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5 years ago today, the PlayStation 4 was released…

I have several hobbies in my life. Other than music, guitar playing, bodybuilding, yoga, reading, writing, watching movies, watching pro wrestling, some photography… video gaming is one of my favorite hobbies. I love video gaming… it’s something I’ve always grew up on. When I was a young child, video gaming all started with Pong and then comes the Atari which I was obsessed with. I’ve always played video games over the years: the original Nintendo, Super Nintendo, PC Gaming and the PlayStation. I never played much of Sega over the years, though. I also loved going to the arcades a lot at the malls when arcades used to be big back in the day.

When it comes to PlayStation or Xbox, I prefer the PlayStation more than the Xbox. Why? Simply because the PlayStation has better selection of games. They have my Tomb Raider and God of War games which I really like.

I’ve had the PS3 for several years and now here comes the PS4 which came out 5 years ago. Yeah, the PS4 came out 5 years ago, but I was real late getting it, though. I finally bought my own PS4 like a year ago now. I got like 15 games with it now: “Batman: Arkham Knight”, “Skyrim SE”, “Uncharted 4”, “Until Dawn”, “7 Days to Die”, “Evil Within 2”, “Star Wars Battlefront 2”, “Friday the 13th”, “Minecraft”, “Overwatch”, “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided”, “WWE 2k18” and a few Call of Duty games.

Yeah, the PS4 quickly became addicting ever since I got it. It has the best graphics, best sound, best menu features, etc. The PS4 is cool and I thought Sony did a great job with it. I’m late getting into the PS4 but late is better than never. It’s a great console.

Some of you may ask, will I get the PS4 virtual reality thing? Ya know the PS4 VR. I wanna get it and will get it sometime in the future. I want to see what virtual reality gaming is like myself.

Congrats to Sony on 5 years of PS4. Even though the PS4 has been around for 5 years, they already becoming big and successful which is impressive.


Yeah, I’m a video game nerd and proud of it.


Playstation 4 thoughts…

So the PS4 has been officially announced by Sony the other day. I didn’t watch the live stream, I missed it, but from the looks of things, the PS4 sounds alright. From what I’ve heard though, the PS4 live stream, just showed the new Dual Shock 4 controller, they didn’t quite show the actual console yet. I guess the company is showing a little bit at a time to help create a buzz and excitement. They aren’t showing the PS4 console yet for a reason.

Some of you know that I am a die hard video gamer. I’m a Playstation guy. Why did I choose Playstation over X-box? Tomb Raider is the only reason. I absolutely LOVE the Tomb Raider games and since those games are only for Playstation, that’s why I went for it. Of course, I have played many other Playstation games other than Tomb Raider. I have quite a big collection of PS3 games.

I haven’t been buying that many lately ’cause “Skyrim” kept me busy. I do want to buy “Dead Space 3” and the upcoming new Tomb Raider game in March. Video gaming is one of my favorite hobbies. I play video games when I’m absolutely bored. When I want to take a break from guitar playing or working out at the gym, I’ll play video games for a couple of hours. However, I don’t spend hours all day video gaming like most kids do, I’m not that kind of guy. I’m not that addicted. I don’t buy every game that comes out either. I only buy the game if they get great reviews or if they look good to me. I’m pretty picky with the games I get ’cause they can get pricey.

Will I get the PS4 when it comes out? I don’t know yet. I just got the PS3 Slim last year and pretty happy with that. Maybe I’ll keep the PS3 Slim until something bad happens to it, maybe I’ll buy a PS4 then? I love video gaming. It’s something I did all my life. Before the big video game consoles, I remember the old Atari days and played a lot of PC games too. Now I stick with Playstation.

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