You can either play music professionally or just for the love of it!!!

Do I see myself as a professional musician??? Some people mistakenly accuse me that I think of myself as a “professional” musician, but I know I’m not one. When you want to play an instrument whether it would be a guitar or whatever, it’s your choice whether you want to play as a hobby or professionally. I choose to do it as a hobby. Just something fun. That is it. Yes, I could forward my career to a bigger level if I wanted. I could try and get signed to an independent label, and have the label do all the work for me, get good opportunities, play bigger stages, and bigger venues. All the good stuff other bands are getting, but I don’t care to get all that as I repeatedly said.

The same goes for playing live gigs. I consider that as a hobby and for something fun to do as well. I think a lot of musicians and bands take themselves waaayyyy too seriously when it comes to gigging. A lot of musicians and bands would gig for other reasons. For example, a lot of musicians like to perform live for their own ego, to be at the center of everyone’s attention. They want to try and get many fans as possible. Some of them gig just for the money alone. There’s a lot of musicians that aren’t passionate enough about gigging even if they look like it.

Well, I am passionate about gigging, 100%. I love performing live in front of people. Can you see it in the live videos of mine? I love sharing my songs with other people. I love interacting with the audience and getting a reaction from people toward my songs either good or bad. I just love that feeling of getting up there and rocking out. Yes, I know I haven’t played a gig in a long while, but I’m trying to get back out there. I don’t really need to gig, but I do because it’s an awesome thing to do. I see too many musicians at live gigs that look bored to death playing on stage and they don’t look like they’re having fun. Playing live for me is like going to Disney World or Universal Studios. You may like going to amusement parks and going out to have some fun, but playing live is what I call fun, more than anything.

If I ever get myself a rock band, I would treat gigging the same way, treat it as a hobby and something for fun. You see? Music is just fun for me. I don’t do it to become the most popular musician in the world. If you’re that kind of musicians that wants to shove your music into everyone’s faces, that’s fine. That’s not me, ya know?

Yes, I do like getting new fans and supporters who truly do like my music, I appreciate that. I don’t take music so seriously, and just want to write, write, write. I just like putting it out there and getting responses from it. I like the mixed reactions, good or bad.

I do want to get back out there playing live and trying my best. Need to write a new batch of songs which is what I’m trying to do ’cause I want to forget most of my old songs and focus on mostly new ones. I’m still getting requests that I should bring back my old ones, which I will but only a few of them. I need to move forward and focus on new material. Go different directions and evolve. I don’t want to be playing the same songs, and the same styles of music, all the time, ya know? I want to get better and improve my talent some.

Music is a beautiful thing in life. No need to take it seriously. You don’t even need to play live at all if you don’t want to. Just play at home just for yourself. Music is in my blood and always will be.


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