Why it’s taking so long for the Cambridge/Greenwich police to make an arrest in the Jaliek Rainwalker case…

Some may wonder why it’s taking so long for the police to make an arrest or arrests (if more people were involved that is) in the Jaliek Rainwalker case… I used to be disappointed in our police department on why it’s taking so long but after Don Lehman’s latest article about the Rainwalker case, I can now understand why it’s taking so long.

After a kid goes missing, you can’t just arrest the adoptive father with not enough evidence. While it’s definitely possible to arrest someone who is a “person of interest” in a missing persons case without a body, it’s still a pretty risky thing to do. Think about it… when you arrest the adoptive father, the jury could let him walk at trial with not enough evidence and after he walks completely unscathed, the police department could be sued by him. That’s why the D.A. here, Tony Jordan says they only got one shot. They just want to take their time and make sure everything is right. They want to get to the bottom of EVERYTHING.

Straight from the article here:

Cases for murder or first-degree kidnapping, equal to second-degree murder in state Penal Law, can be brought without discovery of a missing person’s remains. But Jordan said a much stronger case can be made when a body is found.

“We have to make sure everything is covered, because we only get one shot at it (a prosecution),” he said.

So I guess, the best way to make an arrest and prosecution is to wait for the police to find the body/remains where ever it is. Some may want to believe that Jaliek maybe alive (ya never know) but there is no evidence and no sign of him being alive still. The adoptive father and the family claims he is alive and they’re still trying to make it seem like he ran away to join a gang or live with a black family but they haven’t proven that. Chief Bell tried to ask them to prove that Jaliek is alive but they haven’t yet.


Jaliek is mostly likely dead ’cause if he was still alive then Jaliek would have turned up a long time ago. We all continue to believe that Jaliek is most likely dead ’cause it seems that the adoptive family have something to hide… ya know…

  1. Moving to Vermont while all this is going on
  2. Lawyering up and going after everyone looking for Jaliek
  3. They avoid talking to people who is looking for Jaliek like the plague
  4. They threatened to sue the police after “allowing” them to search their Greenwich home
  5. They refused to let the police compare their gold van that was seen on the surveillance video that was seen at a Greenwich local bank.

If Jaliek is alive and they think he will “return” home like the lawyer keeps saying then why do they do all that listed above? Some people wants to believe everything what the adoptive parents lawyer tells them in the local press and it sickens me, ya know. There is a whole public debate about this case. Some people want to side with the adoptive father and defend him and stuff. I think their lawyer is corrupt to the core and very dishonest. He’s a very bad lawyer for sure. He is definitely a huge liar and isn’t to be trusted at all. So don’t believe everything that man says, everyone. He’s just being paid a lot of money to “lie” and keep them out of jail, that is all. The lawyer claims the family is doing all they can to find him but I assure you, they aren’t doing shit and they don’t care about Jaliek one freakin’ bit. Them moving to Vermont is all you need to know. Why would parents move out of state in a missing child’s investigation? When a kid goes missing, you don’t MOVE out of state… you need to stay put ’cause what if he does turn up and he finds out his parents have gone out of state? Only people with something to hide does that.

I really believe this case is solvable and everything will come to light soon. Like I said in a post before, the truth will always come out. This family can go on about their lives as if none of this is happening all they want to but they will get handcuffs on them soon enough. It’ll be over pretty soon.

I really care about the kid like everyone else since I live in Greenwich and I want all this  to be over myself. I think it soon will be. The police just needs to find the body and I think they will.

I’m going to give the police more time and be patient… let them do their job. Everybody else should have patience too. Trust the police, y’all. They know what they’re doing. The police cares about Jaliek just as much as we all do. They’re right they only got one shot at “prosecution”. Some want to criticize the police for going after the adoptive family but this isn’t really about that family… this is about “justice for Jaliek”. That’s all we want really. We want peace for Jaliek and that’s all we really care about. We just want his body/remains found and for him to be buried properly. Those responsible in his murder should be locked up too, though, they still need to be held accountable.

I kept an eye on the case ever since it happened and it never left my mind. Never forget Jaliek. I never will. Justice will be coming whether you like it or not.



Why I like owning a large library of music…

I’m not afraid to say that I have a pretty huge music collection. Over the years of my life, I’ve collected CD’s for a pretty long time. I never really bought albums on cassette or vinyl in the earlier days, though. I just started collecting vinyl… my vinyl collection isn’t that big… it’s a small one for now but I’ll try to grow it when I can. Even though there are no record stores anymore, I still happen to buy music albums on physical CD every now and then. Nowadays, I just buy albums from Itunes ’cause I can’t think of any other places to buy music since record stores are a dying industry.

I have a pretty big collection of digital albums. Admittedly, I bought a lot of albums from Itunes and I’m not ashamed of it. I’m not one of those that will steal albums by pirating them ’cause I’m not that kind of guy. I don’t mind spending my money on artists and supporting them that way. I like to do it the right way, ya know?

I like owning a large library of music ’cause it can get kind of boring listening to the same things over and over. I like to support different music and bands/artists. I don’t buy all music out there, I only buy the stuff that I love. If the music grabs me then I’ll buy the album, that’s how I do it.

A lot of people won’t buy an album if they don’t like a few songs on it. Ya see, I don’t do it that way. I’m not very picky with songs on records. When I listen to records, I listen to it from start to finish like the way they’re supposed to be listening to. People in this generation don’t listen to music like that anymore. Nowadays, they only select songs they like on an album, put them on their Ipods and put them on shuffle. Nowadays, people are only listening to hit singles you hear on the radio on shuffle and they don’t listen to songs on albums that aren’t hits… in other words, they don’t listen to obscure stuff. I’m not the one that will say, “I don’t like this song and don’t like that one”. I just listen to it. Don’t complain and just put it on and enjoy. That’s how music is supposed to be listened to.

Sure, there are music I don’t like out there and when there’s music I don’t like out there, I won’t buy their music at all… lets say for example… I’m not a fan of bands like Halestorm and Nickelback. I stopped liking bands like Green Day, Godsmack and Bush… even though their earlier stuff are really good, I just don’t like the newer stuff they’ve been making.

I only buy albums from artists that I love.

What I’ll also do is that a lot of times, I’ll blind buy albums bands and artists that I never heard before ’cause I heard about them through music magazines or the internet. If I don’t like the album, I’ll get rid of it and if I like it I’ll keep it.

I try to buy the entire discography of bands and artists that I love like Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers, Metallica, Dream Theater, David Bowie, Slipknot, Slayer, Oasis (yes, I love Oasis), Opeth, etc. Those are some of the bands that I’m trying to collect all of their albums of… every album. I’ll collect every album of a band and artist that are my favorite.

I’m just a really huge music lover. You want to see a real music lover, look no further.

People like to criticize me for buying so much music albums but I don’t give a shit. It’s who I am. Even though I play the guitar and sing myself, I just like listening to music too. I like supporting others music. It’s what I do and what I’m about. Can’t live without it.


Purchased some more music from the Itunes store this morning…

So this morning I purchased some albums from the Itunes store… today I picked up:

Tool: “Fear Inoculum”, “Lateralus” and “10,000 Days”

Born of Osiris: “The Simulation”

Dream Theater: “Awake”

Dire Straits: “Communique”

Peter Frampton: “All Blues”

Yep, I got the new Tool album like I said I was gonna get and got their other two albums that I needed too.

I’m a huge Dream Theater fan and trying to collect all their albums. Only got a few left to go .

Born Of Osiris was a band that I’ve read about in Guitar World magazine and reading about them intrigued me so I picked up their new album “The Simulation” out of curiosity.

I’m just getting into Peter Frampton music so I picked up his new album, “All Blues”. Guitar World magazine had an interview with Frampton with him talking about this new album.

Yeah, I still like to read Guitar World magazine and that magazine helped spark my interests in bands and artists I’ve never heard before. Guitar World magazine got me interested in Dream Theater years ago ’cause they are always interviewing John Petrucci who is one of my favorite guitarists. Dream Theater is one of my favorite bands. I’m always listening to their albums. Been a fan of them for years. Never got to see Dream Theater live in concert but hopefully one day I get to.



About my left hip and leg injury… it’s getting better already now that I’ve settled down on lower body workouts some…

For last week’s deadlift session, I decided to go really light this time… wicked light… deadlifted like 20 lbs. I’ve tried like 65 lbs. for the first set but it was still slightly painful and then I went even lighter like 20 lbs. on deadlift. Since I settled down on the deadlift last session, I don’t feel any left hip pain anymore. My left hip seems good and no longer hurting but I’m still feeling it on my upper left quad slightly. It’s all getting better already.

Yeah, like I said before in a previous post when you’re injured and feeling pain you either gotta stop training that body part completely or you can train super light. You’re not gonna make the injury go away by continuing to train it ’cause if you continue to workout through an injury, you could make it worse or you can make the injury go permanent.

Like I said above, I’m still feeling slight upper left leg pain, just a tiny bit. Maybe it will go away in a few days and I can go back to heavy deadlifting again we’ll see. I’m gonna take a week off of barbell squats this week and will try to deadlift on Sunday if I’m completely healed.

Yeah, getting injuries do suck and yes, I do get ’em once in a while. There are so many lifters in the bodybuilding and gym world who claims they don’t get “injuries” but don’t believe them. They are lying… everybody gets lifting injuries… EVERYBODY. It’s normal. It happens so big deal.

When lifters get injuries, they get so scared and get all panicky. They worry that they’ll lose their progress when they have to stop working out to rest and heal the injury. Will you lose muscle and strength for healing an injury? It all depends on how bad the injury is. If it’s a bad injury, it could take months to heal and you’ll definitely lose some muscle but you’ll get it back soon enough. If it’s a minor injury and it only takes a few weeks to heal, you won’t lose muscle and strength… in fact, you might get even more.

When I get injuries, I don’t panic and continue to stay positive. Continue to hit the gym. I either go light weight or work around the injury, there are ways to do that. I had the upper left quad injury for a while and figured out a way to get rid of it faster just by settling down on the weightlifting some… either stop lifting the part or go light weight either way. The injury will go away quickly if you do that.

I want to get back into heavy deadlifting again to try and get that 300 lb. pr back but I want to do it injury free and I came up with a plan. I’m getting all better now.

When you get lifting injuries, don’t freak out and stay positive. I just continue to go about my day when that happens and continue to stay active and move around. Hopefully I’ll be completely healed by this weekend, if not, I’ll give it another week.

I love deadlifting. It’s my favorite workout of them all and I need to do it carefully and responsibly without getting myself in the hospital or ending up in a wheelchair, lmao.

People say my deadlift form is real good but not really… I’m still trying to make it perfect.


Will I return to the Capital Region music scene? Probably not… I have no desire to as of this moment, life is real good…

Some of you may wonder if I’m ever going to get back out to the local music scene aka the Capital Region. Will I? I don’t think so. I’m not too worried about getting back out there anymore and I lost interest in local music as a whole.

You hear a lot of talk throughout the community how the scene is “thriving” and how the local music scene has gotten so much better. Well, in my eyes, we haven’t gotten any better so don’t believe all the hype. From what I’m seeing there are still no music venues around the area and there are bands/solo artists out there still playing to empty venues. The music scene has always been the same it’s always been.

I’m also not so thrilled with the talent around this area ’cause I haven’t really heard anything good in a long while. There are a few local bands that I actually dig but lately, I haven’t been hearing anything that interests me.

On top of all this, I’m also not thrilled with the attitudes of some of the bands & artists around this area. This area has some of the most egotistical and narcissistic musicians I’ve ever seen (not naming any names, btw). Too many around either think they are “rock stars” or they want to be rock stars, take your pick. That “rock star” attitude has never changed with them even to this day, I see. They are still the arrogant jerks even to this day.

I also have no desire to come back when this area’s local music scene is very liberal with their politics. Almost every band and solo artist you’ll see around here are all liberal. Most everyone around here are all Trump haters for sure. I’ve always believed that this area would be more supportive of me and my music if I wasn’t a “conservative” and a “Trump supporter”, but I don’t give a shit whether they do or not. Liberals ruin everything, even local music scenes. I wish they would keep politics out of music but they never learn.

I almost wanted to come back to the music scene and actually thought about it but I don’t think I will. I am still playing music. I am still playing my guitar and singing. I haven’t written new originals in a long while but I’ve been learning cover songs more than playing originals lately which I feel proud of doing.

If I were to ever play live again then I would try to play a few gigs in Saratoga Springs and that’s about it. I don’t think you’ll ever see me play in the city of Albany again, though.

As of this moment, life is really good. Just keeping my focus hitting the gym 4 times a week, focusing on bodybuilding & powerlifting. I’m still keeping myself busy in life even though some don’t think so.

As for new original music, I’m still itching for new stuff and trying to come up with new stuff. Even though I don’t play live hardly at all anymore, I’ll always play music for the internet. Always.


Gonna have to stop deadlifting and squatting for a little while ’cause I have a slight hip & leg injury unfortunately…

For the first time in a long time, I have an injury but it’s not terribly bad and it’s not that serious. I won’t go to the doctor ’cause all the doctor is gonna do is tell me to stop going to the gym and that’s one thing I can’t do. Yeah, I have a slight hip and leg injury… it’s on the left side. I won’t stop working out at the gym but there are ways to work out around the injury… you can still workout the parts that are not injured. For example, I can still train the calves, I can still train the hamstrings and I can still train the right leg only but not the left leg.

Some of you my ask, how did I hurt myself a little bit? For the leg injury, I blame the leg press ’cause I’m not a fan of the leg press and for the hip injury, I blame deadlifting on that ’cause maybe my form was off a little bit?

Honestly, I had the leg injury for a long while and was trying to figure out a way to get rid of it. Earlier this summer, I took a week off when I was out on vacation. That didn’t really heal it all the way. Then when I came back home, I started training with light weights to see if that will do it but nope, even training with lighter weights will make the injury come back or make it worse.

So I thought, “Fuck it… mabye I’ll take a little break from barbell work completely” until the injuries heal completely. That’s the idea, I guess. When you’re injured, you can’t continue to train that hurt body part ’cause that’s not gonna make the injury go away. It’ll go away if you stop training it and you need to stop training it until it goes away completely.

It sucks but I gotta do what I gotta do. It’s probably gonna take me a couple of weeks or a little more to heal the injuries all the way.

It’s weird ’cause I stayed pretty consistent with barbell work for a long while and now I think I’m gonna have to stop for a few weeks but I won’t stop working out. I’l just move on to machines and dumbbell work. I think it’s a good idea for me to take a little hiatus from barbell lifting completely ’cause my left shoulder is bothering me a little bit, too… haha.

I haven’t had a lifting injury in a long time but no regrets getting them, though ’cause you can learn something from them. Getting injuries may make you want to take form more seriously ’cause bad form is the main reason people get lifting injuries.

I’m not terribly bad so don’t worry so I won’t need any crutches or anything.

I want to be completely injury free when lifting the big three: deadlift, bench and squat. So once my injuries heal completely, I’ll get back to barbell lifting asap and get back to heavy lifting. It may be a few weeks or a whole month, we’ll see.


RIP Franco Columbu: 1941 – 2019

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Franco, You’ve heard me say that I don’t like when people call me a self-made man. You’ve even heard me say that you’re part of the reason I could never accept that label. But I wanted you to know why. From the minute we met in Munich, you were my partner in crime. We pushed each other, we competed with each other, and we laughed at every moment along the way. When I finally got to America, I was alone. I’d left my family, my country, my whole life behind. So when I asked Joe Weider to bring you to train with me, it was because I knew I wasn’t the same without my best friend. I could thrive without money, without my parents, but I couldn’t thrive without you. I am devastated today. But I am also so, so grateful for the 54 years of friendship and joy we shared. The pumps, the chess games, the construction work, the meals, the pranks, the life lessons – we did it all together. We grew and we learned and we loved. My life was more fun, more colorful, and more complete because of you. I will always miss you. But I’ll also know that a part of you lives on in me, in Debbie, in Maria, and in the millions of people you inspired every day you lived. And I will be there for Maria and Debbie, so you can rest now with no worries. I love you Franco. I will always remember the joy you brought to my life, the advices you gave me, and the twinkle in your eye that never disappeared. You were my best friend. Love always, Arnold

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Two time Mr. Olympia champ and movie actor, Franco Columbu just passed away yesterday. He suddenly passed while swimming in Italy and suddenly drowned after suffering a heart attack while swimming. Franco won Mr. Olympia in 1976 and again in 1981. He wasn’t just a bodybuilder and actor, he was also a licensed chiropractor in which he practiced in Los Angeles for many years.

Franco was lifelong best friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Before Franco’s passing, he and Arnold continued to train at the gym together. Sly knew Franco for a little bit as Franco trained Sly during the Rambo years. Sly trained with both Franco and Arnold during the 80’s.

When it comes to bodybuilding, this is how I would want to look someday. You’ll never see me on a Mr. Olympia stage ever but I do want that look. That’s why I got into bodybuilding to begin with. I’m hoping to get that big and muscular look like the pro bodybuilders. I’ve been bodybuilding for 10 years or a little over and already people are saying to me that I’m already getting that look kinda. A lot of people give me good feedback on my physique saying that I’m getting bigger and bigger. Franco is an inspiration in the bodybuilding world and I hope to look like that one day.


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