Why the Nirvana “Nevermind” album means so much to me…

When the Nirvana “Nevermind” album first came out in 1991, I immediately went out and bought it after seeing the band’s hit songs played on MTV on a non-stop basis. Plus, their songs from the album were being played all over rock radio back in the day. I was in junior high when the album first came out and Nirvana started getting big.

When I was a kid in junior high, the first thing I would do when I first came home from school in the afternoon was turn on the TV to watch videos on MTV for the rest of the evening. Each time a Nirvana video came on, I would turn the volume up. So I went and got myself the “Nevermind” album which I listened to obsessively on a nonstop basis. It’s one of those albums you’ll never get tired of. You can listen to over and over again and I still do listen to it 30 years later.

The album meant so much ’cause it definitely changed my life. I was going through some rough times then like with all the scoliosis stuff I went through and Nirvana helped get me through all that. I also gotten more and more interested in songwriting ’cause of Nirvana.

Nirvana gotten so much hate over the years but I never understood why. Kurt wrote amazing and beautiful music. He wrote songs like they actually meant something. People always bitched about how Nirvana songs were so simplistic but Nirvana songs are not as easy as some of you think ’cause you have to get the rhythm right.

“Nevermind” was definitely an important masterpiece. I love the album all the way through and it still holds up. Still a great fucking album. I love every song on it but I love the way the album ended. I think “Nevermind” definitely had the best album endings. That final track, “Something in the Way” gives me goosebumps each time I hear that haunting song.

Nirvana definitely changed the world of music. Love them or not, they still mean so much to many people even to this day. Kurt maybe gone but the music is forever.


This should be a pretty good wakeup-call for powerlifters of any level… powerlifting legend Larry Wheels tears quad while trying to go for a heavy single…

Powerlifting may seem like a fun sport and maybe a blast to lift heavy things but if you don’t think accidents will happen and you won’t get injuries, I wanna know what planet you’re living on?

Here is powerlifting veteran Larry Wheels, considered one of the greats going for a heavy squat single but he’s in a monolith with lifting straps and having two spotters in case something happens. Well something did happen and tore his quad.

p, injuries in powerlifting and you can get injuries in regular “bodybuilding” training too… so this should be a pretty good wake-up call for lifters of all types. Powerlifting may be about lifting the most weight as possible but you don’t really need to really. There’s nothing wrong with lifting the numbers that you can get safely so you can add up your scores at a meet and that’s what it should be about, adding scores at a meet. Lifting as much as possible means you’re going to miss a lot of lifts and it’s ego lifting for sure.

This video gone viral in the weightlifting world should be a pretty big wake up call… but I’m sure many will ignore this and continue to lift weights that they can’t handle and end up getting injured anyways ’cause there are lifters that never learn.

And yes, I’ve gotten injuries in the gym myself, I’ll confess it but I don’t get injuries all the time. Once in a while I’ll get a minor injury… mostly tiny injuries that can heal in a few weeks but I didn’t get anything that put me in the hospital yet.

You get accidents and injuries no matter what skill you’re in weight lifting, even the pros although many of them will never admit it.

I respect Larry Wheels even more ’cause he’s not afraid to be real and not afraid to show off his lifting accidents when many are. It’s just their way of helping people so others won’t make that mistake in the gym.

I wish Larry speedy recovery though.


My powerlifting training going well. Finally going up in deadlifting…

Yeah, my powerlifting training in the big three: deadlift, bench and squat continues. I’ve been making some pretty insane deadlift gains lately. Last week during my deadlift session, I was able to smash a 300 lb. deadlift for 2 reps to end my set with which is a new one for me. Finally, I’m on my way to do smashing 300 lb. deadlifts for reps which was the goal I wanted. 300 lb. deadlift are starting to be easy for me.

So since I was able to do 300 lb. deadlift for a double, I thought, “maybe I can be able to smash a 315 single next time”? So a week later which was this week, I had another heavy deadlift session earlier this morning. Ended my session with trying a 315 lb. single with three 45 lb. plates on each side which I never did before… a missed lift. I was only able to get it up to my knees so I had to put the bar back down but I was still proud of that lift. That was something I never did before. I missed that 315 ’cause I didn’t leave room in the tank due to doing 375 – 380 heavy sets for a few reps each.

I’ll be able to get that 315 lb. w/ three 45 lb. plates on each side another time but I think I need a de-load week next week, though. “De-load” which means lifting a light week. I need those more often ’cause it isn’t good to lift heavy week after week.

I’m proud to finally starting to get into the 300 lbs. deadlift finally. Now the next goal is to be on the road to deadlifting in the 400 lbs. or up but I’m gonna take my time to get there.

My bench and squat numbers are still okay, though but gonna try to improve those too. My bench and squat numbers are still around the 150 lb. – 160 lbs. around there.

I really want to do another powerlifting meet at some point. My subscription to the USAPL went out so I’ll have to subscribe to them again. I would like to have my first USAPL meet but wasn’t able to do it ’cause Covid stopped me. Now powerlifting meets are back, I’ll try to find one for me to do ’cause I love doing those. Haven’t done a powerlifting meet in a long time. Those are a blast to be a part of.

I’ll never give up powerlifting, no matter what anyone thinks and I know that people enjoy watching my powerlifting videos which is a part of why I keep at it. A lot of times when I’m doing my deadlifting at the gym, I get random compliments from complete strangers which is feels amazing really.

Powerlifting is an awesome sport but my only gripe is that powerlifting is kind of expensive. Other than that it’s a blast to be a part of. I support other lifters too and enjoy watching others lift.


Inspiring words by Geddy Lee, “Music is all about wanting to be better”…

Yes, Geddy Lee known as the bassist, singer and keyboardist of Rush really said that. He said that in an interview somewhere, the original quote is…

“For me, there is a lot of room for improvement and there are a lot of things I would like to be better at. Music is all about wanting to be better at it. My diet, my regime, the whole life I have on the road has always got that little bit of stress because I’m always afraid I’m going to get a cold.” – Geddy Lee

When you’re a musician or a singer, it is always about wanting to be better. No matter the skill level you’re at… whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an advanced musician, you gotta keep pushing forward and keep getting better at what you do.

I’m always trying to improve at both my guitar playing and singing. I don’t necessarily care to become a virtuoso but I do want to become more technically advanced at guitar playing and learn to play a little more professionally. I just want to become a way better guitar player. I’m working very hard and have gotten better some, I’ll say.

Trying to become a better lead and rhythm guitarist. A lot of guitarist like to pick one of those but I like to do both. If you’re going to be a guitar player, might as well be both lead and rhythm. I do want to become a good lead guitarist like my heroes…. for example Jimmy Page, Angus Young, Joe Satriani, Hendrix, SRV, Clapton, etc….. but I’m not rushing it.

I do want to become a more technically skilled guitarist and I’m working hard to get there. If you want it, gotta practice with a metronome a lot more and I have. Understand timing and rhythm and you can play just about anything.

I want to be able to play badass and tight rock n’ roll. My goal is to be able to play more than just basic open chords and power chords. I’m tired of being that kind of guitar player and now I want to branch out and expand my skills even more. No more being stuck in a rut.


Steven Spielberg’s remake of “West Side Story” trailer finally drops today and looks amazing! I’m impressed!

I’ve actually been looking forward to Spielberg’s remake of “The West Side Story” ever since it was announced. I’m a huge fan of the 1961 original by Robert Wise and of course, the play will always be great too.

I’m sure that ever since this was announced there was all kinds of skepticism of Spielberg taking on the remake of “West Side Story”. People are upset that it’s being remade and it should be left alone, blah blah blah… saying stuff that Spielberg is gonna ruin it and won’t top the original. Ya, you get the deal.

Well the trailer for Spielberg’s take on it is here and I’m impressed with it as I got goosebumps watching it. Looks like Steve wants to stay very faithful to the original and the play. He wants it done right. The Spielberg version is still taking place in the 1950’s and the look and the feel of his version is kind of similar to Robert Wise’s version.

Spielberg’s version is still gonna be a song and dance kind of movie and I’m sure it will have all the same songs from the original movie and theatre play… songs like “Tonight”, “Maria”, “America”, “The Rumble”, “I Feel Pretty”…. it’s all gonna be in there.

Spielberg’s a genius, I think he wont’ disappoint the “West Side Story” lovers with this one at all. I’m definitely looking forward to it and I’m gonna be there in the theater for this one for sure. Can’t wait!


Pop star Nicki Minaj is not for the vaccine… of course, she is attacked by liberals and the mainstream media…

Nicki Minaj has always been a pretty leftist pop star but did she just take the red pill about the covid vaccines??? It certainly seems so. She’s all over her twitter account attacking the vaccine like mad and I’m like blown away seeing all this.

I’ve never really been a fan of this lady but I’ll respect her for this one. She just made me like her just a little more.

Just like with Eric Clapton and Van Morrison, they spoke out about their bad experiences with vaccines, of course, they got trashed by leftism and now Nicki is another music artist speaking out about the bad experiences with the covid vaccine.

All she’s doing is speaking out her bad experiences with it which she is doing nothing wrong but of course, the left is accusing her of spreading misinformation.

I think what she’s doing is pretty mind blowing and hope she keeps it going.

What happened with “Freedom of Expression”??? We’re not allowed to have that anymore? It seems so with all this “covid” censorship in social media nowadays, it’s disgusting.

Just to be aware about something, not all leftist people are for the vaccine. I’m seeing plenty of die-hard liberals that are not for it. We all should have the right to question the vaccine doesn’t matter which side you’re on politically.

I almost want to buy a Nick Minaj album because what she’s doing is so great but not yet. I’ll start checking out her songs in youtube at least. I’ll wait to see if she doesn’t sell out, ya know, bow down to the left ’cause I hate it when this happens and then I’ll think about getting an album of hers.

I thought attacking blacks is racist??? But nope, here we are seeing all kinds of people bashing Nicki ’cause they don’t agree with her on something. They can’t call her racist even though I’m sure they want to.


Never Forget: 20 Years of Twin Towers attacks and 9 years of Benghazi…

With Joe Biden arming the Taliban is all you need to know about Benghazi. Then we have US soldiers left behind in Afghanistan. This is why we don’t forget these things.

Not only that Islamic terrorism is a real problem, our political leaders are really the big threat.

The things going on under Biden is pretty scary stuff.

Never forget the two 9/11’s ’cause I never will.


All this over hype of the Metallica “Black Album” 30th Anniversary boxset and it ended up being overpriced on release day… huh????

There’s so much hype of the Metallica 30th Anniversary boxset of the “Black Album”. The “Black Album” that smash hit album in the 90’s which helped Metallica become an even more mainstream of a band. The overhype of this boxset is pretty insane really. The band promoting it everywhere for a while now… they did it through Guitar World, the Howard Stern show, their own official podcast and it’s pretty much everywhere you see really.

Well the Black Album boxset just came out today… while it’s all exciting and good the physical boxset is about a whopping $240 and if you just want the digital version through Itunes, that’s $140.

Anyhow, it seems that most people might agree that the 30th Anniversary set might be a bit overprice ’cause people’s been getting the “The Blacklist” covers album instead by Metallica which just topped the Top 40 rock charts today… “The Blacklist” covers album is $50.

I understand that the 30th Anniversary is something to celebrate but is all this overhype over an overpriced boxset necessary? It’s definitely nothing more of a cash grab for sure. I wanna get the Metallica “Black Album” physical boxset with all the goodies in it but not right away though. Maybe next year I’ll start saving for it ’cause I try to buy everything that Metallica comes out with. I do want to get it, don’t get me wrong.

“The Black Album” is great, though.


AEW will be another failure, WWE will always be king…

It may seem like AEW is a pretty hot wrestling promotion for right now but make no mistake about it… their popularity will die down sometime soon and they will just be another wrestling business going out of business. Kind of like what happened to WCW and ECW. When WCW and ECW started out, they started off pretty hot in the beginning but people stopped caring later on. I predict the same will happen to AEW. Go out of business like all the others. TNA Impact is still around but even they failed as a wrestling company due to different owner changes.

When AEW first started, I’ve been liking them for a little while… I’ve been with them at the start but then bailed and stopped watching. Why? I don’t know… it seems to me that AEW is trying to rip off WWE of what WWE did in the 90’s during the Attitude Era. I’m also amazed at how all these former WWE personalities that are in AEW now, talking so much negative shit about WWE and Vince. It’s like what? So many people claim there is no WWE vs. AEW war but that’s not what I’m seeing. AEW’s attacks and shots at WWE just won’t stop and they just continue. While most former WWE personalities are in AEW talking shit about WWE and Vince, there is one former WWE star that has nothing but positive things to say about WWE and Vince… that guy is none other than Aleister Black who is now Malakai Black in AEW. The split with WWE and Aleister Black was amicable, there’s no bad blood at all. I think Aleister was released due to the pandemic?

Anyhow, like with the title of this topic says, yes, “WWE will always be king”. Yes, it is true. There can be other wrestling promotions but they will never overtake WWE. WWE is a monster and a very powerful company. Yes, the WWE’s ratings may be way down as of this point but WWE is a giant. AEW is here ’cause of WWE, whether you want to admit it or not. Tony Khan the owner of AEW admits he is a fan of WWE himself and many former WWE guys working for his company.

I stopped watching AEW ’cause even they can get pretty bad with the storylines and matches, they are no better… and the music themes for their stars are pretty awful.

Anyhow, WWE maybe struggling in the ratings and all but they’ll figure out a way to get back on top again. I continue to support and watch WWE ’cause I like them better to be honest.

Wrestling fans wanna whine, cry and bitch about how awful WWE is but they continue to watch anyways. I continue to watch ’cause I enjoy it. People complain about how WWE isn’t wrestling anymore which is a load of bull. Yes wrestling is still around and WWE still puts on good matches here and there. I continue to watch WWE ’cause I respect all the performers, I respect what they all do. I respect Vince too ’cause he’s the one that gave us wrestling in the mainstream. I’ll admit that I’m not too thrilled of his booking and writing like most but Vince is a genius and a legend.

I just like enjoying wrestling. I’m not the one that will whine and cry everything about it. Wrestling is just a show and I think a lot of people take it way too serious. Just wanted to give out my thoughts on everything going on in the wrestling industry lately. It’s all crazy.


Just picked up the Zack Snyder cut of “Justice League” and “Wonder Woman 1984” on BluRay this week…

I went to Best Buy this week to pick a few superhero films on BluRay that I wanted to get that I haven’t seen yet. I refuse to get the HBO Max streaming service to watch all the new movies so I waited for Zack Snyder’s version of “Justice League” to come out on BluRay and it just came out yesterday. I bought the Zack Snyder “Justice League” on release day. Along with it I picked up the Wonder Woman sequel “1984” too.

I’m looking forward to watching these this weekend.

I’m a huge fan of comics/graphic novels and love superhero films as well. I’m planning to re-watch the first “Wonder Woman” film on BluRay this weekend as well.

After I watch the Snyder cut of “Justice League”, I’ll post a review and I’ll pick which version I prefer more… the Snyder version or the Theatrical one. Looking forward to watching the Snyder version, though.

Glad I got these.


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