“Bad Social Behavior”

I hate the kind of people
who appear to be nice and
friendly to you in person
but when you talk to them
online, they can be complete
assholes to you.

People like that piss me off.
All that really proves is that
certain people in your life
don’t really like you at all.
If you see me in person, do you
think I’m going to ignore
how you treated me online?

This is bad social behavior.
You need to learn how to communicate
with people better ’cause a lot of people
are absolute shit at it.

It’s hard to trust everyone
these days.
It’s even hard to trust
people you know well.
People are messed up
and crazy.
If I’m right there in front of your
face, why don’t you try and say
the same things you said
to me online?


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