Thought: Grand Theft Auto IV is only 60% of storyline missions??

I just found out that Grand Theft Auto IV only has 60% of the main storyline missions, that’s the entire game right there. Right now, I’m 52% into the game. So that basically means I’m “almost” done with the game. I have at least 20 missions left and then I’m done.

I just completed a mission called “Catch the Wave” today and it wasn’t that hard of a mission, only took me several tries to beat it.

I should definitely have the game beat sometime this month.



0 thoughts on “Thought: Grand Theft Auto IV is only 60% of storyline missions??”

  1. I’ve just achieved 60% and hardly found any of the missions challenging. Sad that I waited that long just for a game with nice graphics, what about the storyline and everything else that has been forgotten?

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