Why a musician being in a romantic relationship with another musician is kind of risky…

Some of you have been seeing me not liking the idea of a musician dating another musician. Why would I prefer not to date another musician? These things have been happening quite a bit around the scene. I’ve been seeing local musicians getting into romantic relationships with other female musicians around the scene, even as far as getting married to them and stuff. Musician & musician relationships usually never work out, and never last that long anyway. Why? For a few simple reasons: 1) It’s all ego 2) She could be using you and for more publicity of her own music 3) Both of them are usually busy all the time with life and music. The list goes on, ya know? On top of that, they can really hurt you and destroy you bad. This is why I kind of prefer to date someone who doesn’t play an instrument or knows nothing about songwriting at all. I think musician couples are pretty whacky anyway but who knows though, sometimes those kind of relationships do work out for them, but rarely. This is just my opinion, so no offense to anyone about this.


9 thoughts on “Why a musician being in a romantic relationship with another musician is kind of risky…”

    1. The same with June Carter and Johnny Cash. They had a long lasting relationship together before both of their deaths.


      1. Who knows though. Maybe I’ll give it a shot, if she’ll be perfect enough for me. Anything is possible, I guess.


      2. Funny thing to say though, I’ve actually had a romantic interest in a few other female musicians before, got nothing but bad experiences back from them, which is probably why I don’t trust it. Not naming who those musicians are.


  1. Speaking from personal experience, it’s worse when band members (who met within the band for the first time) get together romantically. Happened in one of my old bands and destroyed it from the inside. But like the examples we gave, it’s not always bad to be romantically linked with another musician.

    1. You’re probably right, it doesn’t sound like it’s too bad then. I guess musician couples who had long lasting relationships successfully found ways to make it work so ego and jealousy won’t get in the way, and stuff. Who knows, I’ll probably end up going crazy and falling for another woman singer/songwriter someday, and I’ll be all over her before you know it. I did it like once or twice before, it’s just that they weren’t interested in me in return. Those musician couples that make it work, just somehow got lucky. Maybe dating another musician would be fun. I don’t know. Thanks for the tips.


  2. James Iha and D’arcy were a couple while the Smashing Pumpkins recorded GISH. Then they broke up while they were on tour supporting it…had to be on a bus together but go through all the normal post-relationship crap. Still, they managed to hold it together for the rest of the decade.

    1. yeah, look at Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks. They’ve been married for years, and now they’re playing in a band together called, “The Tedeschi Trucks Band”. They’re actually pretty good too.

      It would be nice to have a woman who has the same interests as me. Would like someone who has a huge passion for music and doesn’t mind non stop discussions about bands & stuff. And it would be kind of cool to have someone to play music with.


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