How local bands are getting popular and huge these days, just my observation…

How are local bands these days getting more successful and becoming more established??? In my opinion, it isn’t because of the songwriting. It isn’t because of how they promote themselves. It isn’t because of how hard they work. I think it’s none of that stuff.

I think that how some bands are getting big and huge these days is that they just write music that fits the mainstream. Ya know, pop music. All these bands have to do is become a party dance band whether you do originals or covers or both. Just be a party band. Just make music that people can dance to. A lot of local bands these days want to be a party dance band. Not naming names. All they want to do is play fast and upbeat dance music that people can dance to.

Why are bands obsessed with wanting to become a party band these days? It’s because this stuff draw crowds. When people go out for the night… they just want to go out to a bar or a venue to have a good time and dance all night. So people have chosen to support local bands so they can have live music to dance to whether it will be a cover band or an original band.

My question is, whatever happened to the real music around here? The art. Bands don’t always have to be obsessed with writing party music just to draw out large crowds. Bands shouldn’t be shy of writing ballads. You don’t always have to write fast and dancy music that people can get their dance on.

If you notice with my music… I never cared to write party music. I never cared to write music that people can sing along and clap their hands to. Never really been my thing. I never cared to write radio friendly songs for radio airplay either.

Don’t get me wrong… I would write fun songs that people can dance to but I wouldn’t obsess with it too much. You want to write songs with different tempos and a different feeling. You don’t always have to write upbeat music all the time.

When I get a band going, we’re not gonna be a party band. We’re gonna focus strictly on the art and write songs whatever comes out of us. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a slow song, moderately upbeat or a fast song. Like I said before, tempos of songs needs to vary. Don’t be afraid to go different directions.

I think bands wanting to become party bands and pop bands are a bunch of posers and they are just desperate for popularity and fame. I like bands that focus on the art and the songwriting. You don’t need to write music that fits the mainstream. Do you really want to be looked at as a pop band? I certainly don’t.



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