Bands drinking and getting drunk on stage: cool or stupid???

Another big problem I’m seeing in local music scenes is that most bands around the area wants to drink and get hammered on their shows. I’ve been seeing that with bands more nowadays. You have to ask yourself… are bands drinking alcohol on stage and getting smashed cool or stupid? Some believe that it’s cool for musicians to party hard but lets be realistic here, folks. Bands drinking during their live performances isn’t cool. It’s time to grow up and get real.

Nowadays, all musicians want to do is drink alcohol.  Many musicians out there are alcoholics, unfortunately. There are too many of ’em out there. Not me. I’m done with the drinking and hard partying. I was never an alcoholic per se, but I did used to drink alcohol and get myself wasted occasionally. I’m done with that.

It’s sad that there are many alcoholics out there nowadays. There are bars all over the place. That’s why the local music scene is pretty hot in the bar rooms ’cause they make a lot of money when they have bands play in them. That’s how bars stay open and thrive. That’s how you get gigs at bars ’cause the only reason they’ll book you is if you could only pull in a crowd… they don’t give a shit whether your music is good or not. They’re only happy if you could pull in people to buy drinks.

Nowadays, bands just want to act like narcissistic jackasses and showoff how cool they are ’cause like to party hard in front of their fans.

Ya know, playing in a rock band doesn’t always have to involve drinking and hard-partying. If I ever get a band, that’s not what my band is gonna be about. It’s gonna be strictly about the music.

Some people make the mistake that if you’re musician, it helps make you play better when you’re really intoxicated. Not always. Most of the time, I’ve seen musicians that play really sloppy and awful when drunk. When I see bands that are totally smashed on stage, it makes me want to leave the show. It used to be a bad thing for bands to get drunk on stage during live gigs but nowadays it has become more accepted which is sad.

Local music doesn’t always have to revolve around alcohol. You don’t always have to play in bars. You can play in places like cafes, diners, restaurants and family friendly events/festivals and most of those don’t involve alcohol.

To me drinking is stupid but if you want to do it, that’s your choice and your decision. Drinking alcohol is not for me anymore. Too many full grown adults out there that are nothing but drunks. It’s just sad. Beer and alcohol is overrated nowadays. I don’t need to get myself wasted to have a fun time. Alcohol has become big and mainstream… I blame that on beer commercials you see on TV, of course. I don’t like the alcohol anymore. I can’t drink anymore anyways ’cause I get sick each time I do. I’m okay with that. Alcohol is dumb.


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