Sorry but local music and politics don’t mix, what’s going on here???

I’ve been saying for a long while now that local music in the Capital Region and liberal politics have been a pretty big problem. I’ve been noticing that for a while and I’m not afraid to be realistic about it. Why is most of this area’s music scene being a bunch of liberal loudmouths and SJW’s? Lets make some observations shall we?

Well, a lot lately, I’ve been noticing some online websites that promotes local music, but at the same time they promote liberal propaganda. I believe that all started with the now defunct Metroland newspaper. When the Metroland used to be around, they would use the paper to promote the local arts. That’s what the paper used to be about really, but mostly I see them using the newspaper to promote liberal politics and local music both at the same time. Now that the Metroland is out of business due to not paying their taxes of their office building, they have now transformed into The Alt which is an online only kind of paper thing.

The Alt is kind of similar to Metroland. They promote the local arts, local music and they promote liberal propaganda as well. This week, I started looking at the The Alt website… check it out here:

As you can see, the Alt website has gotten much worse with their liberal bias. The Alt is a lot more further left than the Metroland was, in my opinion. The Alt is ultra-left as you can see in their political blogs on their site.

A few articles on there that got my attention were David King’s articles on the NRA. He’s just another anti-NRA nutjob. His two articles that he wrote on the NRA that I read are worthy of a blog response and I’ll respond to his opinion articles in another blog post some other time, but I must say those David King’s hateful ranting toward the NRA and law-abiding citizens were comical to read. You can betcha I’ll have a lot to say about his opinion pieces. I’ll respond to his NRA articles soon so stay tuned, y’all. It’s gonna be good and I’m gonna be honest and brutal. David King just doesn’t realize that the more he bashes the NRA, the more it’s gonna get people interested in joining. He’s just being an NRA salesman and that is all.

Anyway, back to the Capital Region and liberal politics, what is going on here, ya know? It’s very sad to see all this and disgusting too. Why can’t we all just shut up and play the music? If there is one thing that I can think of that is hurting this area’s music scene, this is it. I wish the local music press would stop talking about liberal politics ’cause that is not a good way to promote local music. If you think being political loudmouths is gonna bring people out to the gigs then you’re delusional.

That’s probably why I’ll never gig again. I don’t think I will and me gigging out in the scene won’t happen anytime soon ’cause I’m tired of the liberal SJW’s that are out in the scene. It’s not just online websites that are the problem, the local news like WNYT, The Post Star, The Times Union, etc. They all can be just as bad with the liberal bias. Liberal bias is everywhere in Upstate NY and quite frankly, I’m pretty sick of it. All the local news and local music press that promote liberal politics, they always go by what the mainstream media does.

The local music scene in the Capital Region is full of liberals. The reason is that the local press seems to ram the liberal propaganda down our throats. The mainstream media is responsible for that too.

I used to support the local music scene ’cause I love live music and I love performing live myself, but I can’t support the local music scene anymore with the way it’s going. I’ll always make music, though ’cause that’s what I do. I wish all musicians and promoters around here would just shut up and play the music. Instead, they’re all being political activists which really saddens me.


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