How musicians become egomaniacs… just my observation…

Musicians will never admit it but they really do have ’em. Huge egos. I’ve been a part of the unsigned music community for many years whether online or off so I’ve seen how a lot of musicians act out there. They’re a little crazy. A lot of ’em believe they are a legend in their own mind. Not naming names, ya know? This isn’t directed at anyone in particular. It’s aimed at all musicians pretty much.

The reason musicians become big egos is just a few things:

1) Their talent – A lot of musicians believe that they are so good musically and they think they’re talented… that they believe they need to go around showing everybody. They want to be at the center of everyone’s attention. When they think they’re good… they’ll go around acting like they’re better than anyone. This is the kind of musician who won’t take negative criticism of any kind. He/she will defend themselves and can’t take it.

2) Their successes – When a band or a musician get some success like gigging a lot, getting a lot of fans, getting a lot of great opportunities like winning band competitions such as Battle of the Bands, winning radio contests, opening for national acts, getting some radio airplay, getting all kinds of local press, etc. This is when their ego gets into them even more.

I’m glad for any musician or band for having the talent and getting successes but there are certain ways of responding to all that. Before all of their successes… musicians were fine before then but the bigger they get, the more of a douchebag they become. You get what I’m saying?

It happens often when a musician/band gets more success. I can see why they do it, though. They do it as a way to try and make you feel jealous. They try to make you feel like a failure. That’s why a lot of musicians try to act like they’re better than me. It’s all ego. Nothing more.

Congrats on their successes and all the good stuff they’re getting but that doesn’t make any of them better than you or me. Unsigned musicians aren’t rock stars. We’re all on the same level. We’re all local musicians. It doesn’t make them any different than me or other local acts.

Some of you may say, if I got all the successes other bands are getting, I’d be all over it? No. Not at all. I wouldn’t really care for all the successes as that stuff will mean nothing to me. All I’ll be worried about is making the music and sharing it with people.

Nothing wrong with jerking yourself off with your successes in music but like I said there are certain ways to respond to it. You have to be humble about it. Leave your ego at the door like I repeatedly said many times in the past. There’s a difference between a “healthy” ego and an “unhealthy” ego. I prefer the “healthy” ego more.

Just because you have successes in music doesn’t necessarily mean that gives you the right to treat people how you want to. Becoming an established band or a musician doesn’t make you the King of the World. You’re still a local musician no matter what you think of it.

I’ve had a lot of musicians over the years who treated me so rudely and disrespectfully ’cause they get so hung up in their huge ego.

I like musicians who are down to earth and humble. The ones who are friendly and the ones who don’t think they’re all that important. They’re just in it for the music. They don’t care about popularity, fame, and success. They just want to play and enjoy it. That’s how you be “humble”.

Another way to act humble is don’t act like you are so talented and so great musically. I never did. For years, I’ve always admitted I’m not the greatest musician in the world and confident to say that I’m not that good. I just let other people do the judging. I like letting the music speak on it’s own. I can never tell if I’m popular or if I’m great musically. There aren’t many out there who will never admit that they are crap musicians. All musicians wanna believe they’re so good.

Be humble. Be respectful. Courteous. Leave your ego at the door. You will get even more respect from other people around you.



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