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Cool Video: IGN unveils “Dead Space 2” gameplay footage at E3 convention!

The IGN “E3” game convention is happening, and they’ve been revealing a lot of new upcoming games there. One that interested me, is “Dead Space 2”. The sequel to the 2008 sci fi/horror game about a man named Isaac Clarke stranded in a spaceship trying to survive from all these monsters. Gameplay footage finally hits the internets and the game looks pretty fucking sweet. I like a lot of video games out there, but nothing tops “Dead Space”. It’s one of my favorite games ever. The second one looks even better and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. It is definitely a must buy no matter what.



Report: G.I. Joe video game greenlighted by EA!!!!

EA video game company has announced they will team up with Hasbro to make “G.I. Joe – Rise of Cobra” video game based on the upcoming new movie. The game will be released for every game system.

IGN reports:


Pretty cool. Most video games adapted from films are crap, so I hope they make this a good one.