Truthfully, I never liked this area’s music scene anyways…

I don’t care to be a part of the Capital Region’s music scene anymore. Don’t really care to support other bands/artists. Don’t really care to gig of my own. I used to but don’t really give a shit anymore. We don’t have a very good music scene. Never did. No places to play. Unless, all you’re gonna play for is crappy bar rooms and small venues where only a small crowd will show up. We don’t even have much of a music scene, in my opinion. Lot of talent around here but we don’t have a music scene.

There are also too many dramatic musicians with rotten attitudes and huge egos. Too many of them wanna be critical of you if they decide they dislike you. Too many opinionated douchebags around here for sure. This area’s music scene is all a popularity contest pretty much. The way I see it they won’t make you feel welcome in this music scene unless you have the popularity and the talent in your music. If you had both, then maybe you would get taken seriously more. Sad but it is what it is.

There are too many fakes and frauds around here calling themselves “musicians” when they don’t even deserve to call themselves that. Technically, we live in a music scene full of amateurs. There are only very few musicians who are real “professionals” and well deserving of being called that.

What gives these musicians the right to call you a horrible person or a talentless musician? This isn’t fucking American Idol. If you wanna play music, then fuckin’ do it. You don’t have to listen to anybody’s bullshit and opinions around here. Just play your music and let them complain and bitch about you. Be yourself and ignore everyone’s bullshit. Just take negative criticism as a compliment. Other musicians around here don’t have the right to tell you want kind of person they want you to be. You can be who you want to. Being yourself is all that matters.

If you be yourself and ignore everyone’s bullshit, you will win even more respect from people around you.

It’s pretty pointless to be a part of this music scene, anyways. Nothing out there. That’s why I prefer to make music for the internet only. Youtube is pretty much the way to go these days. I like making music strictly for the internet. I like it that way better.

This music scene is trash and I’m not afraid to say it.



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