“Dead Space” thoughts…

So I’ve been playing the video game “Dead Space” for the last couple of days, been playing many hours of it. The game is addicting.

The plot/synopsis for “Dead Space” tells a story about a man named Isaac Clarke, he’s an engineer of a spaceship that he must repair to get it back to working order again. The only problem is, the spaceship has evil alien beings all over the place that Isaac must destroy in order to survive. The aliens are actually human people infected with virus like alien DNA.

My thougths on the game so far, is that I think this one might be my choice for “Game of the Year 2008”, don’t know yet.

The graphics are beautiful and amazing. It makes you feel like you’re in an actual spaceship. The sound of the game just sends chills down your spine. The game is actually kind of scary as hell and very creepy to play. It’s very dark. Probably one of the darkest games I’ve ever played. The game has a lot of blood and gore that is actually disgusting, so if you have a weak stomach, do NOT play this. This game is deifnitely something that your kids can’t be seeing.

The game is challenging, difficult and frustrating but I’m hanging in there and getting kind of far into the game already. This game is highly reccomended. I probably going to be playing this game most of the day today. It’s better playing this game alone with all the lights off, and I’m sure it would be even better playing the game on a flat screen plasma TV with a 5.1. surround sound system.

This game is fucking amazing!!! If you own a Ps3 or Xbox360, do yourself a favor and get it. It would make a great holiday gift too, if you plan on doing last minute Christmas shopping today.


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