“Bands Who Jerk Themselves Off”…

All musicians and bands
want to move forward
and be successful.
When they do, they act
all important and their
ego will get big once
they become well-known
and established.
They jerk themselves off
pretty much.

That’s the way local bands
been acting in this day
and age — thanks to
social media sites like

The last thing you want
to do is jerk yourself off
with your success.
It won’t get you anywhere.
It doesn’t make you cool.
It doesn’t make you a better person.

Bands don’t want to admit
they have huge egos.
When you tell them they do,
don’t expect much of an
They’ll become defensive…

Making claims how they are
a good person, and how they
work hard.
Welp, you just explained how
much of an ego you really

If you want even more evidence
on how bands have
huge egos…
they always expect to
headline gigs.
They jerk off to big
They jerk off with their
so-called accomplishments.
Bands are horrible at
handling criticism.
Need I go on?

Bands try their best to
make themselves look good.
They really need to leave their
ego at the door.
It’s nice to get success and move
forward but the last thing you
want to do is
jerk yourself off.
It’s good karma if you don’t
respond to your success
in music at all.


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