How to handle being hated on and criticized by other musicians in local music community…

Being a musician may sound a lot of fun which it is, but sometime you’re gonna realize that it’s not always going to be fun. You’re definitely going to deal with some ups and downs as I know I’ve definitely did over the years. Knowing from my own experience, I’ve dealt with a lot of mixed reactions from other musicians. They either love me or hate me, I’m good either way.

If you’re a musician and other musicians don’t treat you so kindly, here’s a way to handle it. Simply put, just don’t care what anyone thinks about you. You definitely gotta have a “don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about me” attitude, all the time if you want to continue to play your music. The trick on dealing with haters in the music scene is that you gotta keep playing your music and that’s pretty much it really. Keep playing your music no matter what anyone says. Yeah, some are definitely gonna hate and there are gonna be some that will want to see you fail. There will be many who won’t want to see you succeed and that’s why a lot of other musicians in the scene go out of their way of hating you. The trick is, you just gotta keep playing your music no matter what kind of negativity throws at you.

I remember when I started playing out at the year 2006 and later, haters were coming at me like crazy. I remember the old local music board days, wow. A lot of people say that I brought a lot of this stuff upon myself over the years but not really. Haters are gonna hate, pure and simple. You just gotta ignore them all and continue to do your thing, no matter what anyone says. When other musicians are getting bullied by other musicians, they waste a lot of time defending themselves which is a bad thing to do. Best thing to do is ignore them and keep moving forward.

You just got to realize that not everyone in the musicians community is gonna like you and that’s the way it is, ya know? I’ve learned that a long time ago. I’m pretty sure musicians around this area still hates my guts but ya know what? I don’t give a shit! Fuck them for all I care!

Just keep playing your tunes, write your songs and release them. I notice the haters get a lot worse when they see you keep working on music and that’s what you gotta do. Having haters isn’t necessarily a bad thing ’cause sometimes bad publicity can be good. I’m not worried about getting bad publicity anymore like I used to. Admittedly, it can be a nice way to get noticed so don’t worry about it. Getting haters can be a nice way to get the word out about your music.

There are national bands out there that get so many haters but they keep playing their music no matter what people thinks of them like Metallica for example. Metallica is one of the most criticized bands on the planet but they keep going. The same goes with me. I have so many haters but I keep going in music.  Nothing is stopping me. That’s the attitude you should have.

There will be other musicians who think they can control you if they don’t like you. There will be other musicians that will try to get you to quit if they don’t like your music or if they don’t like you as a person. The trick is don’t listen to any of them. Give them all the middle finger and keep doing what you do.

I used to worry about other musicians getting onto me but I’ve gotten much better at not giving a fuck anymore. Only care about you and your music and that’s the point that I’m trying to get at. People will say that’s the wrong attitude to have… they will call you cocky and arrogant but it’s not. You just gotta do what’s right for yourself. That’s what you gotta do if you want to play your music positively. Gotta stay above the haters as best as possible. I’ve gotten much better at this which I’m proud of. You should consider doing the same.


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