Report: Former “Quincy M.E.” star Jack Klugman files lawsuit against NBC studios…

The former star of the classic hit TV show “Quincy M.E.” Jack Klugman filed a lawsuit against NBC studios, claiming the studio lied about the profits and still owes him money after all these years. The show aired from 1976 to 1983, Klugman played the iconic character Dr. R. Quincy, a doctor who fought crime.

Klugman claims that his contract was lost when his agent died and NBC refused to provide a copy. Klugman is desperate that he wants the money owed from NBC that was never paid.

The Associated Press Reports:

Hmmmm, well, looking at his “internet movie database” profile he hasn’t done much acting over the years since Quincy. Mostly he’s been doing special guest cameos in various TV shows for one episode. He hasn’t done anything new since 2005.

He must be out of “acting” work and going broke. I do remember this TV show though.


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