Okay, I just found the perfect way to record without ground loop hum!

Welp! I almost forgot that I have Garage Band for the Ipad. I remember recording guitar parts on it and it’s perfectly clean sounding guitar on the Ipad. No hum or too many background noises. So from this point on, I think I’ll record guitar parts on the Garage Band software for the Ipad. After I record the guitar parts, I’ll just bring the track to this computer to record vocals over. When I record vocals over the song, I won’t use the mic preamp until I get the preamp stuff figured out. I remember recording songs this way a couple of times before a long time ago. Recording guitar parts in Garage Band for the Ipad first and then record vocals on this computer. I think you remember me doing it that way and it sounds pretty decent.

I’m still gonna keep the preamp ’cause I want to learn more about it and hopefully use this thing when I get it all figured out down the road.

As for my SM86 condenser mic, I tried to use that on the preamp and the condenser mic wouldn’t work on it. So I looked up on google to figure out why and according to other forums and stuff… I think I’m gonna need a special XLR cable for the condenser mic so it can pick up the phantom power. A condenser mic won’t accept random microphone cables, needs a special cable for the SM86 too, I guess.

All this technology in music recording. Frustrating shit, I tell ya! Maybe I can hook up the preamp into the Ipad somehow? I’ll look into it.

For now, I’ll just record guitar parts in Garage Band first and then record the vocals. My only choice that I have now.


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