Gonna start a pedal collection so I can create my own pedalboard…

I used to be against guitar effects but lately I’ve had a change of heart with guitar effects once I checked out the AmpliTube app for the Ipad. AmpliTube which is a guitar simulation software. Hook your electric guitar to your Ipad, launch AmpliTube amp and on the software allows you to play around with built in effects in the amp. After fooling around with many guitar effects in that amplitube software, I was like: “Woah, maybe guitar effects can be useful after all”? So after fooling around with AmpliTube for a long while, I figure I want to start getting my own pedals, real ones.

I want to buy as many pedals as I can ’cause if I want to play rock n’ roll or hardrock maybe even metal, I’ll need effects. I’ll want to create all kinds of different and unique sounds for my original electric songs.

I’m planning to build my own pedalboard so sometime this year I’m going to buy a pedal board so I can set my pedals on it but first, I gotta get more pedals and I will. When I order that guitar that I have my eye on, I think I’m going to order a few pedals to go along with it instead of a guitar case to go with it. I’ll get the guitar case another time. For now, I want to focus on building a pedal collection. Along with the Jackson electric that I plan on ordering, I’m planning on ordering the Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face pedal and a delay pedal to go along with it.

I want to get as much pedal effects as much as possible: I’m gonna get fuzz, delay, phasers, chorus, octave, tremolo, reverb, volume, etc. I want to get it all really!

I already have a distortion pedal, overdrive and a wah wah pedal but need more.

I want to make some serious rock n’ roll and you can’t do that when you want to play clean guitar sounds all the time so I need effects. I used to dislike guitar pedals but now I love ’em and want to start a collection. They can be useful for some things. They can be great for songwriting.


The next Call of Duty game will be taken place during WWII, going back to where they started…

As a big video gamer and a huge Call of Duty fan, I’m real excited for this news. The “Call of Duty” series is going back to where they started: WWII. This wasn’t the first time COD made games taking place during WWII ’cause they’ve done that with the first couple of COD games and they’ve done it with other COD games as well.

I’m a big COD fan. Played a couple of COD games myself like the only COD games I played were “COD: Modern Warfare” and “COD: Black Ops”.  Right now, I’ve been playing “COD: Black Ops III”. I do have “COD: Advanced Warfare” but haven’t gotten to it yet. I still haven’t bought “COD: Infinite Warfare” yet but I will get around to it sometime in the future. I just love playing first-person shooters. I’ve always had played first person shooters for many years ever since I was a kid and I remember the original “Wolfenstein 3-D” was the first shooter game I played, that’s when it all started out for me then came: Duke Nukem, Doom, Quake, etc. I love playing shooter games.

“COD: WWII” just might be the best COD game in the series but we’ll wait and see, though. The trailer will come out real soon.


I love video games. One of my favorite hobbies! I’m a Playstation guy too, btw.


Video: “How to deal with criticism” Joy Villa…

This video by Joy Villa gives music artists like myself advice on how to deal with criticism when it comes to your music. Over the years of my life, I’ve always gotten negative criticism toward my original songs and covers. I used to have a big problem with being defensive toward negative criticism and I still have that problem a little bit but I’m getting better at ignoring negative criticism. Now after watching this video, I believe that I should ignore all criticism of all kinds even the positive criticism ’cause like Joy Villa says in this video, “criticism kills the creativity”.

I remember over the years when I would write original songs, I would ask musicians constructive criticism on how I could make my song better to make it sound more professional. After watching this video, I realized that it was a bad idea and I should have never done that. I’ll never do that again next time I write a new batch of original songs, though.

Write songs however you want to and make music that makes you happy. Make the music that you like. I’m gonna have that attitude from this point forward. Ignore all criticism whether it’s negative or positive.

I still get negative criticism to my music today but I need to ignore all criticism and keep moving forward. Sounds like a good idea to me!

This is a great video and I agree with all of it. I needed to hear something like this too so thanks, Joy! If you’re a music artist or if you play in a band, you need to see this yourself.


How to tell the difference between a true Trump supporter and a fake Trump supporter…

It may seem like the Trump supporting community is divided right now but it isn’t really. Don’t believe everything that goes on in twitter ’cause what’s going on really is nothing but a bunch of drama stuff going on.

What’s going on is that these two popular twitter personalities: Mike Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson are trying to make it seem like that the Trump supporting community should be honest about our president and question his bad decisions. Many so-called Trump supporters believe that we should question Trump just like we did to past presidents. They feel they should question Trump just like we did for Obama. They’re trying to make it seem like it’s reality but it’s not reality… that’s their reality.  They’re being delusional is what it is. It’s just their way of trying to demonize the True Trump supporters, that’s all they’re doing.

The true Trump supporters don’t think that way at all, ya know, “We must question the president” is not us at all. The true Trump supporters are very loyal to our president. We have been from the very beginning. The true Trump supporters have been there for Trump ever since he went down that escalator at Trump Tower to announce his presidency. A true Trump supporter would help fight for him and stand with him through everything. A true Trump supporter would believe in America 100%.  Like I said before, Trump fights for us, we fight for him… that’s a true supporter.

The so-called Trump supporters who say things like, “We should be able to question the president” call themselves the True supporters and they think they’re on the Trump Train still but they’re not. How could they be called a loyal Trump supporter when all they do is bash him all the time? They don’t just bash him for the Syrian strike, they bash him on everything else. They bash everything Trump says or does and they really do sound like those snowflake liberals. So they are the Trump base? NO!

The fake supporters also bash the people who fully supports him 100% and that’s what liberals do. That’s not what Trump supporters do. They don’t go around bashing people for believing in Trump and supporting him greatly. The true Trump supporters, we are in on this together. We treat each other like family pretty much. We fight for Trump like a team and that’s what we do and the fake Trumpers want to come after us for that?

So this is the difference between a real Trump supporter and a fake Trump supporter. That’s how you spot them on the internet. It’s crazy and I don’t like this at all when we should be united so we can bring back the American dream.

Once again, the Trump supporting community is not divided at all. I think the Fake Trump supporters are the new anti-Trump, the new #NeverTrump movement. Since liberals has lost power and have nothing else to talk about these days, the #NeverTrump movement have to keep going so they think of a different plan by having fake Trump supporters go against their own group.

Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson are still going at it. They won’t give up their bullshit. Their still hating on the true Trump supporters. I think they’re obviously being paid by somebody to do that. They got something up their sleeve and planning something for sure. Trying to get Trump to lose the 2020 re-election? Yes, that’s all I see them doing this for.

That Cernovich guy keeps claiming he’s not off the Trump Train but he just keeps up with his bullshit with the true Trump supporters like Bill Mitchell for example. They go after Bill Mitchell for believing in Trump 100% and call him an idiot for standing with Trump like the rest of us. He’s just a true Trump supporter like the rest of us so I don’t understand why they go after him.

I understand that these Fake Trump supporters are trying to get us to be honest about Trump but to tell you the truth, WE DO! We do question Trump and disagree with him on certain things but we don’t bash Trump and threaten to get off the Trump Train. We don’t whine like babies. We stick with Trump even we disagree with him on certain things.

There maybe this whole feud going on with Bill Mitchell vs. Cernovich & Paul Joseph Watson but it isn’t just a feud between those guys., it’s a big feud between True Trump vs. anti-Trump. If you don’t know who Bill Mitchell is, he’s a conservative radio talk show host and he’s a major Trump supporter, he supports Trump 100%.

So if you really believe that us Trump supporters should “question Trump and disagree with his dumb actions”, don’t believe the hype. Once again, we don’t really think like that.

We really need to knock off the bullshit and unify ’cause this is getting out of hand.



Despite feud with Glenn Beck, Tomi Lahren uploads facebook video to rant about politics…

When Tomi Lahren rants about politics in her videos, she’s usually in some type of professional television studio. Now that she has no job as of this point, she’s still ranting about politics on video via a homemade video. This is her first homemade video probably using a cell phone camera since being fired from the Blaze. She talks about the Syrian strikes, the Mother of all Bombs, North Korea and things like that. This is a great video too and she’s still killing it. She doesn’t bring up her feud with Glenn Beck at all, though which is good.

Maybe she can replace Bill O’ Reilly on FOX News? Would be a great opportunity for her since she has no job as of this moment. She never worked for cable TV before, most of her shows were online shows. Before she got the job at the Blaze, she worked for OAN. Soon, hopefully she can get her own show on cable TV. Would be cool.


Why it’s important for us true Trump supporters to defend Trump no matter the situation…


Remember when he said that. Never ever forget it. Yes, Trump really said that during his foreign policy speech as president when he said he’ll be America’s greatest defender and most loyal champion. That means Trump is loyal to the American people. He’s loyal to us. Trump has been in office for 90 days now and ever since he got sworn in, he kept his promise that he will be America’s greatest defender and loyal champion. All he wants to do is protect us and defend us from corrupt government and terrorism.

Since Trump has our back 100% and defends us no matter the situation then we must show the love and loyalty in return. America has been in trouble for over 8 years and Trump had our back long before the election started. Since Trump wants to protect and defend us Americans, we must return the favor by protecting and defending him no matter what happens and no matter what trouble Trump is going through.

Liberals and those fake Trump supporters always wonder why we defend Trump most of the time and this is why. Another reason why is because Trump is our only hope to bring back the American Dream we all want. We don’t want the haters to ruin things for us so we must protect & defend him to stop his enemies from bringing him down. Being protective is not only about protecting Trump, it’s about protecting America. If we want the American dream to happen, we must defend Trump no matter the situation.

What will it take for me and other true Trump supporters to get off the Trump Train? Well, it’ll take a lot. The only way for us to get off the Trump Train is if Trump shows his hatred for America or does something evil to America like commit government crimes & war crimes and things like that. So far so good, Trump hasn’t committed any government crimes similar to Benghazi or Operation F&F. I don’t think he’ll be the type of president who’ll commit gov. crimes and get away with it like Obama, Bush and others. Trump doesn’t want to bring us down like Obama, he want to bring us up. That’s why I got on board to support Trump 100%.

Simply put, as long as Trump continues to fight for us then we’ll fight for him. If you haters want to bash him then watch out. You’ll never win in a debate with us especially with me. You want to bash Trump in front of me, I’ll call you out.

Call it worship if you want but it isn’t really. It’s about standing with our president and fighting for him. I don’t care. I’ll always stand with Trump and I don’t care if I have to do it alone. We want the American dream to happen and we’ll fight for that as long as we have breath.

Get off the Trump Train all you want but that’s not gonna make us drop our support of Trump so get over yourselves.


Trump’s approval rating skyrockets to 50%, so Americans think Trump isn’t doing enough to “Make America Great Again”, hey?

So those fake Trump supporters want to whine & cry about how Trump is not doing enough to “Make America Great Again”, hey? Well, according to 50% of Americans who voted at the Rasmussen Reports presidential daily poll, it appears those fake Trump losers are wrong on that.


Trump is about to hit 90 days in office and ever since he has gotten sworn in, he has been accomplishing so much. I expected the approval ratings to go up since the Syrian strike and the Isis bombing in Afghanistan happened. I’m also pretty sure Gorsuch finally becoming SCOTUS helped the approval ratings too.

While Trump is doing a “GREAT” job so far, this is only the beginning. There’s still a lot of work to do. We still need to repeal/replace Obamacare, lower taxes and most importantly the key thing we all elected Trump for… BUILD THE WALL. If Trump makes those three things happen then his approval ratings will go even higher.

It amazes me that so many so-called Trump supporters want to bail on him while we already doing a lot of great things. That’s the thing, though… Trump does good things, he’s gonna make people all jealous.

All those Fake Trump crybabies can get off the Trump Train all they want to, we still love Trump and those 50% of those who voted is still proof of that. Take that, FakeTrump idiots. Many of the FakeTrump people are silent on the latest poll which doesn’t surprise me. Jealous losers, all of them.


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