“Complete Control of Your Mind”…

It is interesting how people
get angry at my online
web presence.
You either love me or you
I’m good, either way.

What makes people think they
have complete control of my
thoughts and feelings about
The trick is you don’t
ever want to let people
think they have complete
control of your mind.

When you have an honest opinion
on any topic…
stick with it always.
Don’t ever change just because
people online are pissed at what
you said.

I am realizing that
people only get pissed
at you if they disagree
with what you say or
if you don’t side with
everyone else.

I try not to follow popular
It’s absolutely okay to be
When you are different, all
kinds of drama will come out
of it in facebook and people
will write you hate messages.

I’m never offended at anything
at all ’cause I’m man enough
to never take things seriously
and personally.
If you get mad at what I say
online,  that’s good.
It lets me know that I am
successful and saying the
right things.

Haters just make me tougher
and they inspire me.
They just help me keep
doing what I do… pissing people off.
The key to being a good blogger
and online critic is pissing people off.
That’s what a true blogger is
supposed to do.
Don’t care if people get upset.
A big middle finger to all of them.


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