Where are those nominations for The Cammy’s???

Predictably, they’re like late for the nominees or the final ballots??? They were supposed to be posted like today. It’s almost 10:00 p.m. Not up on the site yet.

See, same bullshit like last year. They were late for everything last year… late for the nominees list and late for the winners list. They’ll get posted tomorrow or later this week.

If they really cared for the music community and doing something “positive” for the scene, they would stay committed with the promotion with this garbage show and be responsible but nope… the final ballots haven’t been posted all day.

Either that or they got out of their delusions of grandeur and finally realized that no one cares. I’m sure they’ll get posted at some point, though but when it gets posted, I’ll make fun of it and bash it. It’ll be fun.



5 thoughts on “Where are those nominations for The Cammy’s???”

  1. Still nothing and no updates on the Facebook page. I see they only have 89 guests RSVP’ing – consider that there’s like 10 bands with 4 people, plus their dates and the organizers, nobody else is getting tickets.

    1. Yeah, it’s amazing to me how it’s all silent with these group of people. Strange, isn’t it??? I haven’t seen much discussion of this show in the local music community. Just wait until that nomination list comes out… I’m sure this area will be all over it then. They’ll post it. They’re probably too lazy and forgot.

      I wonder how many bands and musicians around here sent in their music hoping to get nominated??? Probably not many. If a lot of bands sent in their music to get nominated, then the list would have been posted yesterday. Give it time. When they post the list, they’ll make a bunch of lies saying many have sent in their music.


      1. btw, bro… they did the same exact thing last year. They were late on the nominations and late on the winners list. They just do it for attention, hoping to create a buzz. I think they make people wait intentionally. Like last year when they did this… the Albany area didn’t care about the award show until the nomination list came out. The nomination list went viral last year, started making the rounds of facebook through the local music community. I have a feeling the same will happen this year. It would be nice if this area would ignore this thing completely but musicians around this area won’t ’cause a lot of them live under the delusion of trying to get recognized as a musician.

        The Linda didn’t cancel this event… it’s still up on their event calendar…



  2. I dunno, seems like they just don’t have their shit together. I doubt they have the presence of mind and create some fake buzz by delaying the announcement. It won’t be off the Linda event page till probably a couple weeks before,around the time the organizers would have been required to finalize payment

    1. Agreed. They’re just unprofessional and lazy. They’re probably too busy with life that they just forgot. They’re amateurs and frauds who are not even good at promoting this show. I could have done a much better job than them.


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