Recorded guitar tracks for a song in garageband today…

I spent most of the day recording guitar tracks into GarageBand on the Ipad. It’s just a song idea, that’s all. I’m real proud of how it came out so far, though. It’s gonna be a good song, I think. People could potentially like this one. It’s a short slow ballad kind of song. This one is finger style. A lot of my upcoming new songs will probably be finger style aka finger picking. I wanna start writing songs without a guitar pick. Acoustic songs are more interesting this way. I’m planning to record vocals tomorrow for this song and I’ll have it uploaded sometime this week.

You may hear a bit of a change in my voice, though. I think my singing is different than before. I’m trying to take vocals a little more seriously. I tried to sing my older songs from the past but I feel that I can’t sing my older songs anymore ’cause of the change in my vocals. I think my voice has gotten stronger. I’m hoping you’ll notice the change too.

Can’t wait to upload this new song. I just wanna see what kind of feedback it’s gonna get and am feeling it’s gonna be a good one. I know I should let the music speak on it’s own but when you’re proud of your own song; chances are, people are gonna like it too.

I’m starting to get a lot of people wondering when am I going to release new music? Well, I feel it’s time. That’s part of why I’m getting back into the songwriting thing again finally ’cause there are people wanting new stuff from me. Well, the wait is just about over. It’ll be worth the wait, trust me.


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