Elder Scrolls VI is confirmed by Bethesda studios… I love these games!!!

This is great news. The latest Elder Scrolls game which was “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” was released back in 2011. It’s been a long while since a new Elder Scrolls game has been out. When “Skyrim” came out, it became a massive hit. The game still is a massive hit. “Skyrim” is still a pretty big seller which was why the game was re-released for the PS4, XBox One and Nintendo Switch later on.

I can see why “Skyrim” was a massive hit and continues to be because it’s a pretty big game, that’s why. It’s a pretty big open world game with lots of quests. A lot of quests are never ending though. You can play this game for hours and hours. There’s no shortage of gameplay ’cause of the radiant quests. It is still possible to beat the game, though… just gotta beat all the main ones.

While I’m a pretty big Elder Scrolls fan, I’m still playing “Skyrim”… the SE version on the PS4. I would like to play the older Elder Scrolls games but the PSN store doesn’t have ’em but Steam has Elder Scrolls III and IV.

I like Elder Scrolls ’cause I do love playing epic fantasy RPG games. No doubt, Elder Scrolls is the best RPG franchise for sure. It is the most addicting game ever as I can’t stop playing. I’m trying to finish up all the main quests still.

I love video gaming. It’s another hobby of mine and what I do to escape from everything. Can’t wait to see the full trailer of this game which I’m sure Bethesda will release pretty soon.


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