This article is a good example of why the Capital Region music scene is so horrible… all bands around this area should read this article…

This article here is a must read for all bands & musicians. This article here is referring to the music scene in Wisconsin but this article says this is good advice for ALL music scenes.

I’ve been saying these things for a long WHILE on my blogs over the years. Yes, bands are horrible at promoting themselves. Many bands only rely on the internet. When I used to gig around the Albany area all the time, I would promote my music the best I can. I would do more than just use the internet too. I would make my own flyers, try to post ’em all over my hometown. I would try to invite as many people as possible and it’s more than just sending out event invites on social networks… I remember I used to get on the phone to try to talk people into coming to my gigs. Things like that ya know?

Yeah, bands really are lazy and horrible at marketing… a lot of ’em really do suck at it.

And about bands no longer supporting each other anymore…. this article is so right on the money. Problem is in local music scenes, bands can be pretty cliquey. Bands can be huge egomaniacs around here for sure, no doubt. The problem is if they feel if you’re not talented enough or not in the professional level of musicianship, they won’t welcome you. If they feel that you’re an amatuer then you can forget it. That’s how cliquey music scenes are getting these days. There’s also too much negativity and drama. Too much mudslinging between bands & musicians these days.

There are too many bands around here who don’t care to support other bands but are only into music for themselves, ya know? They won’t care to share gigs with other bands or support other band gigs. I’ve seen it all.

I used to be a part of the local music scene in Albany but I stopped… no longer want to be a part of it. I’m just happy doing my own thing and making my own music. That’s all I care about…

Read this interesting little article/blog post…

I love it when this article wrote:

This brings me to my next point, and for that, we’ll go back to said glam metal band. In another part of the interview, the band member was asked about why they thought they were the complete package. The guitarist answered, flatly, “I am better than everyone else. Everyone else sucks.”

Now, poorly worded or not, let’s look at this objectively; THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BELIEVING YOU’RE THE BEST AT WHAT YOU DO. In fact, all bands should. Unless you truly believe you are the best at what you do, then you will quickly lose that work ethic that enabled you to come to that conclusion. If you don’t think you’re the best, than there’s no reason to stay the best. It IS possible to be confidant and humble simultaneously, people.

There are way too bands bands and musicians around here saying things like “I’m (or we’re) so great”. To me that’s a big turn off. That’s the egomaniac I’m talking about. It’s the same thing as Kanye West saying that he’s god or something, ya know? I’ve seen musicians around here with that attitude (not naming names) and it still goes on with bands in Albany. Too many people around Albany with negative attitudes and plenty of assholes around here for sure. YES!

The article above is a great read and I agree with it all, 100%. After I read it, the article explained Albany perfectly. Almost dead-on.

Don’t get me wrong… I support local music… I just want to see the scene get better and improve but it never does. It has always been the same. The scene never changes.




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