2”, the Netflix exclusive Christmas movies which reunites real-life married couple Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn on the screen.

Obviously this wasn’t the first time Kurt and Goldie starred in movies together. Their first movie together was “Swing Shift” in 1984 and then of course, “Overboard” in 1987. The film “Overboard” was the film that made this power-couple huge stars in the film industry.

I watched both “Christmas Chronicles” on Netflix back to back last Friday night so I went on a binge watch, admittedly. hahaha… anyway, I was hooked to these two films from the start. Very good film-making on both of them too. Great acting by the entire cast, great writing… no complaints. Of course, Kurt Russell kills it and that man still got it obviously same with Goldie. Even though Goldie’s appearance was real short in the first movie ’cause it was just an introduction to Mrs. Claus but she’s throughout the entire second movie, though. I’ll have to say it was pretty freakin’ awesome seeing Kurt and Goldie together again on the screen.

Both films are entertaining as hell and they were both really funny too ’cause a lot of it was comedy for sure. Even though these two films had a lot of comedy in them, though, it was on a serious note…. both films had a lot of positivity and a lot of heart too.

We’ve had too many Santa movies over the years and most of them weren’t that good but finally we get something that’s really enjoyable. The first one is good but the second “Christmas Chronicles” is way better, though.

Will there be a third one? Probably. I hope so. Kurt Russell is still very talented, he’s like 69, almost 70 and he’s still killing it with his acting. That man can play anything that throws at him and over the years of his career, he has played pretty much everything even Elvis! Is there anything Kurt can’t do? I guess that’s one of the big reasons why Kurt is one of the most respected actors ’cause he’s so versatile.

You should check these movies out if you haven’t yet. You won’t be disappointed.


Hope everyone had a great christmas, I sure did…

Christmas yesterday was a good day. Yeah, I know lefties and politicians are trying to destroy Christmas but it will never happen. It’s a sacred holiday, can’t get rid of it and people will be celebrating it anyway. Well, my family celebrates it big every year and here are some of the stuff I got.

For the BluRay movies, I got “Bill & Ted 3: Face the Music” and the new Christopher Nolan directed film, “Tenet”. I’ve been wanting to see those two movies for a while and now I’ll get to finally. Also, I got a Clint Eastwood western “Unforgiven” ’cause it’s one of my favorite westerns of his.

A couple of games for the PS4: “Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath” and “Dreams”.

“Batman: The Three Jokers” graphic novel.

A Freddy Kreuger action figure.

My own vinyl player so I’m planning to start my own vinyl record collection.

And I also got Toon Track EZ Drummer 2 musicians software which I’m also psyched to have. I finally got EZ Drummer as a way to put drums behind my songs or just to have something fun to jam along to with my guitar, ya know? Gonna have to learn how to use EZ Drummer 2, though so it’s gonna be a while to get the hang of it.

It was a real nice Christmas this year especially with 2020 being a difficult year and all, ya know? After dealing with a few things like the pandemic and other stuff.

Hope you all had a nice one too.


Ac/Dc’s new record, “PWR UP”, sounds the same like the other albums? Not from what I’M Hearing…

Man, I’ve been listening to the new Ac/Dc record at the gym on a non-stop repeated basis. I can’t help it. The new album is definitely the best album they’ve done in a long time. Looking at the AD/DC discography, I would say that “PWR UP” would have to be their best album since “The Razor’s Edge” released in 1990.

Ac/Dc’s last four or 5 albums: “Ball Breaker”, “Stiff Upper Lip”, “Black Ice” and “Rock or Bust” were all ok and so & so but I think Ac/Dc really stepped their game up with “PWR UP”.

A lot of AC/DC fans are saying that “PWR Up” sounds like every Ac/DC album but I’ve listened to the new record non-stop… probably like over 20 times, lol. The band still sounds the same but at the same time, “PWR Up” is slightly different than their previous records. I’m noticing more vocal harmonies and more backup vocals. The songs are a little more riffier, more darker and heavier than their past 4 or 5 albums. It’s definitely different I would say and Brian’s been doing different things with his voice on the new record too.

For example, a song like “Demon Fire”… that’s a song that sounds like they’ve never done before. Probably the heaviest song on the record too. I’ve been listening to “PWR Up” a lot. Such a fun album for sure.

Those saying that the album sounds the same like all the other albums just don’t know what they’re talking about. Angus’s guitar playing is a little different too and sounds like the riffs are more complicated than anything they’ve done in the past. They’re doing more than just playing power chords and basic open chords like they’re known to doing.

It’s a killer album. Love it so much.


Admittedly, 2020 has been a difficult year… Christmas this friday should make things better, though…

I know I’ve been quiet on this blog lately but I’m gonna try to post a lot more. I want to say, though, that I’ll admit that 2020 has been a difficult year even for me since this stupid pandemic hit since last March and it’s still going.

It’s been difficult year for me for a few reasons… first off, I went with several months without a gym which was terrible and you all know how much I love weightlifting and all. Secondly, I’ve dealt three deaths of important people that passed in my life… two family members and my lifelong best male friend. It’s hard going through all that ’cause when you have loved ones suffering, you can’t see them in the hospital and all that stuff, ya know? And when they pass on, you can’t have much for funerals, either that or not have funerals at all ’cause of pandemic. I don’t want to get into details but it’s been hard going through all those passings of those three important people in my life… especially my best friend who I did pretty much everything with over the years and can’t believe he’s gone and all but anyway, he’s no longer suffering ’cause he’s been battling different illnesses. It’s been tough dealing with these passings under this pandemic and I’ll go through it. Am a bit sad, though but trying to stay strong the best I can and Christmas Day this Friday should make things a little better.

Usually I take a week off of the gym on Christmas week every year but not this year. I figure I’ll keep the gym days going throughout the Holidays this year after dealing with these passings and continuing my gym days will help me stay strong, ya know? It seems to be working too. Helps get the stress off under this pandemic and tough times in life.

I went to my best friends funeral but the burial won’t happen until the Spring ’cause that big snowstorm hit. It sucked going through this but trying to stay strong the best I can and living life the best I can ’cause that’s what my best friend would have wanted. Yeah, it sucked losing a lifelong best friend but ’cause of that, I made a few new friends in my life which is cool.

Friday will be a good day and I hope you all have a good Christmas too and I’m going to keep posting on this blog this weekend.

Thanks for all your support and thanks for reading and following me. Things will get better, I know it will. I predict the country will come back in 2021 ’cause we’re not gonna live like this forever. Can’t happen.


Tom Cruise going Off ON “MI: 7” Set, Is he an asshole and demanding on set??? No, he just has his good days and bad days…

The Sun exclusively released Tom Cruise going on off on a tirade against MI:7 film crew. Going off about how they’re not following social distancing rules and angry that they might shut down the film. I’m sure there will be mixed reactions to this… some will think Tom is an asshole and a jerk for doing that and some will think that he’s a hero that he takes covid-19 and his art in film seriously, ya know?

I’m sure many will immediately think that Mr. Cruise is a jerk and a short tempered man but don’t immediately think that. People are human, ya know? We have feelings. Actors are real people like us so they’re gonna have real feelings like us. I think Tom is just one of those people who has his good days and bad days like everyone else. Nobody knows exactly what went on before this so everyone judging Tom needs to shut their mouth. I’m sure Tom is a cool guy in real life but sometimes he just has his bad moods like we all do.

Think about it, Tom is just returning to work after doing nothing for several months or more so maybe this pandemic got to him? Everybody is stressed out in this pandemic, even famous actors.

I’m sure Tom could have handled things differently and more professionally but he’s human. I hate it when the press like The Sun gets these leaks out there ’cause they’re just being paid a lot of money to make famous people look bad and play these stupid “gotcha” moments. The entertainment media obsessed with celebrities and it’s disgusting. That’s what these fuckers are paid to do.

I just think Tom was just having a bad day or something. It happens. With that being said, I still support Tom Cruise and have no problem with this.


Are we about to see the death of the cinema going experience? I believe we are about to say RIP To Cinemas real soon…

Welp, I’m sure you’re all noticing that Hollywood finding new and different ways of releasing new movies nowadays… thanks to covid and this stupid pandemic.

We have all these streaming services now from Netflix, Hulu, HBO MAX, APPLE TV Plus, CBS All Access, Amazon Prime Video and lord knows, I’m sure I’m missing some others but those are the ones I can think of at the top of my head. There is also VOD and online movie streaming where you can either buy or rent movies through Itunes movies, Google Play and things like that. VOD is a big thing right now too.

So many new movies getting released through either streaming service or VOD ’cause why? Pandemic shut down movie theaters for starters and yes, theaters are coming back but like I said in another post, it’s hard for theaters to release new movies nowadays. That is why Hollywood is releasing a lot of new upcoming movies for both streaming service and in theater at the same time. Like all those new releases coming for HBO Max, that got me thinking that Cinema is about dead.

Which is a shame, ya know? This is how we’re all supposed to be watching movies. We’re supposed to watch movies on the big screen and not the small screen but it’s amazing to me how quickly things change. I think we’re about to see the death of cinemas real fast. Sure, movie theaters are gonna come back but it’s gonna take a while for people to go to movie theaters again. No one’s gonna go back to the theaters when they come back and Hollywood knows it, that’s why they’re gonna release new movies to streaming services from now on.

This is why Netflix, Hulu and HBO Max getting a lot of new movies lately. Just last night, I watched the movie “Ava” with Jessica Chastain and it was pretty good. I’m sure that film would have gotten a huge theatrical release but because of Covid, it got a streaming release instead. I thought “Ava” was a great film, though… a good action movie you should check it out.

I also watched the live action version of “Mulan” on Disney Plus and I loved that one too. I’m sure that film would have gotten a major theatrical release as well but it ended up getting premiered on Disney Plus instead.

I am calling it now that movie theaters will disappear and the Cinema experience is about to come to an end. Streaming services and VOD Is gonna be the new future of movies sadly.

It’s a shame ’cause a lot of action movies, science fiction and horror films were meant to be watched on the big screen with all the special effects, cinematography, the loud music and loud sounds effects. All about the cinema experience. That’s what’s fun about watching movies on the big screen. We’re about to say goodbye to that.

Sad to say it but it is what it is. I used to love going to the movies too and haven’t been in a theater in a long time. Crazy.


Today Dec. 8th, is a day to remember 4 important musicians… John Lennon, Dimebag, Jim Morrison and Gregg Allman…

John Lennon who died 40 years ago today.
Dimebag Darrell who died 16 years ago today.

Jim Morrison, known as the lead singer of the Doors was born on Dec. 8th, 1943 but died on July 3rd, 1971.

Gregg Allman, known as the singer, guitarist and organist of the Allman Brothers band was born on Dec. 8th, 1947 but died on May 27th, 2017.

Truthfully the music died when these 4 musicians died. All 4 were important to all of us. I’m a big fan of the Beatles and a big fan of John’s solo stuff too. I’ve also always been a Pantera fan before Dimebag was killed and was a long time Doors and Allman Bros. fan. Love all 4 of them.

These guys changed music and their music will always live on. Every year, I’ll always pay tribute to these guys on Dec. 8th and I always make sure I remember them. They should never be forgotten ever.

RIP to all 4 and thanks for all the great music they gave us.


Just got Ac/Dc “Power Up” album yesterday and a few other albums from Itunes…

So yesterday, I finally bought the new Ac/Dc album, “Power Up” from Itunes for my Ipod Touch. It’s a great album and definitely their best new record in a long time so glad I got it now. I also purchased 3 other albums…

The Smashing Pumpkins: “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness” (double album)…. I used to have this on CD but lost it so I got it again. I used to listen to this album a lot when I was young and yes I’ve been a huge Pumpkins fan since high school and I still love the band today.

The Smashing Pumpkins “Shiny and Oh So Bright”… one of their newer albums that they released two years ago in 2018, the 8 track comeback album. I got it pretty late but that’s because it grew on me. It’s a great album surprisingly. I haven’t gotten their newest one they just put out, “Cyr” but I’ll get it real soon.

Van Halen “1984”: The hit Van Halen album with songs like “Jump”, “Panama” and “Hot For Teacher”. Some of you may say you’re a Van Halen fan now ’cause Eddie just died. No, not really. I’ve always been a big Van Halen fan since high school, just didn’t buy their records much over the years and now I’m starting to get into them more. I did hear most everything the band has done, though.

Didn’t get much albums this time ’cause it’s the Holiday season, ya know?


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