Brock rants about why local musicians are so crazy…

Over the years of local music, I have been wrongfully and unfairly criticized of how I am as a person and musician by other musicians around the music scene. I still get criticized by some even to this day, but I learn to ignore it and move along. When you see something like this, it just goes to show, that I’m not the badguy here. Now let me explain…

You see, musicians have really weird communication skills online. That’s a fact that we can’t deny. Musicians are absolutely crazy, out of their minds when they post in music forums and in social networking sites. A lot of them have mixed emotions. I know these guys want to have a public forum where they can talk about music in a positive way, but like always there will be a couple of bad guys coming around that will start ruining their shit. Then all this drama will start online with other musicians, and then the next thing you know, most everyone act like assholes, and then they’ll think you’re dumb or something. Whenever somebody wants to be honest about something and has a different opinion or view than everyone else, that’s when they’ll start hating on you. This stuff has been going on in local music forums for many years, which is partly responsible for shutting down the old GlensFallsRock and the old CRUMBS board down. I have been wrongfully blamed for creating so much wrath online. It’s nothing new. I’m used to it. It is not me that causes so much drama online, it’s the way musicians are posting on them.

Musicians claim they talk music in a positive attitude but a lot of them still think it’s alright to bash other musicians like myself and maybe a few others. This is why a lot of these guys have their own forums in Facebook ’cause anybody can be an administrator. They don’t have to get controlled by an administrator by a message board in a forum that has nothing to do with facebook. So they can get away with anything when you can be a self admin in Facebook.

People don’t like musician bashing around here? Well, when you guys go out of your way to hate musicians like myself, Frank Palangi or who ever. That is still “musician” bashing, no matter what you think of it. If you don’t like musician bashing, then you shouldn’t be doing it to other people, and that includes us.

So why is it that musicians are so weird? Where do the egos come from? Where does the attention whoring start? Why do musicians have such horrible attitudes at times? After thinking about all of this a while, it finally hit me. The craziness of musicians online, happens for a lot of reasons: 1. Stress 2. Alcohol could be a big part of it (too many musicians are alcoholics, trust me) 3. They get too overwhelmed with their work load in their own music careers (working too much will get to them) 4. They have bad things going on in their personal lives. The list goes on.

Things like this is why I try not to post in forums too much anymore. I try to stay out of things the best I can to worry about my own life and my own music, ya know? Musicians are not always lovable and wonderful like so many mistakenly believe. I’m not the badguy like some make me out to be. If you actually met me in person, you would find me approachable and easy to get along with . I won’t bite, people. I do treat others with respect if you treat people how you like to be treated.


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