Why musicians know nothing about professionalism in music… just a rant…

I have always said that local musicians know nothing about professionalism in music and I still stand by it. Meaning, they know nothing about having a professional attitude and they know nothing about being courteous/friendly to others. People mistakenly believe that the Albany’s music scene is a positive, lovable and happy music scene but the truth is, it isn’t. This area’s music scene is not friendly at all. It never has been and never will be. Musicians think they know about having a professional attitude but the way they communicate with other musicians and music fans, they look like amateurs, honestly.


Lets see here… musicians with short tempers, horrible attitudes, bad communication skills, musicians who don’t write or speak well, being too critical and outspoken of other musicians — shall I keep going with the list? I can go on all day. If you’re any of those things, then you don’t have a professional attitude in music.

When you become a professional musician, they mistakenly think that you must be yourself. Well, a lot of times you can’t. That goes for online and social networking.

If you want to have a professional attitude, you must:

1) Be courteous and friendly to EVERYBODY (I mean everyone, even if you don’t like the person)

2)  Don’t respond to critics & haters

3) Be accepting of things even if you don’t like ’em (If you don’t agree with how you get paid at the gigs or if you get your set cut short, keep those opinions to yourself and let it be)

4)  Don’t be critical and hateful to other musicians (The bullying and harassment that goes on around musicians is pretty insane. If you’re the type of musician who is somebody like, “I don’t like you” or “I don’t like the way you said that”, then that’s pretty unprofessional. I can understand that you don’t like other musicians or bands as there are plenty out there I don’t like but it’s best to keep those opinions to yourself)

The simple fact is, that musicians know nothing about professionalism in music, period. End of story.

That includes me. I make my mistakes and learn from them. I still need to learn to be more professional and I am as you can see.

What I don’t get is… musicians appear to have professionals attitudes around everyone else but when they associate with me, they’re absolute shit. I got treated like crap by a lot of musicians out there over the years. Honestly, I would expect a professional attitude toward myself by other musicians but I never see that. They always came back with rotten attitudes. When they do stuff like this, I’m not afraid to expose that stuff on my blog. That’s what I’ve been saying all along over the years that musicians aren’t friendly. Honestly, I would like to be treated like a human being myself. What makes other musicians think it’s okay to treat me how you want to just because I don’t play music the way you do or not in your league on a professional level? That’s the thing about local music. If they think you suck musically, you’re the badguy. If you play extremely well, you’ll be a friend to other musicians. It’s pathetic really. We all should be treated with equal respect, no matter the level of talent or if you don’t like our playing.

I’ll ask again, musicians have professional attitudes? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you become established and popular in the music scene, you have to have a professional attitude, all the time. You can’t really be yourself even though you would like to. Even in facebook, you have to act professional.

If you act unprofessional, a lot of bad karma will come out of it. You will lose a lot of support from fans, musicians, and music venues. I know from my own experience.

Make no mistake about it, people. When musicians talk to me, I expect a professional attitude from them too and when they don’t… I won’t be afraid to write all about it on my blog.  There’s so much negativity and drama in local music ’cause musicians thrive on it. As I repeatedly said, it’s all ego with them. They want to think they’re better and smarter than everyone else ’cause of their successes and accomplishments in music. Maybe if I had some of the same successes and accomplishments other bands had, maybe they would take me more seriously…that’s how weird musicians can be.

We all should be treated with the same respect. To hell with musicians, ya know? It’s why I don’t care to support the scene much anymore as I used to. Musicians can be real douchebags.


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