When a local band or solo artist starts to become local media darlings…

Everyone wants to see their favorite local band or solo artist succeed in their careers and move forward. Thing is, people can get really weird when it comes to a local band or solo artist wanting to get more recognition. All bands and solo artists, start off from the bottom and make their way to the top. When you start to see bands and artists becoming local media darlings, (being obsessed with radio and website interviews, being on the covers of newspapers a lot, getting reviews by local critics, etc.), that often gets a mixed response by the public. Some will be happy with their success and some will not be. Some of the haters & doubters will accuse them of being sellouts, fakes, and egomaniacs wanting to be at the center of everyone’s attention. It usually sparks some controversy when a band or artist becomes successful and well known in your area.

Look, I do know, that it can be frustrating and annoying, that the local media can keep shoving the same bands & artists in our faces on a regular basis, but I understand why they do it. The only way to get recognition like that these days, is that you must have a very large following, and fanbase. It doesn’t matter how good or bad their music is. As long as that band or artist has a lot of people supporting them, the local media outlets will support them because it can help draw people to buy their newspapers, get more radio listeners or get more website hits. Popularity is key to getting that recognition.

When you start to get a mix of supporters, haters & doubters, that’s a clear sign that you’re going places with your music. That’s the thing that younger bands need to understand a little better. The younger bands seem to be becoming defensive of the mixed reactions when they become established musicians. It seems that more younger bands & artists are getting more recognition in local music than ever. Why? That’s probably because the power of the internet, makes that happen. Back in the early days when there were no internet in the 80’s or early 90’s, it was hard for young musicians to get success.

On top of all this, I never really believed in being a “local superstar”. If that’s what you guys out there want to see yourself as, that’s fine. I never believed in being the local rock star. I play music, ’cause I enjoy it, that’s it. Just a human being, enjoying life, and playing music for fun. I would not want to become a local media darling or don’t really care to. I don’t take myself seriously as a musician. I just do my thing. I’m happy for other musicians wanting to succeed, but music should be for the love and enjoyment of it. Just go out and play. There’s no such thing as a superstar or a legend around here.


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