10 Commandments for the Performing musician… I agree with all of this…

10 rules or commandments that you must follow in order to become a respected musician on a professional level. These are all good except I disagree with “No. 5” avoiding feedback at all costs. When you’re a rock or metal band, there’s an exception that feedback can sometimes be good. Sometimes feedback can be a good way to end a song like what a lot of hard rock bands do. If you look at bands like Nirvana and the Who, they would end songs with a lot of feedback noise on stage. That’s how a lot of bands end their live performance. You shouldn’t avoid feedback at all costs ’cause sometimes it can be good as a way to put on an exciting show, you know what I mean? Led Zeppelin and Hendrix did it a lot too. End their songs with a lot of feedback noise. Feedback can be useful sometimes.

Other than that, this article is a pretty good read. Sadly, I’ve seen bands that has broken all of these rules. I’ve seen tons of bands and solo artists that show up late for their scheduled time slot. I’ve also seen bands that didn’t stick to their allotted time slot like playing songs that are way too long and going over time. I’ve seen bands that don’t keep the show going like too much talking and joking around in between songs. I’ve seen tons of bands who were drunk as fuck onstage (I’ll have another post on that soon). I have also seen bands who didn’t have a care to tune quietly. I’ve also seen bands who complained and whined about the show or the venue itself. I’ve also seen plenty of huge egos at shows, not naming names.

This is how the Smallbany music scene has always been. There are some bands around here who follow these rules like real professionals but there’s not enough ’em. It’s part of why I don’t get myself involved in the music scene too much anymore ’cause it’s crazy as fuck here.

Enjoy the list here:



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