“Playing Guitar Is In My Blood”

There are quite a lot of
people who question me
on how long I play guitar
at home.
To be honest…
Playing guitar is pretty much
all I mostly do.
I don’t have a strict schedule
in guitar playing.
I don’t choose the number of
hours to play.
I can play guitar all day
and never get bored of it.

I do other things besides
guitar, though.
Some people know I like to
workout in gym, watch movies,
read books and other
things, so guitar playing
is not the only thing I do.

Playing guitar is in my blood.
I may not have a girlfriend
or not much else going on in
my life but guitar playing
is pretty much the only thing
I want to do.

I’ve known other musicians,
who would pick up a guitar,
get bored of it easily and
put it back down.
I never did that.
As soon as I pick up the guitar,
I’ll melt into it.
That’s a true guitar player.
Somebody who actually
loves to play.

You know how when you
go out riding on a motorcycle
just for the hell of it and ride for hours?
It’s the same with guitar playing.

I don’t feel ashamed or guilt of
what I do.
I may not be in a romantic relationship
with a woman at this time but playing
guitar is my romantic relationship.
Enough said.


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