Game Review: God of War III

So today this afternoon, I finally finished “God of War III”. I played the game in Easy mode, and then Chaos mode, the difficult level. Yep, I finished the game in Chaos mode. It took me longer to beat ’cause the battles are longer and much more challenging. Overall, I find the game pretty impressive. Graphics are great, music is great, and the story is great, but what impressed me the most is the gameplay. The gameplay is pretty amazing and brutal. Lots of blood and gore, and nasty moves that might make your stomach upset.

There are a couple of dissapointments though. 1. The game is way too short, only 9 chapters. 2. The ending was dissapointing and could have been better. 3. This is the final and last God of War game ever.

Will there be a God of War IV game down the road? I think there will be.

I watched the behind the scenes featurettes in “God of War III” game and I didn’t know that Marvel’s, Stan Lee, helped them out with the game. He just pitched in ideas and gave them advice of what Stan Lee liked and didn’t like about the game. Also, celebrities, Rip Torn and Malcolm McDowell did voice overs for two different characters which is cool.

Everybody thinks Kratos is the hero of these games…but when you play God of War III, you would find out that Kratos was actually evil after all this time. It’s not really a spoiler ’cause there was already evidence of that from the first two games. God of War III was great and a blast to play. Chaos mode wasn’t exactly all that hard, you just got to have skill, patience, practice and intelligence to get good at it. You have to pay attention to what you’re doing.

Next game I plan on moving on to is “Red Dead Redemption”, the cowboy western game, I’ll start playing that game later on tonight. I was going to go on to “Bioshock 2” after this but other gamers have talked me into playing “Red Dead” next.


5 thoughts on “Game Review: God of War III”

  1. Okay…SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t finished God of War 3…do not read this

    Kev, how the hell did you get Kratos being evil from what happened in the game? In the end he realized that he had hope inside of him and rather than give hope back to the gods, he killed himself to give it to the entire world. He made the ultimate sacrifice to make the world better. How does that make him evil?

    1. If you payed attention throughout the game, Kratos did some pretty evil things. Not saving Pandora’s life when he was supposed to, killing Hera in the garden, killing Hephaestus (who is Pandora’s father and Aphrodite’s husband), etc. Also, all the enemies blamed Kratos on how Olympus turned out to be. His only mission was his revenge on Zeus, didn’t care about anything else but that. Murdering his own wife and daughter is a good reason to call him evil. He may have killed himself and saved the world, but the game suddenly ended right there with Athena saying that she’s dissapointed. I think that’s a clear sign that there maybe another God of War game down the road. They claim God of War III is the last, but I don’t buy it. I think they put God of War series on hiatus ’cause they were tired of making it.


      1. Yeah, he killed his family..but he was tricked into it…which is his ENTIRE MOTIVATION for the entire game series. To wash away the sins of his past.

      2. Also…Pandora sacrifices herself, if Kratos saves her…that kind of ruins the story.

      3. Well you make some sense…but I’m looking at other game forums talking about whether Kratos is good or evil…but I guess it’s the game way for us to decide if he is good or evil. Maybe that’s the point of the game, let the gamers decide what the story is about.


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