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Tonight P4th is closing down…

Yes, the area’s popular rock music venue, “P4th” in Troy is closing down tonight. Tonight will be the final show with the Fleshtones being the headlining act. Yep, it’s sadily true that P4th is actually closing down for good. I’ve only been at this venue two times. One time to see “Blackcat Elliot” and “Big Frank & The Bargain Bingers” there. The other time, I actually played a gig there. Why is the venue  closing down? It’s because there are news that Artie is opening up a new restaurant in Schenectady with a few other guys. The new restaurant will be called, “The Judge’s Inn”. Not sure if Artie’s still going to have live local music at the “Judge’s Inn” or not, but he probably will. I can’t see him giving up on live local music ’cause I know it’s his passion. So he will probably still have live music at this new place.

Even though I don’t like playing bars and don’ drink, P4th was still a cool place. It’s going to be missed in the music scene. 1st the “Hudson Duster” went down in Troy, and next here comes, “P4th”.

RIP P4th and thanks for letting me play there before it went down.


Edit to add: I meant P4th is closing down tonight on Saturday, not yesterday.


Being dishonest about your musical talent…

If there is one thing that turns me off about musicians, here is one of them. I don’t like how musicians are dishonest with their musical talent. In local unsigned music, you get professionals bashing the amateurs/beginner musicians all the time. It gets old and tiresome to me. It just shows how delusional and egotistical these so called professionals really are. You see, the professionals shouldn’t be putting down the amateurs when they are really the amateurs themselves.

You know, those type of pro wannabe musicians that will go around, thinking they’re the shit, and thinking they’re better than everybody. When the reality is, they don’t know a lot about music that they claim. The ones that think they are the rock stars around the area when the truth is, they are fakes. Don’t get me wrong. I respect all musicians in all level of talent. I support all musicians whether beginner or professional, doesn’t matter to me. What I don’t respect is musicians going around thinking they’re “the best”.

A lot of musicians are afraid to admit “they suck”. They don’t want to admit that truth.

I want to see musicians around here being honest with their talent. If you think you suck, you shouldn’t have to be afraid to be upfront about it. I’m not the best musician in the world, so I’ll be upfront about that. I know there are musicians that are way better than me out there. I don’t think I will ever be. There are even nationally famed musicians out there that admit they suck. I’ve read plenty of times in interviews that Dave Mustaine says he isn’t the greatest guitarist in the world, Neil Young even admitted he sucked. John Mayer admitted he’s a crappy singer in his latest interview with Guitar World magazine.

Why don’t “you” try being upfront about your talent that you’re not really the best you make yourself out to be? It’s not that hard. It’s not like the whole world is going to care. It’s no big deal. Musicians will always think they are the “greatest” no matter the situation. Even if they play out of key or hit the wrong note or if they sing badly, they get all defensive over honest criticism.

You’re not god’s gift to music when so many musicians think they are, it’s crazy. I play music ’cause it’s my passion and my love. Anybody’s welcome to play. If you think your music sounds good and if it sounds good to you, and you’re proud of it, that shouldn’t matter to everyone else. Just enjoy what you do. Don’t lie about your skills. I know a professional when I see one.


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Tripsonic returns but I think they still need a better singer…

Well, the Albany’s local original rock band, Tripsonic is back (again, I lost count how many times they split and returned) officially. I was anticipating for the return of Tripsonic ’cause they are a band that I liked. While I’m glad that the band is back, only thing I’m dissapointed in is that new singer. In my opinion, she’s not good. She’s singing way out of key. Sounds very amatuerish. She doesn’t fit. If Tripsonic wants to return with a BANG, I’d suggest getting someone else that can sing. I just hope this is not just a “practice” that it was just an audition. Nothing wrong with the band playing the music though. The band plays their instruments wonderfully and they are pretty tight playing in a band. My only problem is that chick singer. Come on dudes, I would go out and support Tripsonic if they can get someone else with the great vocal chops that actually fits the band. This is not a good performance, I don’t care if it’s practice or not.


Interesting article on how the internet is changing the music business…

This is a great article on how the internet is changing the music business these days.

I would never have been playing shows out in the music scene if it weren’t for the internet. The internet was the reason that got me gigs in the past. With Itunes and Youtube, those also changed the music industry online. If you want to get signed to an indie label or major, it has been all about the internet these days. You can get a huge fan following online.

Like the article said, if it happened with Phantogram, it can happen with anybody.

Plus, with computer technology, you don’t even need to have a band to record songs anymore. There’s plenty of MIDI music software that almost sounds close to real instruments which I plan to do soon. I’ve been looking into getting some type of music software that gives you computerized band backup. That way I can make full band electric rock on my own at home since I won’t have a band right away.

The internet seems to be a new home for music these days, and honestly, the internet is where I’ve heard most bands from.

I remember in the earlier days during the 80’s and early 90’s when there was no internet, it was kind of hard to keep up with the music industry. Back in those days we had ad flyers, magazines, newspapers, etc. Now the internet makes promoting easier.


Cool Video: Ashton Holmes performs with his old band Method of Groove at Valentine’s for a reunion show…

Movie star, Ashton Holmes, returned to Albany over Christmas weekend to reunite with his old band he used to play with back in 1999, a band called Method of Groove. That year in ’99, they release a CD titled, “448 Pearl” which I bought off Ashton himself years back and still have the CD. Method of Groove used to be one of my favorite local bands back then. In  this video, here they are playing acoustically. It’s obvious Albany still remembers them ’cause it sounds like they had quite a crowd there that night and the audience was singing along with them a little bit with this song.

It would be  cool if Ashton would come back to music full time in Albany, but I doubt it. This was probably a one off thing since I’m sure Ashton came back to Albany to visit friends and family for the Holidays. Ashton Holmes is an actor for movies and Broadway. So I’m sure he’s concentrating on that more.

Good to see him doing Method of Groove again for old time’s sake though. It be kind of cool if they go back in the studio and put out a new record for Albany, but who knows, maybe it’ll actually happen. Method of Groove was one of the great local bands back in those days and still listen to their CD.


Kapitol Magazine, new local website…

A new website’s been advertising itself in craigslist today and it caught my attention, it is called, “Kapitol Magazine”. I gave it a look and been finding myself entertained reading it. It’s a funny site made for comedy material and for all in good fun really.

It’s a site about local music to be reviewed with brutal honesty. Kind of like what I do here.

No, “Kapitol Magazine”, isn’t being runned by me, I don’t own the site. Who ever owns it, did a good job.

I know that honest critique in local music creates a lot of controversy, and local people hate it, but, I never understood it. Music gets boring with it being positive and happy all of the time. Music is here for honesty. That’s what music is here for. To put it out there and get honest feedback from people, good or bad.

I’m all for the site, and I love it. There’s even an article on “The Legend” in there, that I totally agree with. I also agree with what they say about Ten Year Vamp as well.

Enjoy it here:


Thought: Blog post of the day by Iaz…

I just wanted to respond to this post a little bit, by Tobiaz, an upstate NY songwriter:

“I can’t begin to tell you how hard I’ve been working on recording this new album “East Side Gallery” and the levels that the plays are getting for the preview tracks to this album don’t exactly thrill me. This year I have rode the bicycle to the studio. Not even reaching 50,000 plays that’s crazy for the amount of effort and dedication that I happen to be involved in recording the new album. It has been a long road to get to this point. I hope people are not telling me to rush the release of this album because it won’t happen. I’m in a decent studio and I can’t begin to express how I want this album to be an immense success it will deserve it because I’m not even close to having the album done. It is all cool to now be certified with 29,000 friends but the other levels count as well.”

Reality check time – That’s good that he’s working extremely hard on his new album (or demo CD, in fact…). Dude, all bands work on their albums extremely hard. That doesn’t mean the album will be an immediate success ’cause you’ve worked hard on it. I mean, this guy has got 29,000 friends in his myspace and very low plays in his song tracks.

He’s in his blog calling them all fans and supporters when I’m noticing that most of it’s just bands advertising their own music. This is a perfect example of musicians trying to make themselves look popular online.

Iaz is a good dude and all, but honestly, he says a lot of things that are really whacky. He’s in there complaining about how this area doesn’t ask him to play gigs, when I’ve told him plenty of times that this area’s venues don’t go around asking musicians to play. Bands and musicians have to get the gigs themselves, that’s the way it works. Gigs don’t fall in your lap, dude. Gotta go out and get ’em yourself if you want to be a successful, “artist”. Send your demos out to the venues and they’ll get back to ya, that’s how this game goes.

His music is alright and he’s an ok performer but sometimes I think he’s living in dreamland. Myspace is not a good tool to promote your music which is why I refuse to go back there. If he thinks myspace is going to make him big, then there is something wrong.