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Call of Duty: WWII trailer is here and it looks fuckin’ awesome!

Over the years of video gaming we have got too many silly first-person shooters, finally we get a first-person shooter that is about war. A videogame based upon on a real war would be pretty cool. Now I do know that the COD series started off with WWII and I do know the “Battlefield” game is based upon WWII as well but I’m glad that COD is finally doing something realistic for once.

This is a COD game where we won’t be seeing any of that silly sci-fi and horror stuff. In this game we won’t be fighting against robots and zombies. There won’t be silly things like wall-running and jetpacks either.

Can’t wait to get COD: WWII which comes out Nov. 3rd of this year and I will definitely buy it. Hell yeah. This game looks freakin’ awesome but I’m gonna get around to buying “Battlefield” as well. I’m a huge fan of first-person shooters. Played those games for most of my life.



The next Call of Duty game will be taken place during WWII, going back to where they started…

As a big video gamer and a huge Call of Duty fan, I’m real excited for this news. The “Call of Duty” series is going back to where they started: WWII. This wasn’t the first time COD made games taking place during WWII ’cause they’ve done that with the first couple of COD games and they’ve done it with other COD games as well.

I’m a big COD fan. Played a couple of COD games myself like the only COD games I played were “COD: Modern Warfare” and “COD: Black Ops”. ┬áRight now, I’ve been playing “COD: Black Ops III”. I do have “COD: Advanced Warfare” but haven’t gotten to it yet. I still haven’t bought “COD: Infinite Warfare” yet but I will get around to it sometime in the future. I just love playing first-person shooters. I’ve always had played first person shooters for many years ever since I was a kid and I remember the original “Wolfenstein 3-D” was the first shooter game I played, that’s when it all started out for me then came: Duke Nukem, Doom, Quake, etc. I love playing shooter games.

“COD: WWII” just might be the best COD game in the series but we’ll wait and see, though. The trailer will come out real soon.


I love video games. One of my favorite hobbies! I’m a Playstation guy too, btw.