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“Never forget them both”

Never forget them both.
9/11/01 and the Benghazi attacks.
While most people will be
talking about 9/11/01, you
shouldn’t forget Benghazi

It has been 12 years of 9/11/01
and has been a year of Benghazi.
1 year of Benghazi and still no
answers and no justice for the
4 Americans.

I love my country.
God bless the United States of America.


“The Friend Zone”

I’ve been friends with quite
a bit of women
over the years but I’ve
been stuck in the friend
zone with pretty much all
of them.

Women just come and go in
my life. No real dates.
Just hanging out and
good company.
Why haven’t a romantic moment
came out of any of them yet?

Somehow I feel like I’m
being used ’cause they have
no one else to go to.
Some of them came to me
sometimes so they can have
someone to talk to and
they won’t feel alone.

Maybe I get stuck in the friend
zone ’cause maybe I’m too nice
of a guy?
Maybe I’m not good looking enough?
Maybe I don’t have enough money?
Maybe I don’t know how to talk to
them or don’t understand them?

I’m thinking it’s better to
stay in the friend zone.
It’s better to be single
than being hurt or heartbroken.

The next time I become friends with
a woman, I’ll make sure it’s a true
friendship — if there is ever such
a thing — No more women using me.
Done with it.


“Women In Facebook”

Women in facebook just love
the attention of being
They are not professional
models but they think
they are.
Beautiful looks, too much make up,
the duck face, and push up bras
so they can make their boobs
look big.
You get the deal.

They get too many thumbs up
on their photos and too
many guys flirting with them.
Not that there’s anything wrong
with it but I’m willing to
bet guys don’t get hooked up
with them. Why?
Because these women think they’re
too good for them.

Women in facebook may seem nice
but in reality they can really be
selfish and evil.
They do what they do ’cause they
enjoy driving men nuts.
Hey, I enjoy looking at sexy
women for a bit of eye candy myself
but it’s really bothersome with
all these other men hitting on ’em.

Women like to look beautiful in facebook
’cause I blame it on the media.
The music industry, reality shows, soap operas, etc.
You get the deal.
I’m not calling them sluts but they don’t need to look
sexy to be beautiful.
Why can’t they simply be themselves
and be normal?
Women are obsessed with the world of
celebrity and they don’t want to
admit it.


(Edit to add: This poem maybe a little offensive but I just had to bring up a point… hey, maybe you’ll even agree with everything I said in this poem? This is just the beginning of dark and controversial poems… it’ll get better!)

“What is so special about John Mayer?”

What is so special about
John Mayer?
Apparently, a lot of people
like him.
A lot of women like him
and men like John Mayer
Blues guitarist and pop
You may know who he is
by his hit, “Your Body
Is a Wonderland”.

I think he is a
brilliant blues guitarist
and he’s great at guitar
solos but I think
John is a terrible
I think it’s his singing
voice that I can’t get into.
I also think he’s a bit

I’m also tired of people
talking about him in
social networking sites.
It’s understandable that
a lot of young people
like him but
they need to start
having better taste in
blues music.

What about BB King, SRV, Clapton,
Albert King, Buddy Guy, Robert Johnson
and Joe Bonamassa?
They are true blues
artists, in my opinion.
John Mayer is just a


Poetry writing…

I’ve been accused of writing poetry of how I would normally write but when I take the format out of it — that makes it seems like I’m writing a paragraph instead. I understand what the reader is saying completely but it’s not true. I would think that if you say that, you haven’t read enough poetry yourself. Most poems are written like that. Take the format out of it and it’ll be read like a paragraph. Most poets wrote like that. Especially Bukowski and Ezra Pound, many other poets I can think of have written in that way. 

I’ll admit that I have to make a poem sound like a “poem” but it’ll take some time and practice. I just started and it’ll take some time to get better at it. I just write whatever comes to my mind. That’s the beauty of poetry. The freedom of speaking your mind. My writing style for poetry is very similar to my blogging style yes but there isn’t anything I can do about that. It’s the way I write. My writing style. There is really no way you can change your writing style. Everybody has a different writing style. 

There are pretty much no rules in poetry. You don’t really have to learn from other poets and you don’t have to take lessons. All you need is a pen, paper, and your mind — that’s it. The poems I write on this blog are written on notebook paper first. Just write whatever and however you want in poetry. That’s what I’ve learned after reading poems from poets. 

My poems will be mostly about me as you can see. My personal thoughts and feelings. Rants, and things like that. Some poems will be positive, happy, and be warned people — some of my poems might piss people off too! This is only the beginning. 

I’m already at a good start in writing poetry ’cause as soon as I posted a few on this blog, I got a few bloggers hitting “like” on them so I believe I’m doing okay. 

This is exactly how I’m planning to write my new songs… in poetic free verse form. Get the hint, “free verse”, the word free in there… has something to do with freedom. 

I’m still going to give rhyming poetry a try… I really shouldn’t ignore rhyming completely. This is just the beginning.


“The Internet Ruined The Music Industry”…

The internet
really did
ruin the
music industry.

Music was much
better before the
internet came

Social networking sucks.
So does internet radio
and I-tunes.

The internet destroyed
the album and live

No good music anymore.
Sometimes a good
artist will come around
but not much.

The industry made it
difficult for unsigned
bands to get signed.

Most music is fake today.
Especially pop and rap.
Too many boy bands
and too many trashy
female pop stars.

I still love to listen
to music
but not too much
of today’s music.

I still prefer to listen
to music from the 60’s – 70’s.
Wish kids would listen
to that stuff

Yep, the industry is
pretty much dead.
It will never get better.


“Don’t Care About Marriage”

There are a lot of young people
getting married in this day and age.
I mean young people like around
the 20’s – 30’s years of age.
I am 36, almost to 40 and
I’m still not married yet.

You know know what, though?
I am perfectly fine with that.
In my opinion, I think it’s a bad idea to get married at
such a young age. Why?
Because you might regret it down the road.

Marriage is a pretty serious
thing. Don’t rush it.
There is no need for it.
You don’t need to get married
to live a happy and full life.

If I were to get married one
day, I’ll make sure if it’s the right thing to
do and if she’s worth it.
I’ll make sure she’s right for me.

I won’t marry her not only because she’s beautiful.
I’ll make sure that she’ll be my best friend and
soul mate. I’ll make sure that she’ll love me for me.

Some of you may ask.
When will I get married?
The answer is, I don’t know and don’t really care.
Maybe I’ll get married in my 40’s or 50’s or never at all.
Being alone is not really all that bad. Trust me.


“Stage Fright”

A lot of people like to mistakenly believe
I have full confidence when I get up on that
stage to play a gig.

Not exactly true, you see. I have a little bit
of stage fright like most performers.

Before I get up on stage to perform,
I worry if I’m going to mess up a lot.
Mess up guitar parts by hitting the wrong chord
or forgetting the fucking lyrics.
Maybe sing out of tune or sing like shit.

Still though, people still come up to me after my
performance telling me that was one of the best
performances they’ve ever seen.
I don’t see how?

I’m just a guy who just like to play music, not
giving a fuck if I make mistakes or not.
It’s awesome people like my music,
I just play for me and it’s in my blood.