Just beat “The Bourne Conspiracy” today!!!

This afternoon I just beat the game “The Bourne Conspiracy”. It’s not the best game ever made. Still though, the game was fun to play and I loved the action. I wish the game could have been a little longer and the graphics could be better. “The Bourne Conspiracy” almost felt like a Ps2 game, not a Ps3 game. I still liked the Jason Bourne game though, and I hope they make the next Jason Bourne game a really good one.

What game do I pick for the best video game of the year?

I’m not sure yet. I haven’t really played a whole lot of videogames, because I just became addicted to video games again this year.

If I were to pick the best video game of the year 2008, it would probably be “Metal Gear Solid 4”. I find it a much better game than GTA-4 to be honest.


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