More on Sarahah… I honestly have mixed feelings with that site/app so I don’t know…

I kind of experimented with Sarahah a little bit. Just sending random women some messages and just playing around a bit just to see what the site is like… just an experiment and that’s all. Turns out that I have mixed feelings with it… some good and some bad.

The good… well, you can talk to people however you want to, just speak your mind. You’re afraid to tell people how you really feel about them… whether you love them, have a huge crush on them and hate them, whatever… it’s a good place to express your real feelings toward that person when you’re afraid to say this stuff to their face or not hide behind anonymous names.

The bad… well, it could lead to cyberbullying, absolutely. Somebody could find out who you really are just by your writing style alone and then they could expose you publicly. This site could also lead to destroying friendships, family relationships and all that stuff. If you aren’t careful using Sarahah, it could destroy your reputation as a person. Having a  Sarahah account could lead to your haters leaving death threats and all that stuff. They’ll also be saying things like “Go Kill Yourself” and all that crap.

Sadly, it’s looking like this site/app is going to be around for a long time. Sarahah could end up becoming the next big thing, I don’t think it’ll get bigger than FB/twitter but ya never know. This app is getting bigger. I don’t see this site going away ever.

Once again, would I create my own Sarahah account for you all to write on? Still not sure yet ’cause I know it’s gonna be a playground for all the trolls and haters that I have out there, lol but I guess I gotta put up with the negativity if I’m gonna do it. Maybe people’s negative thoughts about me would help motivate me, ya know? It could help me stay above the haters. Not sure if I’m gonna do it or not yet.

Yeah, people are gonna write all kinds of crazy things on your Sarahah account ’cause why? It’s because this world is crazy that’s why! You just gotta learn to embrace it.

I’m noticing that women are more obsessed with Sarahah than men are — like I said in the previous post… women are obsessed with attention and validation nowadays. Crazy. Not that there is anything wrong with that, though ’cause there isn’t.

It is interesting how the site blew up out of nowhere. I’ll admit that it is kind of addicting sending people anonymous messages on it. I have mixed feelings on it so maybe the site will grow on me more.



What’s the point of that Sarahah app/site? You know that site going around social networking…

There’s an app going around that’s been getting my attention. An app called “Sarahah”, you’ve probably seen it too. It’s a messaging app where you get to write about people anonymously. Your name will not get revealed at all so that means that you can write to the person however you want to… no holds barred, anything goes. Yeah, that means you can either write good things or bad things about the person who made the “Sarahah” account. The app has gone viral and made the headlines. From what I’ve read about the site, the site was created by a Muslim from Saudi Arabia hence the name of the app “Sarahah” which means “honesty” in Arabic. The person that made an account, you can write your critique to that person of what you really think of him/her.

The guy who made the site said the purpose of it was that you can talk trash about your co-workers without getting fired and to help improve your friends behaviors. Something like that.

Anyways, when women make an account especially the good looking women, I’m sure they get all kinds of sexual and dirty stuff from guys. They want it ’cause they love that kind of attention from men, ya know? The site is getting popular with women mostly ’cause you know how women are obsessed with “validation”.

When guys make an account for people to write, I’m sure it’s a little different for us guys, though. I’m sure guys get hit on and maybe even get talked dirty by women through that app but I’m sure guys get mostly hate comments from people, lol. Well, I’m sure women also get a lot of hate comments from other women too ’cause you know how women have all kinds of drama toward each other and shit.

The site is kind of interesting, though. Writing about what you really think of the person which is what the site is for. I’m sure a lot of people don’t even want to use it ’cause they’re scared of it… to the people who do use it, kudos to them. It means they are courageous enough and strong enough to read about what people really think of them.

Does the site promote cyberbullying like the media claims? Hell no. The reason is, if you make a Sarahah account for people to write on, you gotta be brave enough to be able to deal with the negativity on it. If you can’t take it then you shouldn’t have made an account. See what I’m saying? You gotta be able to take it.

I think the site is kind of a nice idea ’cause if you misbehave and people don’t like you… people write all about it on your sarahah page, you could improve yourself for the better. I think that’s the goal with the site, really.

Would I make my own Sarahah account? I thought about it and still thinking about it. I’m probably gonna get people mostly bashing me anyways but ya never know, maybe people would write me lovely and positive things? Who knows? Who knows what women really think of me? Whether they think I’m hot & sexy or ugly so be it. Either way is cool with me.

I think it’s kind of fun to write to people however you want to on there. I hope some of my past bosses and co-workers who I didn’t like make a Sarahah account…. when they do, I’ll go on there and bash the person. It’s gonna be interesting to see how long this site will last. Could the site last for a long time? We’ll wait and see.


Why I stopped reading “Guitar World” magazine…

I used to be pretty loyal to Guitar World magazine… for many years. I have finally given up on Guitar World magazine ’cause why? Different editor-in-chief. I’m not a big fan of the new editor-in-chief of the way he’s been doing the magazine. Brad Tolinski has been an editor-in-chief of Guitar World magazine for a few decades but he finally had it… retired and moved on. There’s now a guy who replaced him who I’m not a big fan of at all.

The new guy doesn’t do a very good job running the magazine. The articles and interviews has gotten shorter, there are only 3 tabs of songs a month now and on top of all this… the magazine hasn’t been picking good artists to be on the cover nowadays. I liked the magazine a lot better when Tolinski was in charge.

Such a shame, though ’cause I used to be a loyal reader to Guitar World. Have been for many years. I’ve read them when I was just first starting out playing guitar 20 years ago. I subscribed to them a couple of times over the years and when I couldn’t afford them anymore, I just bought their magazine at the store every month but now I’m done. Sad ’cause I loved reading the interviews and they used to have great lessons in the mag. When was the last time they had issues when they taught you how to become a great guitar player? I’m not talking about the lesson columns which there are less of that too.

GW magazine sucks. I haven’t bought a new magazine by them in a long while. The magazine used to focus on metal and hard rock but they shifted away from that too. I’m not alone ’cause GW has been pissing off other long-time readers too.

I don’t know but the magazine industry sucks nowadays. Not just guitar magazines, pretty much all magazines you see on the news stands are crap nowadays. They all want to shove liberal politics in your face too and even GW does that, they’re also a pretty liberal magazine.  I don’t want to read Guitar World just to see Roger Waters or Tom Morello bash Trump in interviews. I don’t read magazines much anymore like I used to ’cause they’re no good. I used to be a fan of Rollingstone magazine but they’ve turned into liberal fake news, it’s sad. Aren’t they supposed to be a rock magazine like they used to? What happened to Rollingstone? Wow.



We finally have a president who’s aggressive at our enemies… this is what we elected him for!

For many years, we’ve dealt with weak presidents who were horrible at responding to enemies when they threaten us or other countries. When was the last time you heard a president who was aggressive at our enemies? We had presidents who either sat back and did nothing or saying weak  things like,  “Cut it out”.

Fat Boy Kim wants to be a tough guy and threaten a tiny little island, well it’s time for Trump  to be a tough guy back. Some  of you may ask why would Trump want to save Guam? Well, Guam is a huge ally for the United States… kind of like Israel is a huge ally for us.  Guam is a US territory which means we’re a part of them, we’re in control of that little island.

I’m tired of our country having weak leaders. We finally have a president who acts “tough”. Fat Boy Kim needs to realize that Obama isn’t running the US now. Just another idiot who thinks the US have a weak leader. To other countries that hate us like North Korea, Iran, etc. — listen up, there’s a new Sheriff in town so take note, y’all.

I  love Trump’s “fire and fury” comments; it scared the hell out of people and when people get scared, you know he’s doing something right. We’ve had weak leaders for decades and yes George W. Bush was pretty weak at responding to 9/11… oh yes he was, I won’t deny it.

I would say it’s finally time to take out Fatboy Kim. That man is very dangerous and evil. I hope Trump drop bombs on him, fuck him for all I care.


RIP Glen Campbell 1936 – 2017…


I didn’t listen to him much over the years of my life but I do have only one album by him. The only album I own of his was “Ghost on the Canvas”, his 2011 studio album which was a beautiful record and still love that album. Even though I didn’t listen to him much, I still respect him and his legacy. I’m familiar with his classic songs.

The man had the full package: he had the good looks, he was a great singer and most of all… he was a killer guitar player! On the guitar, the man did more than just play chords and write songs on it… the man can fuckin’ play! I mean, this guy can shred! Youtube some of his guitar playing videos and you’ll see. He was a monster guitar player on both acoustic and electric. A lot of guitarists and famous musicians respected him.

I also remember he had an acting role in the John Wayne movie, “True Grit”. He was more than just a musician, he was a film actor too. He also hosted his own TV show I believe so the man was multi-talented for sure.

He was a phenomenal talent, though. He was one of the true country artists… when you listen to his music, you’ll think to yourself: “What happened to country music”?

RIP Glen and thanks.



Saw “The Dark Tower” movie earlier today and it was freakin’ awesome surprisingly!!!

Roland Deschain.jpg

Ron Howard has been trying to make “The Dark Tower” series happen for many years; he had a lot of difficulties and setbacks trying to get this project greenlighted. Studios kept rejecting the project and it was finally picked up by Columbia Pictures. The studio, Columbia Pictures was gracious enough to finally get it greenlighted and get the project going. The film also went through a few actors trying to sign on the leading role of Roland Deschain, the books protagonist. Javier Bardem was the film’s original choice for Roland but Javier bailed and the role was obviously given to Idris Elba instead. While I’m sure Javier would have done a great job, I’m glad the role was given to Elba ’cause Elba killed it. Elba knocked it out of the park; he was a total badass as Roland Deschain, I was impressed!

As far as the movie, “The Dark Tower” itself goes — I thought it was excellent! The film is getting mixed reviews by movie fans and getting trashed by critics but the last thing you want to do is listen to them. Just go see the movie yourself and then make your own opinion, that’s what I do. I thought the script was well-written and well-acted by the cast. The movie was an hour and a half long; it maybe a short movie but that’s because the book was short.

Yeah, the film overdid it with the CGI effects but what else are they gonna do when they keep switching to our world to Roland’s world where he came from, ya know? The CGI was needed for a movie like this. It was still a phenomenal movie, though. I fucking loved it all the way through. No complains at all. Definitely one of the best movies of 2017 other than “Logan”.

I thought Matt McConaughey played a badass villain like he always did. I think Matt did play a few villains in his career over the years especially his film “Killer Joe” (another great movie he did) but Matt was awesome as the Man in Black.

I thought the film was entertaining as hell. I had to go see it ’cause it’s one of my favorite books and I’ve been looking forward to this film for a pretty long time and the film is finally here!

Again, don’t listen to the critics, y’all. I thought the movie was brilliant and definitely getting the movie on BluRay when it comes out. Some of you may ask… how many Dark Tower movies are there gonna be? Will Eddie and Susannah be in the next one? I don’t know. Reading about the “Dark Tower” movie, this is a continuation of the 8 books so technically this movie isn’t based on any of the 8 books.

I can see Susannah appearing but Eddie, I don’t know. Something happens to Eddie in one of the books which I don’t want to say. Yeah, I know Eddie and Susannah are the two most popular characters in the series. The movie series is a continuation after the books so it’ll be hard to bring them both back. I’m sure the writers will figure it out, though ’cause this is Stephen King. Anything is possible with him, haha!

Again, don’t listen to the negativity toward this movie. Go see it and enjoy!



I’m gonna start a vinyl record collection ’cause why? They sound much better that’s why!!!!

The vinyl record industry is still around today. It never went away and probably will never go away. I’m probably gonna start a vinyl record collection myself ’cause like the title says, vinyl sounds much better. I can absolutely see why music lovers still collect vinyls ’cause probably the main reason is ’cause of sound quality. There is definitely a difference in sound quality between CD vs. MP3 vs. Vinyl. The way Vinyl sounds, Vinyl sounds way better than CD and MP3. Vinyl sounds louder and you can hear the bass guitar louder too.

I went to an antique fair in the Washington County in Upstate NY to brows around for books and vinyls or whatever. They didn’t have much for books this year but I walked out with 4 vinyls: BB King “Live at the Regal”, Alice Cooper “Killer”, Van Halen “Diver Down” and Tommy James & the Shondells “Greatest Hits”. I listened to all 4 today and they all sounded good.

I know the record industry are still releasing vinyls today. A lot of bands these days have been re-releasing their discography into vinyls. I really love vinyls; they are really awesome! They not only sound better, you actually get to own the album fully without all the legal bullshit behind it if you know what I mean.

I would like to rebuy Led Zeppelin’s discography but this time on vinyl. I would like to get some Ac/Dc, Kiss, the Doors, Black Sabbath, Dream Theater, Grateful Dead albums on vinyl. Just buy all the albums that I like and buy the ones I want to hear that I haven’t heard yet.

I’m kind of an old-school guy myself. I prefer to listen to an entire album and not be selective of song choices. I know buying vinyls would be pretty pricey but it’s worth it if you want the good sound quality. A lot of old vinyls are gonna be very expensive depending on how valuable they are but you can find cheap vinyls at antique fairs/shops/flea markets and you can find vinyls at buy/used record stores in your town. You’re not gonna find old vinyls in Best Buy/FYE. In Barnes & Noble, they sell vinyls but mostly the new releases.

Listening to music on vinyls is cool. When I was a kid I used to listen to music on vinyls obsessively. That was long before cassettes, CD and MP3 came around. When it comes to vinyls that’s how my love for music all started. It all started on a record player and I want to get back into that.


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