Another thought about the Jammy Awards this Friday…

The interesting discussions continues about “The Jammy Awards” happening at Trickshots this Friday.

Here are some more things that I am learning about it… first of all, I am finding out that most of the bands/artists who were nominated for awards this Friday don’t even care about it. It’s the more successful and talented bands that don’t care about it. The ones who do care about it are the ones who struggle in the scene, the ones who don’t do a lot in their music and they probably don’t understand how music works (the musicians who are unsuccessful). So I’m feeling out of all the bands/artists who are nominated… only very few of them will probably show up hoping they’ll pick up their awards.

I don’t think the award will be anything special. They’ll probably be getting some piece of shit plastic thing… I don’t think they can afford expensive trophies for everybody, ya know? I also wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t have awards to give out at all and the musicians might walk out with nothing.

If you go to this award show… here’s a few things that may happen…

The band Sludge Factory in which the guy in Tier One Talent is the singer of this Alice N’ Chains tribute band… I’m afraid that Sludge Factory may hog up the most stage time than the other bands scheduled to play. There are about 10 or more bands scheduled to play this award show and I’m feeling that many of them won’t get to play because you can very well believe Sludge Factory will hog up the stage the whole night.

The whole show will be so disorganized and unprofessional that the bands/musicians won’t get all the awards.

This show is going to be a trainwreck… trust me on that. Don’t go there expecting to see an entertaining award show when you find out that Dan of TierOneTalent will be jerking himself off throughout the whole show. He will see this as his show and not the bands/artists wanting to be a part of it.

This show is probably gonna fail, anyway. All this guy is gonna do is go there jam with Sludge Factory for a while and later on after that, he’ll take his money and go home.

How much do you wanna make a bet that musicians around the scene are gonna be disappointed with this show? They’ll be bashing this show online the day after, trust me. We did our best and tried to warn people. It’ll be their fault if they go to this show and they feel disappointed.

I’m still interested in seeing how this show is gonna turn out so I’ll be looking out for reviews and photos and stuff. I’ll post that stuff here when I see that stuff. This TireOneTalent guy sounds like a piece of work and I hope I never meet him.


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