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“A real musician”

What does it mean to
be an actual
This topic has always
been difficult
to define.
In my opinion, I
think an actual
musician is a musician
who knows what he
or she is doing.
Do you have a good
Are you good enough
with music
That is my definition
of a real musician.

If you can memorize
the sound of all 12
notes of music in your
Know what key the
song is in without
anyone telling you.
You are able to improvise
on your instrument
with no problem
and no fear…
you are a real
If you know
more than one scale
and know what
the other musicians
in the band are
you are
a real musician.

I’m not a real
musician yet
but I feel I’m just
about there.
Still have work
to do but
I’ll always improve.

Becoming a real
musician is my
goal/dream and
I’ll never give up.


“Why Facebook Really Sucks”…

Facebook sucks for
a lot of
There were a lot of
people who left facebook
for good and there are
some who avoid
facebook like the plague.

I can understand them
’cause facebook
is horrible.
Let me
list them…

People can get
too dramatic
and negative.
People post way
too much info
about their
personal life.
People also post
a lot of baby photos,
photos of their pets
and women post photos
of themselves giving
the duck face.
Too much spam in
the newsfeed,
getting too much
game requests.

Shall I go on???
Stupid memes, and inspirational
quotes that don’t
make any sense.
People going on and on about
sports they watch
on TV.
Misinformed discussions and
debates about politics
and our US government.

Facebook also ruins
If people don’t like what you
say or if they don’t agree with
you… you become the enemy
of many people you
don’t know. You’ll get
blocked or even deleted.
Sometimes you don’t
get along with your
own friends and family

I came close to
leaving facebook
myself many
I don’t leave ’cause
I can’t or people
will talk me into
coming back.
Here is a big
fuck you to Mr. Zuckerberg.


“Yes, I Love To Dance”

Yes, I love to dance
and I enjoy it.
You’ll have to see
it to believe it.
However, I want
to get better at
I want to learn how
to dance like a
king for the ladies.

I just started
learning some
dance moves
from youtube
howto’s so that’s
a start.
I want to attract
the ladies
out on the
dance floor.

The secret to
attracting the women
on the
dance floor is
look like you’re
having a great time,
smile, and the women
will want to dance with
you on their own.

If they see that
you’re having a good
time, they’ll be
all over you.
I want to learn
how to dance
better myself
so women
can be all over
me even more.

I don’t know any
dance instructors
around here so
I’ll teach myself.
I’m finding that
dancing is one of
my favorite things to
do and it’s a new
hobby I want to
pick up. It’s also
a great workout.

The reason some folks
are surprised of my
dancing is ’cause
most people see me
as a shy and bored
loser. Don’t judge!!!
I can actually be very confident
and be an enjoyable

I used to never
be into the nightclub
scene but I think I want
to go so I can
get my dance on a lot
Really, I want to
learn how to dance
like a pro.

A lot of people can’t
see it but I do like
dance music, hip hop,
disco, techno, house, etc.

A lot of men are shy
about dancing.
Dancing is not only
fun, it just helps
get your mind off
of things.



“Condescending Assholes”…

I hate people
with a condescending attitude.
They really
but you know what?

I try to be nothing
but nice and supportive
to certain people
but they just wannabe
condescending assholes!!!
Acting like they’re
smarter than me.

I hate people
who pretend to be nice
and supportive of you
but when you talk to them,
they selfishly seem to enjoy
putting you down.

When people are condescending
Get them
your life
You deserve to be treated better
than that.


“Bands Who Jerk Themselves Off”…

All musicians and bands
want to move forward
and be successful.
When they do, they act
all important and their
ego will get big once
they become well-known
and established.
They jerk themselves off
pretty much.

That’s the way local bands
been acting in this day
and age — thanks to
social media sites like

The last thing you want
to do is jerk yourself off
with your success.
It won’t get you anywhere.
It doesn’t make you cool.
It doesn’t make you a better person.

Bands don’t want to admit
they have huge egos.
When you tell them they do,
don’t expect much of an
They’ll become defensive…

Making claims how they are
a good person, and how they
work hard.
Welp, you just explained how
much of an ego you really

If you want even more evidence
on how bands have
huge egos…
they always expect to
headline gigs.
They jerk off to big
They jerk off with their
so-called accomplishments.
Bands are horrible at
handling criticism.
Need I go on?

Bands try their best to
make themselves look good.
They really need to leave their
ego at the door.
It’s nice to get success and move
forward but the last thing you
want to do is
jerk yourself off.
It’s good karma if you don’t
respond to your success
in music at all.


“A True Songwriter”

I see the way some musicians
wrote songs.
Some songwriters would write
the lyrics first and then they’ll
write the chords above certain
Songwriters will even go as far
as writing down guitar tab for
riff ideas or guitar solos.

Stop, right there!!! Time out!
If you write songs in that way,
then you are not a songwriter.

The way I always wrote guitar parts
for music is that I never wrote
stuff down on paper.
The only thing I would ever write
down on paper are the lyrics,
of course.

The beauty of music is being able
to play from the heart and your
Being able to play what you hear
in your head.
That’s a true songwriter.

When making music, I never plan
Music should be unpredictable.
I never say, “Oh, I have a plan of what
I want my song to sound like”.
You just play whatever comes out of you.
It’s just as simple as that.

I’m not knocking the way you write songs.
Not trying to tell you how to write them.
If you want to be respected as a musician,
this is the way to go.

Learn to have a good ear. Learn to improvise
more. If you do that, you’ll be surprised of how
much better of a songwriter you can be.


“Negative and dramatic people”

I can’t stand
negative and dramatic people.
There are too many out there!!!
I just want to live my life
positively and happy the best
I can.
I don’t really get into
other peoples problems or
soap opera stuff.
A lot of people like to
complain how they are having
a bad day, gossip about stuff,
people being rumor mongers,
and just bullshit, all-around.
I’m not interested in people who
bring themselves or other people
If people want to be all negative.
Leave me out.
This is part of why I have no problem
being a loner
’cause people are crazy.
Drama gives me a headache.
Playing guitar is the only way
that gets me away from bullshit.


More about free verse poetry…

As soon as I started posting my own poetry on this site, I have already been criticized of my poems. Some said my poems weren’t poetical enough. I agree, and they were kind of not meant to be. In “free verse” poetry, the goal is not make them sound poetical. Read more on “Free verse” here.

Free Verse is a form of Poetry composed of either rhymed or unrhymed lines that have no set fixed metrical pattern. The early 20th-century poets were the first to write what they called “free verse” which allowed them to break from the formula and rigidity of traditional poetry. The poetry of Walt Whitman provides many illustrations of Free Verse including his poem “Song of Myself”.

More explanations of “free verse: here, and here.

In other words, “Free verse” is no holds barred, anything goes poetry!

There are many different forms of poetry. I just happen to find “Free verse” to be the most interesting. I think writing songs in that way would be pretty interesting.

Just wanted to teach you a few things about “free verse” poetry for those who didn’t know. After reading a lot of other poets after a while and writing poems of my own, I have falling in love with poetry. It’s a new hobby, I just picked up for sure.




“Playing Guitar Is In My Blood”

There are quite a lot of
people who question me
on how long I play guitar
at home.
To be honest…
Playing guitar is pretty much
all I mostly do.
I don’t have a strict schedule
in guitar playing.
I don’t choose the number of
hours to play.
I can play guitar all day
and never get bored of it.

I do other things besides
guitar, though.
Some people know I like to
workout in gym, watch movies,
read books and other
things, so guitar playing
is not the only thing I do.

Playing guitar is in my blood.
I may not have a girlfriend
or not much else going on in
my life but guitar playing
is pretty much the only thing
I want to do.

I’ve known other musicians,
who would pick up a guitar,
get bored of it easily and
put it back down.
I never did that.
As soon as I pick up the guitar,
I’ll melt into it.
That’s a true guitar player.
Somebody who actually
loves to play.

You know how when you
go out riding on a motorcycle
just for the hell of it and ride for hours?
It’s the same with guitar playing.

I don’t feel ashamed or guilt of
what I do.
I may not be in a romantic relationship
with a woman at this time but playing
guitar is my romantic relationship.
Enough said.


“Complete Control of Your Mind”…

It is interesting how people
get angry at my online
web presence.
You either love me or you
I’m good, either way.

What makes people think they
have complete control of my
thoughts and feelings about
The trick is you don’t
ever want to let people
think they have complete
control of your mind.

When you have an honest opinion
on any topic…
stick with it always.
Don’t ever change just because
people online are pissed at what
you said.

I am realizing that
people only get pissed
at you if they disagree
with what you say or
if you don’t side with
everyone else.

I try not to follow popular
It’s absolutely okay to be
When you are different, all
kinds of drama will come out
of it in facebook and people
will write you hate messages.

I’m never offended at anything
at all ’cause I’m man enough
to never take things seriously
and personally.
If you get mad at what I say
online,  that’s good.
It lets me know that I am
successful and saying the
right things.

Haters just make me tougher
and they inspire me.
They just help me keep
doing what I do… pissing people off.
The key to being a good blogger
and online critic is pissing people off.
That’s what a true blogger is
supposed to do.
Don’t care if people get upset.
A big middle finger to all of them.