How to deal with musicians with big ego problems…

So we talk about how to tell musicians who have big ego problems, lets talk about how to deal with them. When you become a musician, and the more popular you become, you’re going to run into a lot of musicians with huge ego problems. A lot of them will think they are better than you and more important than you.

The trick is, don’t let them. Don’t let them think they are better or bigger than you, no matter what they say or do. Other local musicians have tried to destroy my reputation as a person and a musician lots of times before. They tried to do it with all the bullying and harassment over the years, but they failed every time. You need to be one tough, son of a bitch. The trick is, you want to think you’re better than them. It really works too.

Another trick is, just keep going with the music. Keep playing and prove them wrong that you are talented and something special. You don’t have to give up music if so many musicians are coming after ya. When they do that, it’s pretty likely they are jealous of you and they will never admit it.

This is another reason why you need to be a bit of an egomaniac yourself, so you can stay above them. Don’t let ’em ruin you. Other musicians just want to see you fail at your career ’cause they know that you are talented, that’s why they do what they do. Period.



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