Local musicians around the Capital Region… have they become more arrogant and ego-driven than ever before? Yes!!!!

Even though I haven’t been out to a local show and haven’t gigged in a long time myself, I still see how local musicians around the Albany area are online. I’ve always known that the Capital Region music scene has all kinds of problems and it is still the same. In fact, I think the local music scene has gotten much much worse. I’m no longer a fan of it anymore as much as I used to be, I think that’s pretty much why I retired from playing live music really. Disappointed with how this scene came out to be.

If you want to be a musician around the Albany/Saratoga Springs music scene, you gotta be able to deal with a lot of bullshit. You got to deal with huge egos, a lot of drama, a lot of cliques, backstabbing and things like that. Yeah, I have had too many fallen outs with musicians and people throughout the scene who I thought I got along with well but guess not. That’s okay. People come and go in my life anyways so I just accept it, say fuck it and keep moving forward in life. I’m more worried about myself and my own music and that’s a good attitude to have.

Yeah there will be many people who won’t care about your music but will care for you only if you care for them. There will be huge egos around here who will think they will be better than you. There will also be those nasty haters and critics around the scene as I know I have plenty of those but I don’t give a fuck, though.

One thing that bothers me around here though is that a lot of musicians will think they are so important just because they think they are talented and they know it. The rock star attitude is such a problem around here, it’s just crazy. That’s basically what turned me off about the scene and it’s why I don’t go out there anymore pretty much. Bands acting like rock stars online and at the live gigs. It’s a problem for sure and I don’t like it.

Even though I haven’t been out to any local shows, I try to watch some local Albany bands online and some of the onstage antics they do is pretty crazy. Making silly faces to the crowd, running around onstage and acting like a total animal, dressing like a rock star, etc. I can go on. Even a lot of musicians act like arrogant assholes while performing on stage. It’s becoming a real problem and it’s getting worse.

I love local music and I support musicians yes,  I just don’t like how it’s going right now and don’t really like the people in the scene right now ’cause it’s getting crazy to be honest with you.

With all this being said, though, I’m still playing music of my own and planning on getting back into songwriting again. Will I ever play live ever again? Not sure. Maybe I’ll do a live internet concert someday but playing at a venue around Capital Region? I don’t think so. Play out in the scene again is not on my radar right now.

I still don’t like how the scene is going nowadays, although admittedly there are still a few good local bands around here!


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