One secret trick that bands and artists are totally missing when they perform live on stage…

I just read this article and it’s a great read!!! It explains how “relationship” with musicians on stage is a great way to put on an exciting show for the audience. “Relationship” with other musicians means is that if you’re proud of his/her talent you show it. Like for example, when your lead guitar player is playing a face melting solo, you pay attention to him/her by watching with a smile on your face with eyes open. When your lead guitarist is playing a face melting solo, another way to show that you care is that if you play guitar just walk up close to him/her and jam along with them.

Looking like you really care for the band member’s talent will get the audience and your fans to respect you even more.

I have seen tons of bands on stage with good “relationships”. When they’re playing on stage, I have seen musicians have different ways of showing they care. Like watching them play and smiling and things like that.

I have also seen certain bands that don’t show “relationships” at all. These are the guys who look like fuckin’ zombies or something. They just stand there. Staring at the floor while they play or when the lead singer is singing, he/she will sing with their eyes closed throughout their entire set. They don’t even give eye contact toward the crowd either. These are the guys who don’t move around on stage while they play and they look like they’re bored.

Some bands are great with the other members on stage and some are not.

When I pay my money to go see a band, I expect them to look like they’re having a blast with each other, not look like they’re a bunch of zombies.

So when somebody plays a mind blowing guitar solo or a sings a face melting vocal line, you gotta show that you care.

I’ve seen too many bands who make claims that they find their other members talented musicians but they don’t show that they care for their talent on stage.

This is a great article and worth a read.


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