Just about done with Grand Theft Auto IV…

I only have two missions left in Grand Theft Auto IV. After I beat those two missions, I’m done with the game. The final mission is titled “Three Leaf Clover” but I have one more mission to complete before I go to the final one.

While this is an amazing game, the only thing I’m dissapointed about it is, there is not a lot of helicopter flying in this one. Hopefully there’ll be more helicopter flying in Grand Theft Auto V whenever they start making the next one.

After I beat the storyline game in GTA IV, I won’t move on to a different game just yet. I want to try the “online” multiplayer death match so I can play against other people online.

“GTA IV” is actually a pretty simple game, there are only very few missions that are very challenging but other than that, the game is pretty easy. I should have GTA IV beat today.



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