Why the local music scene continues to suck… not many supports original music… quite sad…

The reason that the Capital Region music scene continues to suck is not because of the talent around this area. There are too many talented bands & artists struggling around the scene… it’s just getting harder for local bands & artists to get recognized around here these days.

When I went to that local band festival  in Greenwich on Aug. 1st, I was amazed at how quiet the festival was during the other acts on the lineup. Of course, the headliner acts got the bigger crowd but all the other original acts, the front of the stage was pretty much empty. I kind of had a feeling that most people were gonna go to the show just to see the headlining act alone. Well, the headlining act plays all original stuff but even that band should have gotten a much larger crowd.

I’m not knocking the musicians in this area ’cause there are too many talented people… I’m only knocking the lack of support of original music around here. It sucks but it is what it is.

It’s really hard to get people to support original music around here. Believe me, I’ve tried my very best to get people to support my original music over the years but sadly not many seem to care. Some are willing to care about my music which is nice but not enough. I’m not alone on this ’cause many other original acts go through the same thing.

The only kind of bands that people seem to be into these days are cover bands and country bands. If you play covers or do original country songs that people can dance to then you should do quite well around here.

If you play original music in the Capital Region, you can expect to play in front of a few people at your shows which is why I kind of stopped performing live ’cause it’s pretty pointless just to get out there and play in front of like 4 or 5 people or none at all, ya know?

Cover bands and original country bands have always dominated the scene. They still continue to dominate today.

Of course, the lack of support of original music is nothing new; however, it’s been this way for decades. People refusing to support original music has always been a huge problem. There isn’t much of a music scene around here to begin with.

Some of you may think I’m whining & bitching, trolling and all that stuff but I’m not. I’m just speaking the harsh truth and not afraid of it.

Mostly the bands that gets the most success are bands that play music that people can dance to. A lot of people just want to go out and have a fun time, dance to live music… those are the kind of bands people want to see. If you play metal, punk or regular rock n’ roll… you’re probably not gonna get much of a crowd.

People don’t want to support the bands where you can sit and listen. People want to party, ya know? All the “party” bands people want to support. The “party” bands makes the venues the most money.

It’s ridiculous I know but all I can say is just play music for the love of it. Even if people refuse to support your music, just be proud that those few who decided to support you.

I like performing live but why bother when you pretty much have a dead music scene? There’s nothing here.


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