10 signs that a musician might have a huge ego problem…

How can you tell when a musician has a huge ego problem? Read up…

  • They’ll want to think they’re so talented at everything they do, no matter what anybody says – In other words, a lot of them will want to think that they are like, “God” or something. They get criticized by somebody, they’ll get all defensive.
  • They’ll want as much publicity as possible – They’ll want to be all over the internet, radio, newspapers, etc. They’ll look at themselves like they are some sort of local celebrity or something.
  • They call themselves a headlining act, they’ll want to headline a show and play last every gig – Some of them will want to think they’re important and think they’re the superstar, all the time. I’ve ran into musicians like this before.
  • All they think about is money, they want to be payed the most and obsess with it – There are too many money hungry musicians around here. It’s crazy. It’s not like you’re going to get rich off of music, guys. You may get payed a little, but it’s not like you’re going to be millionaires in local music, get over yourselves.
  • They think they’re too good to talk to them online, they ignore you a lot when you write to them – Look dudes, you’re not a celebrity or a star or anything. I’ve tried to write to musicians that are established or popular, but you either get no reply back or they’ll also claim they don’t have the time to write to you. Bullshit lie! Get over your celebrity thing, people!
  • They’ll think they are better than you as a person and a musician – Don’t let other musicians think they are better than you ’cause they are no better. I certainly don’t let them think they’re better than me and I’ve ran into musicians like this too. Don’t let their egos destroy you, that includes online or at band gigs.
  • Some musicians will claim they are business people. They will claim they have their own label or promotional company, just to make themselves look good – Ouch,  did I just say that out loud? There are a lot of frauds around here. Not naming names.
  • They’ll want to hog up a lot of stage time – Bands would want to play longer sets, even if they’re booked to play short sets. Also, some musicians will want to play with other musicians onstage as much as possible, as an excuse to hog up the stage. I’ve seen it before.
  • They’re not supportive of other bands & musicians, some musicians just play music for themselves – There are bands and musicians that don’t even care to support other musical acts. There are even bands out there who don’t even care to get support by fans or other bands. Believe me, these kinds of musicians are out there.
  • They’ll want to think they’re so big after winning a big band competition or contest – This happens pretty often, a band wins a “Battle of the Bands” competition or some radio contest, they’ll want to think they’re bigger after that. Congratulations on your big win but that doesn’t make your band any bigger. You’re still a local band, right?

That’s all, enjoy.



4 thoughts on “10 signs that a musician might have a huge ego problem…”

  1. Man, I’ve run into that a lot. Admittedly, I’ll go overboard on solos & take that extra chorus or three so I’m not ego-free. To me, though, it’s all about the music. Making and hearing good sounds, so that helps keep my ego in check.

  2. I am not a musician, because normally they take everything over their family…and I don’t dig that…I have dealt with some really …”EGO” maniac musicians…that say..” you know we were the best band when I was drumming for you”….I’m so tired…soooooo tired of egos,,,,mainly from drummers,,,,that I just quit trying to find a singer….I’m just burnt out on egotistical musicians….they are BS, along with the music “whores”,,,just so done…be with one band, not 5, and really??? stop tryin to make it big, when you’re bigger than your drumset, and have no hair,,,its done…your chance of a rock star is gone…please….please….stop with the egos…..you’re making good people like me….quit.

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