“A real musician”

What does it mean to
be an actual
This topic has always
been difficult
to define.
In my opinion, I
think an actual
musician is a musician
who knows what he
or she is doing.
Do you have a good
Are you good enough
with music
That is my definition
of a real musician.

If you can memorize
the sound of all 12
notes of music in your
Know what key the
song is in without
anyone telling you.
You are able to improvise
on your instrument
with no problem
and no fear…
you are a real
If you know
more than one scale
and know what
the other musicians
in the band are
you are
a real musician.

I’m not a real
musician yet
but I feel I’m just
about there.
Still have work
to do but
I’ll always improve.

Becoming a real
musician is my
goal/dream and
I’ll never give up.


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