“Yes, I Love To Dance”

Yes, I love to dance
and I enjoy it.
You’ll have to see
it to believe it.
However, I want
to get better at
I want to learn how
to dance like a
king for the ladies.

I just started
learning some
dance moves
from youtube
howto’s so that’s
a start.
I want to attract
the ladies
out on the
dance floor.

The secret to
attracting the women
on the
dance floor is
look like you’re
having a great time,
smile, and the women
will want to dance with
you on their own.

If they see that
you’re having a good
time, they’ll be
all over you.
I want to learn
how to dance
better myself
so women
can be all over
me even more.

I don’t know any
dance instructors
around here so
I’ll teach myself.
I’m finding that
dancing is one of
my favorite things to
do and it’s a new
hobby I want to
pick up. It’s also
a great workout.

The reason some folks
are surprised of my
dancing is ’cause
most people see me
as a shy and bored
loser. Don’t judge!!!
I can actually be very confident
and be an enjoyable

I used to never
be into the nightclub
scene but I think I want
to go so I can
get my dance on a lot
Really, I want to
learn how to dance
like a pro.

A lot of people can’t
see it but I do like
dance music, hip hop,
disco, techno, house, etc.

A lot of men are shy
about dancing.
Dancing is not only
fun, it just helps
get your mind off
of things.