I would like to get treated with more respect by some people but…

… I know that’s never gonna happen.

Now… I know these blogs are gonna attract a lot of haters. I know this blog will inspire other people to start their own blogs to talk shit about me. I know people will talk shit about me in social networking. I know people will even use youtube to talk shit about me too. This stuff is gonna keep happening. The bigger my blog gets, the more haters I’m gonna get. That’s just the way it is, ya know? I’ve been dealing with this shit for the last 10 years or more so I’m pretty used to it, I think.

Some people make the mistake that some of my blog posts are aimed at one person but they’re not. I try not to write blog posts that are aimed at people.

Some bands and musicians don’t appreciate online criticism? Well, that’s the name of the game. Bands & artists are putting their stuff out there publicly for the whole world to see. If these guys are putting their stuff out there and getting their stuff out there, you’re gonna get criticized… good or bad. I know I put myself out there for the whole world to see so I know I’m gonna get criticized so I can handle online criticism just fine. I just ignore it and let it go.

However, there are some out there that can’t take it. Especially musicians out there. Musicians get upset easily and they become immediately defensive when they are criticized. If that’s how they’re gonna be, then they don’t have what it takes to make it in the music business. Just wait until they get signed. When you get signed to an indie label or get signed to a major, either way, you’re gonna get criticized by a lot of bloggers and music critics.

Like I said before, when you get your first negative music review, lets see how well these guys can handle it.

These guys are putting themselves out there. That gives me the right to criticize them. If I’m going to shows or buying records… that gives me the right to criticize. I’m paying my money for local music so that gives me the right to criticize. I criticize ’cause I’m a fan of music. That’s what I do it for.

I criticize everything with national music… I have the same feelings for local music.

I am human. I have eyes and ears. I have the right to an honest opinion.

If I’m going to band shows… I have the right to criticize everything I see. The way they run their shows. I have the right to say how they act professionally. I have the right to call out their attitudes if I don’t like it. All of these things, I have the right to do.

If you’re getting mad at my criticism then you don’t have what it takes to be a professional musician. Professional musicians don’t reply to online criticism.

When I used to go to live shows in the past, I have been reviewing everything. I was honest with everything. I’ve been doing this for years and it hasn’t changed today.

There’s nothing wrong with being a critic of local music. I don’t really hate the local music scene btw, I just want it to be better. There are great bands around here, it’s just that this area is not much of a scene anymore like it used to be.

I have every right to be realistic about local music. I won’t change no matter how many out there hates it.

On top of that, I haven’t been a part of the music scene in a long time and don’t really care to be. It’s not much of a music scene anymore. There are no venues. Nobody goes out to shows. I can go on and on.

I’m a critic and that’s what I do and if I’m pissing you off… my work is done.

This post isn’t aimed at anyone by the way. Just had to get this rant off my chest.


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