Thought: Am I delusional? Well, so are you, and everyone else…

One thing some folks out there like to call me is a delusional musician. I seemed to be getting called that a lot, but I learn to ignore it and laugh it off.

Definition of delusional, here:

1. having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions: Senators whothink they will get agreement on a comprehensive tax bill aredelusional.
2. Psychiatry . maintaining fixed false beliefs even when confronted with facts, usually as a result of mental illness: He was so delusional and paranoid that he thought everybody was conspiring against him.
People would usually see it as definition #2. Well, maybe, I am a bit delusional and whacky at times, but everyone else is no different, ya know? Pretty much everyone is living in their own delusional fantasy worlds. You’re not perfect like I’m not, so what makes you think you’re a better person?
Pretty much all musicians are delusional. All of them pretty much want attention for themselves, thinking they’re all stars and big shot musicians, so yeah, no different! The same goes for most internet bloggers, music promoters, and people in social networking sites. People in social networking sites (facebook, twitter, etc.) are more crazier than me, trust me.
I’m not that crazy & delusional, I don’t think so. Usually when I tell the truth and be honest, I usually back things up with facts. At least I don’t act like a professional musician and pretend to be good all the time like most musicians seem to be doing. If that’s not being delusional, I don’t know what  else it is.

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