Band & musician photos…nothing wrong with that stuff, but do it carefully & responsibly…

While I still stand by the things I say about band & musician photos, I’m not so photo crazy, but I understand why other bands & musicians do it. When you do band photos for marketing material, YOU must do it carefully and responsibly, just like you talk to people online carefully and responsibly. The photos you post on the internet. It’s there forever. No matter if you delete it or not, it’ll always come back to you and someone will leak it.

A lot of bands will make photos to try and be funny & humorous. They’ll make silly faces at the camera (which I see a lot more often), or they’ll flip the bird to the camera or they make sexual poses. Stuff like shirtless guys grabbing their crotches or female musician showing too much cleavage.

Again, nothing wrong with it, free country, but if you want your career to be on a positive note, you must look at how you release photos carefully. Some may find your photos offensive, inappropriate, a bit controversial. Some may make fun of you with those photos. Not just to laugh with you but at you. Do you want to be listed on other music websites under the Top Bad Photos list category? They will whether you like it or not.

If you don’t want to be a target of making bad band photos, you need to do it the right way. I’m sort of a photographer myself. I’m not a professional photographer, I just do it for fun and as a hobby, so I do know some photography.

You don’t need to release every photo you take. Don’t be afraid to trash the photos you’re not happy with.

When I get a band going, I’ll make sure our band photos will be normal. Nothing humorous, nothing weird, nothing too crazy. They’ll just be normal and simple band photos.

Nothing wrong with being funny and having a laugh, but music shouldn’t be about that. Photos say things to people. If you want to show your true love for music, you need to show that in your photos too, by not clowning around too much. Being a comedian will just send the wrong message to people.


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